10 Things To Do In Louisville Before It Gets Too Cold

Hang At A Tiki Bar In The Heart Of The Highlands at El Camino

Go to El Camino to warm up around one of their many fire pits, which are the centerpieces of their outdoor booths that are big enough to fit you and dang near nine of your closest friends. If you’d like to pretend you’re at a SoCal Tiki bar and not in Louisville in the middle of Fall, this is the place to be. The bar serves up traditional TIki favorites concocted with rum and tequila, as well as delightful signature cocktails.

If you make it out on a Sunday night, you can check out their (free!) Sunday night pig roast and a movie on their “pigscreen” at 10:00 PM.

el camino firepitCredit: El Camino 

Play Ping Pong at Garage Bar


Garage Bar is a re-purposed auto service station which just so happens to feature a roaring fire pit outside, among the ping pong tables and AstroTurf. If you’ve never made it out to Garage Bar, you’ve been missing out on an essential experience of one of the area’s pioneer spots.

Garage Bar focuses on fresh, local ingredients for its pizza, which is wood-fired in a brick oven, and Southern treats, which range from rolled oysters to boiled peanuts to a “ham bar,” complete with a tasting platter.

Garage Bar is also known for its craft beer and unique cocktails with house-made ingredients.

garage bar fire pit2Credit: Garage Bar

Enjoy A Craft Brew Around The Fire At The Louisville Beer Store


The Louisville beer store is a beer nerd’s paradise. Imagine, if you will, that scene from Beauty and the Beast where Belle is tripping out and singing about the library in the Beast’s castle, except Belle is a bearded, beanie-wearing lumberjack-looking type and instead of a library, it’s shelves and shelves of beer.

Once you finally select a beer from the vast selection, head out back to sit around the fire pit and talk about beer things with other beer fans.

FirepitCredit: Randall Cooper<!–b8910-related–>

Play “Beach” Volleyball At R Place

R Place has two large sand volleyball courts and the drinks never stop flowing (at least not until the bar closes). Put on your favorite sweater and get out there to spike and serve while you still can. R Place offers daily drink specials, meaning the drinks can be as low as $1.50 for drafts and $2.50 for import pints, if you make it on the right night! With specials like that, how can you afford to NOT drink there?

R Place is the best place in town to play a game of volleyball at 1:00 AM.

r place louisvilleCredit: Bud Light Louisville

Brunch On One Of Louisville’s Only Rooftop Bars at The Monkey Wrench

The ambiance of the rooftop bar at The Monkey Wrench is unique, to say the least. Definitely casual, not what you’d expect to find in New York City or anything, but it will certainly do for Louisville, Kentucky. It’s cool, it’s outdoors, there are neat string lights. What more could you want from a rooftop bar? Your island in the Highlands awaits!

The Monkey Wrench has revamped their menu so there are plenty of new offerings from the kitchen to try, and if you make it out on a Sunday, you can indulge in their brunch and Build-Your-Own Bloody Mary and Mimosa bar.

monkey wrench rooftop barCredit: The Monkey Wrench

Take A Stroll At The Riverfront On The Walking Bridge

Our waterfront is one of the most beautiful in the country. We should get out and appreciate it every once in a while! After the snow starts falling, walking down by the river will be much less enjoyable, so get your waterfront fix while you still can.

Walking Bridge Tyler BlissCredit: Tyler Bliss


Sip Fine Bourbon In The Open Air At The Silver Dollar

The Silver Dollar is a nationally acclaimed bourbon-lovers destination. Enjoy over a hundred different brands of bourbon at this watering hole that hearkens to a 1930s Bakersfield honky-tonk. The country music records never stop spinning and the beer and bourbon never stop flowing (at least not until closing time).

The patio out back has an ambiance that’ll make you want to hang around.

Silver Dollar PatioCredit: Zepfanman.com

Play A Game Of Disc Golf at Charlie Vettiner Park

Who says that you have to have a ridiculous amount of money and a membership to a country club to use golfing as an excuse to get away from your family and drink beer? You can enjoy a game of disc golf for free at one of our city’s picturesque-ish disc golf courses. Sure, there aren’t any caddies, but the weather is still fine.

Disc Golf (2)Photo Credit: matthewsackmann

Enjoy A Brew Fireside At The Gralegaten

Holy Grale is one of the city’s most treasured craft beer destinations. It features beautiful, vaulted ceilings and a rustic feel, being housed in a re-purposed early 20th century church. It also happens to have a picturesque beer garden around back

After you’ve deliberated over and chosen a beer from the Holy Grale’s every-changing 26 taps, head out back to enjoy the weather and your brew in their beautiful Gralegarten around their brick fireplace.

Gralegarten BlakeCredit: blake<!–b9460-related–>

Play Cornhole and Enjoy the Campfire at The Cure Lounge

The Cure Lounge is the coolest bar you’ve never been to in the Germantown/Schnitzelburg area. Come check out their patio for an evening of cornhole and having drinks around the campfire. It’s a patio that feels just like your own backyard, except it’s not, and there are drink specials every time a plane flies over.

If you do feel like you need to warm up for a bit, The Cure Lounge serves up some hot food from the kitchen. Word on the street is that the perogies are where it’s at.

Cure Lounge Cure Lounge 2

Check Out The Leaves Changing At Bernheim Forest

Bernheim is a beautiful place just down the road to get out and experience the great outdoors. Thirty-five miles of hiking trails within 22-miles of forest, a canopy tree walk overlooking the breathtaking landscape, and events hosted by the forests’ staff are just a few of the reasons you should be there, like, now. Get out for ColorFest, a Full Frost Moon Hike, or just any beautiful fall day.

Bernheim Forest domfishCredit: donmfish

Featured Image Credit: donmfish