11 Things You Might Not Know About Cincinnati


1. Cincinnati has over 140 chili restaurants

We all know Cincinnati is known for ita��s spaghetti, chili and cheese, but Cincinnati is home to over 140 restaurants serving the classic duo; conies and three-ways. Ita��s estimated that Cincinnatians consume more than two million pounds of chili each year, topped by 850,000 pounds of shredded cheddar cheese. Keep eating Cincy!


2. Bobby Mackeya��s is one of the most haunted places in the country

Located in Wilder, Kentucky (over the Big Mac Bridge) Bobby Mackeya��s nightclub and music bar spooked the crew of the show a�?Ghost Adventuresa�? and continues to creep out regulars with horrifying paranormal encounters.


3. Yes, we eat Goetta.

Goetta is one of those foods we grewA�up on. We’d rather eat goetta than bacon.A�And yes, we have two, giant festivals dedicated to theA�ground meat itself. We devote whole weekends to just eating goetta burgers, goetta tacos, and goetta conies.


4. Krogers in Hyde Park over the years has been notorious for meeting singles.

This may sound crazy, but over the years Cincinnati singles have created their own ways of meeting people at the Hyde Park Kroger including hanging in the frozen food aisle and the latest rumor, putting a watermelon in your cart to show youa��re single. See you there Thursday?


5. We have lingo that no one knows abouta��except us.

a�?Who Dey crossing the Big Mac to eat 3-Ways?a�? a�?Please?a�? Who are you kidding; you know exactly what that sentence meant. Cincinnatians also replace the phrases a�?excuse mea�? or a�?pardon mea�? with a single word, a�?please,a�? asked as a question.


6. We now have one of the most closely monitored rivalries in college basketballa��The Crosstown a�?Classica�?

Of course other colleges have rivalries with deep history, but here in Cincinnati the Bearcats and Musketeers prepare for the showdown carefully after the 2011 brawl at the end of the gamea��Dear basketball players, keep your hands to yourself.


7. Wea��re a hotspot for filming

Cincinnati spots have made it to the silver screen and celebs have been spotted while in the city including Ryan Gosling at Whole Foods and Cincinnati Zoo.

a�?Rain Mana�? (1988), a�?Ides of Marcha�? (2011), a�?Elizabethtowna�? (2005) and the latest, a�?Carola�? (2015) have all been shot here. To see for yourself, take a trip to Pompilioa��s in Newport and sit in the infamous a�?Rain Mana�? booth or stroll across the skywalk connecting the Carew Tower and Fountain Place featured in a�?Ides of Marcha�? (2011).


8. Cincinnati is home to the worlda��s largest Chicken Dance

Set during Oktoberfest (the largest Oktoberfest in country and second largest in the world), the chicken dance has made a name for itself around Zinzinnati. I don’t wanna be a chicken. I don’t wanna be a duck. So I shake my butt. Na na na na.


9. Lots of famous people have ties to Cincinnati.

We all know that George Clooney and Nick Lachey hold Cincinnati close to their hearts, but did you know a Sunday Night Football host, Speaker of the House, a prominent film director, a Christmas jingle legend, the first man on the moon and a tabloid talk show host have wandered the beautiful Queen City streets? Cris Collinsworth, Andy Williams, John Boehner, Steven Spielberg, Neil Armstrong and former mayora��uh huh, Jerry Springer was a mayor of Cincinnati in 1977, all hail from the great Queen City.


10. Wea��ve got the Grippoa��s munchies.

Grippoa��s famous BBQ chips are made right here in the Queen City. The addictive snack is a signature lunchbox treat and found on the shelves of grocery stores and food carts alike. We even put them on hotdogs.


11. We can actually go where our brews are made. A�A�A�

We have breweriesa��lots of them. And theya��re cool. Madtree, Rhinegeist, Rivertown, Fifty West and Mt. Carmel. Not only can you drink here, they have events like yoga whiffle ball and grilled cheese trucks.


Use these fun facts as your next conversation starter when you hit up Krogersa�� Singles Night. If there are any Cincy secrets we didna��t list, let us know.