13 Most Underrated Places in Louisville


1. Rubbies Southside Bar & Grill

This unique neighborhood bar and grill is renowned by the enlightened as offering up Louisvillea��s best wings. People come from all over the city to journey down to the south side to sink their teeth into Rubbies’ wings and barbecue.


2. Check’s Cafe

Checka��s CafA� serves classic pub food with a German influence. Come to try chili, fried oysters, sauerkraut, bratwurst and more. Checka��s is alleged to have the best fish sandwich in town. Reasonably priced and low-key.


3. Vietnam Kitchen

Ita��s difficult to find good Pho in the middle of the Midwest (or the South, or wherever the hell we are). Described by its followers as a a�?hidden gema�? A�of authenticity, Vietnam Kitchen delivers. Generous portions of Asian-fusion for a fair price.


4. Hill Street Fish Fry

Nearly everything is made in house a�� including the coleslaw, the sauces and the chili. Fish fried to order, clams, fried oysters, fried okra a�� the Hill Street Fish Fry is a paradise of fried seafood and comfort food.


5. Morris’ Deli

You havena��t had a sandwich until youa��ve had a sandwich from Morrisa�� Deli. This is a deli that retains and recruits customers by word-of-mouth, not through some mutli-million dollar advertising campaign. They go above and beyond for all of the classics like the Reuben and French dip and even allow you to build-your-own sandwich if your heart desires.


6. La Torta Loca

The locals agree, the torta sandwiches are crazy a�� but the good kind of crazy. What many would call the best tacos in town are served for only $2.


7. Bunz

Bunz is striving to be the Boba��s Burgers of this town. Originality coupled with commitment to quality and excellence. Order something recommended on the menu or build-your-own burger. Theya��re even vegetarian-friendly!


8. Wasabiya Japanese Cuisine

Can you believe therea��s a sushi place in town youa��ve never heard of? AND its sushi is fantastic? Believe it. Liven up your sushi-eating life by trying some of the chefa��s original creations. You may have just found your new favorite sushi restaurant.


9. The Golden Nugget

A Hikes Point tradition that really ups the ante for neighborhood dive bars – the live cover band, the bartender that has your usual waiting when you walk in the door, beer pong tournaments, friendly regulars and sometimes maybe sticky floors. Come in for some strong pours and good times.


10. Sergioa��s

a�?Wold-class beer emporium.a�? Sergioa��s is a North American mecca of import beers. Ita��s one of those bars that is too cool to have a sign so ita��s easy to drive right past it a�� just keep an eye out for the international flags. Sergioa��s offers diverse bar food, as well a�� everything from gyros to pizza to burgers and mozzarella sticks.


11. Seidenfaden’sA�

Vinyl enthusiasts rejoice – this neighborhood bar and restaurant hosts the friendly folks from Guestroom Records and their New Music Mondays. They bring the newest additions to their vinyl offerings, you listen to them. It’s that simple. Live music and local DJs (not of the dubstep variety) can be found here throughout the week. Regardless of what’s happening, you can enjoy the easygoing atmosphere every day of the week.


12. Nachbar

A quiet neighborhood bar that many may have heard of but not everyone has visited. Dimly lit with a juke box that delves into uncharted or forgotten territories of music and a plethora of beers youa��re just dying to sample. Beer taps rotate frequently, so come out to get cozy on the couch and try something new. Food trucks stop by Nach often, if youa��ve been waiting to see one up-close.


13. Four Sisters

The most recent and raved about Vietnamese restaurant on the scene offers what many have called “the best banh mi [Vietnamese sandwiches] A�in Louisville.” Four Sisters also serves Quills’ coffee creations in addition to crepes with ingredients ranging from strawberry and white chocolate, toasted almond and chocolate, smoked salmon, spinach and sauteed mushroom and more.