13 of The Most Breathtaking Views of Canada


Some argue that Canada is the true hidden gem of all the countries in the world in regards to its natural splendor, and we can’t say that we disagree. If these places don’t convince you that Canada is among the most beautiful countries in the world then nothing will…

13. A Snowy Day on Mt. Seymour

Whistler’s little brother, Mt. Seymour may not have the notoriety of big brother, but the views surrounding the mountain and the ease of access earned it a spot on this list. Look one way and snow-capped mountains stretch as far as the eye can see, but if you turn around you’ll have the best view of Vancouver and the surrounding bay in the entire area. That goes without saying that you’ll also get the chance to ride the slopes while you do so. While the powder is nice, we recommend going on a clear day so you can take in the view the right way.


12. The Architecture of Fogo Island

At the juxtaposition of old school and contemporary, Fogo Island is a place that will leave you baffled and amazed at the same time. Originally settled by the Irish in the early 1800’s, many of the old buildings are still standing after all these years, and the dwellings are painted beautifully with an assortment of vibrant colors. What’s truly fascinating, though, is a look at some of the bizarre, abstract buildings that rest along the rocky shores around the area. You have to stay in the Fogo Island Inn when you stop by. Just look at the place!


11. kayaking in Whytecliff Park

It’s hard to pin down exactly what makes Whytecliff Park so fascinating and impressive, but there are a lot of reasons people might choose. With well over two-hundred unique species of wildlife, Whytefcliff has one of the most amazing ecosystems in all of Canada, and taking a short look around reveals that the habit is perfect for life to thrive. Every year, thousands come to watch marine life and take hikes through the gorgeous trails throughout the area. We suggest going out and kayaking.


10. The Polar Bears of Churchill

Sometimes it’s not the land itself that makes a view so breathtaking, but the inhabitants in it. Every year, Churchill becomes the home to a plethora of Polar Bears as they migrate along the coast. While some in the town claim that they’re a nuisance to the area, others embrace them with open arms. Either way, tons of tourists and photographers alike come to the town every year to view the spectacle as the bears play and relax right next to town. With the future of Polar Bears in the wild in question, this is one you’ll definitely want to witness.

Fighting Polar Bears

9. A Sunset on Peggy’s Cove

Peggy’s Cove found its way to our list because it’s nothing short of the picturesque place we all imagine when we think of the coasts of Nova Scotia. The old lighthouse is one of the oldest in Canada, and it’s still going strong after all these years. The view over the cove as the sun sets is blissful, and plenty of seals gather in the areas surrounding the town. The best part, however is the fact that you won’t have a ton of tourists bothering you as you explore the area. Sometimes you just want to get away.


8. Escaping to Baffin Island

On the other hand, sometimes you don’t want anyone interrupting your peace at all, and Baffin Island is about as far off the radar as you could get if you wanted to. The only thing you’ll be hearing here is the whipping wind as it blows snow around the surrounding mountains. To be honest, the place is pretty much a tundra about half of the year, and this is the time we suggest going out to see what life is like without much interaction. Just make sure you pack everything you’ll need. Civilization is few and far between.


7. Standing Beside Brandywine Falls

Far from the tundra to the north, British Columbia’s Brandywine Falls is, in our opinion, the most beautiful waterfall in Canada. While Niagara may get all the press, the cascading sheets of water can be enjoyed from the ridge above or in the waters below in the warmer seasons of the year. What’s miraculous about this particular waterfall is that it seems to just pop out of nowhere in the trees, which in turn provide a magnificent curtain for the backdrop. The hike out is pretty nice, too.


6. Walking Over Capilano Seymour Bridge

Well, the Capliano Seymour Bridge was featured onA�Macgyver, so there’s that… Although the show was terrible, the bridge is incredible and provides unique views that can’t be found anywhere else in Canada. Looking down through the giant trees surrounding you to the forest floor below. Okay, so maybe you shouldn’t do this if you have a fear of heights, but even then you can’t help but be impressed with the architecture of the bridge and the nature which surrounds it.


5. Hiking Through Banff National Park

We’ll just go ahead and say that we have a thing for lakes, and one of the most beautiful views, by far, is that of Banff National Park. The baby blue lakes stand out among the green pines and steel-gray mountains in the background, and there are sp many options for exploration and trails to hike to make it safe to say that there’s a view for everyone to enjoy. In the winter, check out the local ski resort, and in the summer take a dip in one of the area’s local springs for some serious relaxation.


4. Checking Out The Yellowknife Aurora Borealis

It’s no secret that the Northern Lights are best viewed from areas within the confines of Canada, but none can compare to the views from Yellowknife, which almost always seems to be in a prime area for the best views. There are even local tours that take you to all of the best spots to see them, and they go out of the way to make sure you get a little bit of science behind the lights and they’ll fill you in on the best times of the year to view them. These lights are a spectacle that you have to see at least once in your lifetime.


3. Staying on Lake Louise

Lake Louise is, by far, our favorite lake in Banff, and a lot of it has to do with that view. The hotel located right on the lake has rooms that look right over the lake and towards the mountains behind it. A view like this one evokes passion and the longing for adventure, and, as we mentioned earlier, Banff is perfect for exploration. After getting lost in the view for a while (everyone does it), make your way out for a dip in the lake or just relax on the boardwalk and read a book. While there’s never a bad time of year to visit, we will always love summers on the lake the best.


2. Chill Out on Garibaldi Lake

The final lake on our list, Garibaldi has a funny name, but some seriously amazing surroundings. Everywhere you look around the lake, mountain flows into mountain that then touch the sky. While it doesn’t have all of the luxuries of a hotel, some primitive camping along the banks may be exactly what the weary soul needs after a tiring week. If you’re up for an adventure, take a lap around the entire lake and maybe even bring a fishing pole along. You deserve a break, after all.


1. Bask in The Glory of Hawk Ridge

Sometimes the view from the top really is the best one, and that’s certainly the case at Hawk Ridge, where the panoramic views are enough to immerse you in the true beauty that nature can possess. You get a little bit of everything from up here. We could try to describe it, but words won’t suffice, so we’ll just leave this here…


Have any other views in Canada that you think everyone should see? Share them in the comment box below!