14 Romantic Getaways Perfect for Valentine’s Day


It’s time for that romantic getaway that you’ve always been wanting. While a lot of places say that they’re perfect for making those sparks fly, these are the places guaranteed to give you exactly that. Get out there, ya lovebirds!

14. North Beach Plantation – North Myrtle Beach, SC

While the architecture itself is enough to draw you in, it’s the amenities inside and out that will make for the perfect escape. North Beach Plantation towers above many of the other resorts in the area, and, although it’s located in Myrtle Beach, it’s actually pretty mellow on Valentine’s Day Weekend. Where you would usually find the shores teeming with families with a bunch of kids screaming and causing trouble, you find nothing but other couples simply enjoying a weekend away from the busy throng of life. A moonlit walk on the beach is a little chilly this time of year, but it’s empty enough to allow you and your significant other to enjoy each other’s company while the waves roll in around you.


13. The Lodge at Torrey Pines – La Jolla, CA

La Jolla is never a bad choice if you’re out on the west coast. The mild temperatures in winter are sheer bliss, and it the perfect weather makes those romantic moments even better. The winter winds don’t whip through the area, and that means that you can enjoy golfing and boating throughout the area as a mild breeze whips around. If you and your significant other are foodies, then look no further from the resort’s restaurants, which feature high-class dining with tons of options. We recommend going to one of the craft beer nights, where they pair up beers from around the country with their cuisine. Food, mild weather, and romantic views… what more can you ask from a Valentine’s Day getaway?


12. Gatlinburg Falls Resort – Gatlinburg, TN

If beaches and mild weather aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, then maybe Gatlinburg Falls will fit the bill. Some of the finest cabins in the Smoky Mountains are found among the hills of this resort, where romantic hot tubs overlook the snow-filled valleys below. Warm up next to a warm, crackling fire after a long hike through the snowy woods and cook each other a candlelit dinner in this reclusive escape where you won’t have to worry about any annoying intrusions. The best price is that they offer packages and specials for different seasons, and you need to check them out before you look elsewhere. This is easily one of the more affordable escapes on our list.


11. Omni Grove Park Inn – Asheville, NC

For some, it’s all about the resort itself, but having a resort that’s just as vibrant as the area around it is a rare occurrence, but that’s exactly what you’ll find in Asheville’s Omni Grove Park Inn. Take a relaxing dip in the dimly-lit, indoor grotto and don’t be afraid to admire the work that’s been put in to make this such an impressing structure. What’s most impressive about this building, though, is the expansive history. It may not look it, but the resort is actually over one-hundred years old. A plethora of presidents and celebrities have visited, so you know it has to live up to its reputation of being among the best in America.


10. Big Cedar Lodge – Branson, MO

While Branson is already known as an escape for those looking to enjoy some of the best casinos in the country, most people fail to recognize that the area has a great deal of natural beauty as well. Big Cedar Lodge is comfortably nestled in the woods of Branson, and it’s actually pretty shocking when you finally arrive. Although you’re only a short distance from a lively area full of nightlife and gambling the escape that this resort gives you allows you to get the best of both worlds in your escape. Spend the day enjoying the peaceful serenity of nature and then wander out to the casinos at night with the hopes of getting lucky… at the craps table, of course.


9. The Little Nell – Aspen, CO

Now here’s one for the adventurous couple. If you’re like us, you love convenience, and that’s exactly what you can expect from The Little Nell in Aspen. Consistently operating as the only ski-in resort in Aspen, Little Nell allows you to ride your skis/board right up to the resort after an eventful day on the slopes. That’s not the only thing that caught our attention here, though. After all that riding, you’ll probably be pretty chilly. Luckily you can warm up in the heated pool atop the resort, which offers a beautiful view as night settles over the town. Swimming outside in the winter? Count us in.


8. Dunton Hot Springs Resort – Dunton, CO

So let’s say skiing isn’t your thing, but you still want to spend some time relaxing in the warm water. Look no further than the hot springs of Dunton, which are located alongside one of the finest resorts in America. The rustic cabins have brilliant decor, and are far from the typical cabins that you’d expect elsewhere. Where some cabin-based resorts go a little overkill on the tacky decorations, this resort appreciates originality. The unique design makes for a memorable experience, and there are plenty of places to hike and get back to nature around the area. Take a day hike and then warm up in the springs once the sun goes down.


7. Lago Mar – Fort Lauderdale, FL

We’d be lying if we said that Lago Mar wasn’t more of a family based resort most parts of the year, but Valentine’s Day is one of the exceptions to that. Located in Southern Florida, the winter doesn’t reach its claws far enough to cool off the area around the resort. Whether you spend the day floating around the pool or tanning out on the beach is up to you, but the lack of children running around and the impressive staff make it hard not to enjoy yourself. If you’re lucky enough, it will even be warm enough to go for a night swim in the pool, and that’s always a romantic time.


6. South Seas Island Resort – Captiva, FL

Florida is full of resorts asking for your attendance, but few are actually as romantic as advertised. We can assure you that that’s definitely not the case at South Seas, where poolside drinks and the sunset on the beach are uninterrupted and peaceful. Have a few margaritas by the pool and then go to get a massage; closely followed by more margaritas. Hey, you both have worked hard enough so far this year and you deserve a boozy weekend to yourselves. Keep the margaritas coming and enjoy the view. It’s the simple things.

South Seas Island Resort

5. Crystal Mountain Resort – Enumclaw, WA

When it comes to ski resorts, we’ll argue to the death of us that none are romantic as Crystal Mountain, which has impressive trails, but isn’t as packed as many of the other popular resorts. The view from the top of the mountain is simply breathtaking, and you may even want to consider having your wedding here as many others have. Until then, spend a day gliding down the slopes and cuddling up on the chair lift on your way back up. On Valentine’s Day, spend the night at their epic Winemaker’s Dinner. You can find the details for it here. The cold air will make you both feel as alive as ever in a time when it’s hard to find those kind of thrills. There’s something special about getting back to nature with someone you love.


4. Blackberry Farm Resort – Walland, TN

No, it’s not actually a blackberry farm, but its rural setting will let you know that this is the furthest thing from a tourist trap. Enjoy fine wines and the lack of civilization together in this resort, which feels more like a trip back in time than some of the more developed areas on this list. While it may seem like you’re far away, you need look no further than the list of amenities and activities to realize that you’re not far from everything that’s modern. Oh, and don’t forget to sample some of the fine wines from the area. There’s nothing like getting a little wine drunk to set the mood for the rest of the evening.

Photographs of the Thomas Keller Event at the new Blackberry Farm Barn.

3. Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain – Paradise Valley, AZ

Only a fool would believe that Arizona is nothing but a giant desert, and no place proves that better than Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain. There’s a reason why many go to retire in Arizona, and you’ll get a glimpse of that relaxation should you choose to go here. The beautiful landscape make for the perfect backdrop as you and that special someone take a dip in the pool. The nights are filled with clear, starry skies that will allow for you both to send some time reflecting and plan for the future. The warm, arid air will be exactly what you need after a long January.


2. The Roosevelt Hotel – A�New Orleans, LA

Okay, so this one isn’t exactly a resort, but looking around it’s not hard to tell that this is easily the swankiest place in all of New Orleans. If you’re looking to truly wow the love of your life (or someone you just put up with), this is a place that will surly impress. This all goes without saying that New Orleans is always abuzz in preparation for Mardi Gras in February, and you can’t help but get involved. Spend the nights getting a hands-on history lesson of New Orleans expansive history of cocktails, and spend the day chowing down on Creole cuisine that only Nola can offer.


1. Little Palm Island Resort – Summerland Key, FL

To earn the top spot on our list, you must have a little bit of something from every other thing on the list and a little extra. While you won’t find skiing down here, you’ll find an adventure in snorkeling or riding a wave-runner out on the ocean. Relaxation isn’t hard to find, either. The bars are always staffed by bartenders that know how to make the perfect cocktail to take the edge off, and the resort is geared more towards adults than kids. The fact that it’s located on a tiny island mean that you won’t get a lot of the distractions you’ll find elsewhere in Florida, and that exclusiveness makes everything even better. What are you waiting for? Get out there and have a siesta.