13 Things That Really Are Bigger in Texas


13. The Big Texan Steak Ranch

Sure, that’s a pretty big cow, but it’s what’s inside the Big Texan that will really get you to understand the larger-than-life mentality of Texas. Over 50,000 people have tried to wolf down the 72 oz. steak within an hour, but fewer than 1/5 have actually been successful in finishing it all. Our guess is that a bunch of the people who failed weren’t actually from Texas. You have to have a big appetite to finish all of that, after all…


12. Cowboy Boots

No, not everyone from Texas wears Cowboy Boots, but Texas has more pairs of cowboy boots, per capita, than anywhere else in the country. Not only that, but they also have the largest pair of cowboy boots in the entire country. When they light up at night, they’re hard to miss. You have to appreciate something that pays homage to Texas’ heritage and also upholds the tradition of making everything bigger.


11. Big Tex

Big Tex is back and he’s better than ever! The fire may have disheartened many onlookers and fans of the biggest guy in Texas, but he’d come back looking better than ever. His iconic cowboy hat, smile, and clothing ensemble make Tex a welcome sight for anyone coming and going from the state fair. If you haven’t had a chance to see him yet, make sure to stop by the fair this year. It makes for quite the impressive sight.


10. Longhorns

Everyone already knows Texas has some of the largest longhorns in the world, but it had to be topped by the University of Texas. The statue immortalizing the school’s mascot was placed on Austin’s campus and has been staring people down with its disgruntled face ever since. Coming it at well over twelve feet tall and having horns that spread across nine feet, the World’s Largest Longhorn just begs you to mess with Texas. Seriously, this thing looks angry.


9. Pecans?

Well, there’s something you don’t see every day. Pecans are adored by many in Texas, but who would have thought someone would go out of their way to make a statue of a pecan? As nontraditional as it may seem, there have probably been some pretty large pecans to come out of the state. While we can guarantee that they weren’t the same size as the giant sculpture, they come from the right place to be the largest in the world.


8. Pilgrim Heads?

Yes, even a giant pilgrim head is in the curious confines of Texas. Pilgrim Pride’s distribution plant in Pittsburg holds the record for having the largest pilgrim head in the world, but we doubt that they had any competition in the first place. Regardless, Bo the pilgrim stands watch in front of the company with a determined stare. The ionic face has a surprising amount of detail and it’s pretty unique and definitely worth looking at if you’re ever in the area.


7. Armadillos

It would be one thing if there was only one giant armadillo in Texas, but there are quite a few of them. Being one of the stranger animals in the kingdom, it’s pretty strange that the little critter has gotten such large recognition, but it’s pretty fun to check out the different interpretations. Some are pretty weird (see below), but most of them are pretty accurate. See, even the smallest of critters gets a big upgrade in Texas!


6. … and This Creepy Armadillo Thing

While some of the armadillos are pretty accurate, there’s always this interesting fellow. Yes, it’s still an armadillo, but it also has horns and a shiny shell, but that’s just the beginning. Once the sun goes down its eyes glow red and it may, from time to time, actually breathe fire. So not only does Texas make its armadillos bigger, it’s also nice enough to equip them with horns and the ability to breathe fire. So, there’s that.


5. Roadrunners

What, did you think Texas would forget about our feathered friends? Not a chance. The roadrunner has been an icon of the desert since settlers first saw it running down its prey. While some of them are pretty hard to catch if you aren’t looking in the right place at the right time, this bird isn’t going anywhere. The angry-looking roadrunner of Fort Stockton has more detail on it than any other statue on this list, which kind of makes it stand out among the crowd.


4. Buddy Holly’s Giant Glasses

Buddy Holly’s tragic death struck a chord in the hearts of many Americans, but that was especially true in his hometown of Lubbock. Although the incident was over fifty years ago the city has never forgotten their Rock & Roll icon, and have paid homage to him with a center in his memory, and that center wouldn’t be complete without a giant set of Buddy’s iconic glasses. An identical pair can be found at the crash site in Iowa, but the pair in Texas is larger. Even if you’re not interested in the glasses, the center itself is a must-visit in Texas.


3. Catfishing

We could go on a tangent about the Catfish King Restaurant having the best catfish on the planet, but we’ll just talk about catfishing as a whole. Not only is the king of catfish restaurants in Texas, but there’s a whole sub-culture based around catching some of the most epic fish that have ever been pulled out of Texas water. There are a ton of competitions throughout the state, and some of the fish that are pulled out are just plain unbelievable. Just look at this monster!


2. The Cadillac Ranch

Texas’ Cadillac Ranch is often imitated, but it will never be duplicated. The original Cadillac Ranch has become one of Texas’ most popular tourist attractions, and it’s not hard to see why. Everything from albums to restaurants around the country were inspired by the sight of the old caddies sticking out from the ground. Feel free to leave your mark on one of the rusty skeletons with a can of spray paint. It’s the only way to do it right.


1. Speed Limits

With a spirit as big as Texas, you can’t really limit its speed. Ranking in as the highest speed limit in the country, Texas Highway 130 has a speed limit of 85, but most of the time it looks more like the autobahn than anything else. The strange thing is that the speed hasn’t really changed anything, because most people never really wanted to go the speed limit anyway. People in Texas just kind of do what they want. It’s only appropriate that the speed limit act accordingly.

Texas Speed Limit

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