11 Signs You’re Missing Cincinnati Food

1. Food Dominates Your Conversation(s)

Whether you’re an out of town college student or recently moved in to a new area, people are inevitably going to ask you about where you’re from and what makes that place so great. And inevitably, somewhere in your little spiel about Cincinnati, you’re going to at least mention food. At least the burgers. Or the chili. And the pizza. Then slowly start to rave about all of it. Then you realize you may have to go months without your go-to joint right around the corner. You might cry a little bit.


2. You’ve Contemplated Paying For The Dry Ice And Shipping Costs Necessary For Graeter’s or Aglamesis

You’ve tried every pint in the freezer aisle. Any brand, any flavor. Nothing compares. No matter the topping or sauce you put on, you’re just grasping at straws. Grocery store ice cream options are just subpar. The ice cream goddesses know what they’re doing here, and they should just take all of our money now cause the creamy goodness we get in return is worth every penny.


3. Forget Visions Of Sugar Plums- You’ve Got BBQ Ribs Dancing In Your Head

You’re dreaming about the Ribs King. Is that normal? Montgomery Inn is a Cincinnati staple, and you feel like a little part of your heart is missing without it in your life. Actually, a big part. Thinking about ribs on a daily basis may be weird, but we guess there’s worse things to fantasize about.

4. You Feel Let Down Whenever You Open A Bag Of Lay’s Chips

You miss the days when you could go to a restaurant and Grippo’s Chips were somehow incorporated into your meal. You want to Fedex a Senate hotdog or Tom+Chee BBQ+Bacon Sandwich to your house. You remember the simple beauty of entering a convenience store and seeing racks of these babies. These alone remind you why a trip back to Cincinnati must happen in the near future.


5. You Feel Guilty Going To The Dunkin’ Donuts Drive-Through

A box of Munchkins leaves you swimming in shame. Only because you know about the sheer genius of all the bakeries in Cincinnati. Yeah, maybe you have family or friends in the city, but a Busken Tiger Tail, Holtman’s Maple Bacon, or Sotto’s Ricotta donut holes are basically the things that you miss the most. Sure, a quick stop to DD is convenient, but a cool 30, 100, or 200 mile drive for some real deliciousness isn’t out of the question.

6. You Find The Overwhelming Amount Of Chain Pizza Disheartening

So you were pretty spoiled here with all the local goodness happening. You may be facing the reality now that chains are a necessity rather than an occasional thing you had to endure. Dewey’s, Ramundo’s, and Adriatico’s are no longer within reach. You’ve been dealing with the average pies that show up at your door all too frequently, and it’s only a matter of time before permanent disappointment sets in.


7. Oyster Crackers With Hot Sauce Is Becoming A Regular Snack

You bought hot sauce and oyster crackers and are going to town in an attempt to recreate the Skyline staple experience everybody loves. You’ve even thought about buying Skyline’s own sauce online to replace the impostor stuff you’re currently using. Well, you probably should just bite the bullet and do it. It’s so worth it.


8. You’re Overly Defensive Of Goetta

You may not even like goetta that much. You might be a die hard fan. You may have never tried it. But for some reason, you are super protective of it whenever someone starts smack talking. You don’t like when people knock it because it feels like they’re knocking Cincinnati itself. Your attachment to this breakfast sausage may seem strange, but you take pride in the weirdness of it all cause it’s linked to the 513.

9. You Brag About The Precinct As Though You Built It Brick By Brick

You love telling everyone who will listen that Cinci has one of the best steakhouses in the country. It’s historical. USA Today loves it. The service is spot-on. It’s fancy, but homey. Yeah, it’s like this guy is your first born child or something. Even when you’re gone, you’ll still be talking about this place. You may even have a picture of this beauty in your wallet. No judgment here.


10. Food Is Always Your Answer To: “What Do You Like Best About Cincinnati?”

Here’s a question you’ll get a lot, and this is probably the answer you most frequently give. This city’s got local places opening up all the time, traditional restaurants with lots of history and regulars, and enough variety to satisfy everyone. Ever. With places like Terry’s Turf Club, how could you go wrong? Maybe you’re only on a short vacation, at school, or maybe you moved away eight years ago- you’re still loving that juicy burger or fancy grilled cheese you had that one time.

11. You Can’t Help But Instagram Once You Finally Visit

Two cheese coneys? Pancakes from The Echo? A plate of fish tacos? A Raspberry Lemonade Streetpop? Snap it. Snap it all. Make all of your other friends jealous. You’re probably using the hashtag #home ironically to remind everyone that you only feel like you’re truly back whenA�stuffing your face in your favorite restaurant. Pure bliss.