14 Chicago Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow


Chicago’s beautiful. That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact. So it only makes sense that there are people out there taking amazing pictures of this city and posting them to Instagram on the regular. Here are the Chicago-based Instagrammers you need to follow. Your picture of last night’s dinner will look sad in comparison.

1. @timelapsechicago

Craig Shimala is the creative director of Threadless, one of the most awesome t-shirt companies to ever exist. He’s also the genius behind the beautiful account @timelapsechicago. The entire account is just short time-lapse videos from around the city, and they’re truly spectacular. You can also follow Craig’s personal account, @cshimala.


Credit: @timelapsechicago

2. @goodbeerhunting

Michael Kiser studied at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and now he runs the kickass website and Instagram feed, @goodbeerhunting. Seriously, if you want pictures and stories about beer from all over, you need to follow this account.


Credit: @goodbeerhunting

3. @swopes

Elise Swopes studied Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management at Columbia College Chicago, and now she’s using what she learned to bring you some of the best shots of the city. Every picture she posts is taken with her iPhone. She’s gotten a lot of attention for her account, even from big names like Coach, Nike, and Sony.


Credit: @swopes

4. @dannymota

We’re not quite sure how he does it, but Danny Mota always gets some amazing shots of the city. Born and raised in Chicago, there’s no better person to give you a fresh look at the things you might walk by every day.


Credit: @dannymota

5. @nathanmichael

Nathan Michael traveled the States before finally making Chicago his home. He’s a photographer and designer, and he aims to capture stories in his pictures. His Instagram feed will remind you just how much beauty there is in this city.


Credit: @nathanmichael

6. @pauloctavious

Another photographer and designer bringing you beautiful pictures of your city, as well as his own personal projects. Scroll through Paul Octavious’s Instagram stream, and you’ll find that his pictures are hypnotic, and make you want to know the stories behind them. He also seems to have a pretty great sense of humor.


Credit: @pauloctavious

7. @chicityfashion

Wondering what’s up in Chicago’s fashion world? Look no further than @chicityfashion. Jena Gambaccini posts pictures of what she’s wearing, the food she’s eating, and what her dog’s up to, all in the Windy City.


Credit: @chicityfashion


8. @cameronmichael8

Cameron Dantley captures some amazing shots around Chicago that are absolutely dreamy. His perspective and shots will definitely remind you why you fell in love with Chicago in the first place.


Credit: @cameronmichael8

9. @minusmanhattan

Chase Turner is a creative strategist for Tumblr, and you can get a taste of that creativity on his Instagram account. As his bio says, most of his pictures are of buildings and airplanes, and he does a great job of exhibiting a ton of different parts of Chicago.


Credit: @minusmanhattan

10. @trashhand

This Chicago-based Instagram account takes some amazing shots in the city, and also captures moments from many different adventures. Though we’re not quite sure who the man behind @trashhand is, we definitely enjoy checking out his pictures on the regular.


Credit: @trashhand

11. @ryanpostel

Ryan Postel is a film editor and photographer in Chicago, and his Instagram account is stacked with insane shots. He really uses perspective and editing to create these amazing pictures, and they’ll definitely make your Instagram feed more exciting.


Credit: @ryanpostel

12. @chriscreature

Maps & Atlases is definitely a band Chicago can be proud of, and their drummer, Christopher Hainey, has an Instagram account that’s definitely worth following. His shots are unconventional, crisp, and make life seem a bit more surreal.


Credit: @chriscreature

13. @corrimcfadden

If you like babies, dogs, and women who kick ass in the fashion and business world, you need to follow Corri McFadden on Instagram. Her pictures might inspire you do something great, or at the very least, dress with a bit more flair.


Credit: @corrimcfadden

14. @patrick_sexton

Patrick Sexton is yet another talented photographer taking scenic pictures of Chicago. The real kicker is that according to his Instagram bio, Patrick is colorblind. That kind of talent is rare, and something we want to see more of.


Credit: @patrick_sexton

Featured Image Credit: Chris Smith