15 Things You Didn’t Know About Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream


1. Jeni Is Real!

No, Jeni isn’t some kind of fictional being. She’s definitely a genius when it comes to crafting gourmet ice cream, though. Jeni Britton Bauer is not only real, but she’s also released two cookbooks, and is the mastermind behind all of the ice creams you know and love. She started making ice cream in 1996, started Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams in 2002 in the North Market and never looked back.

2. It’s Literally The Best

Well, not only is it your favorite, but industry leaders just voted Jeni’s as the Best Product Line in the grocery world. Not that we didn’t know in the first place…


3. First The Country, Then The World!

Jeni’s ships to all 50 states! Not only that, but the cost to ship 1 pint and 1,000 pints is exactly the same. What a sweet deal!


4. Fresh From The Farm

Every year, Jeni’s collaborates with local farmers to use their products in the ice cream. Favorites like Sweet Potato with Torched Marshmallow, Buttercup Pumpkin with Amaretti Cookies, and Backyard Mint all use farm-sourced ingredients!


5. Even The Marshmallows Are Taken Seriously

A lot of pride goes in to every ingredient, including their Torched Marshmallows. After being baked in sheets, they’re blow-torched to caramelize the exteriors, and then cut into squares. It’s all about the little things.

6. Salty Caramel For The Win!

From day one, Salty Caramel has always been the most popular flavor. It’s been made the same way since its creation, and won’t be changing any time soon. To make it, they toast sugar in a kettle over an open flame, slowly mixing in cream and sea salt. The end product is heavenly.


7. Pad Thai Showdown

Back when Jeni was still working in North Market, many of the local Asian hotspots held claims of having the best Pad Thai in the city. This war led to Jeni getting clever, and throwing her own claim to having the best in the world, which led to the creation of Bangkok Peanut. This sweet and tangy take on Pad Thai is still a cult favorite to many loyalists.

8. It’s Local Everywhere!

No matter where Jeni’s opens up a new scoop shop, there’s always going to be a collaboration with a local farmer or company. When Jeni’s opened shop in Nashville, it coordinated with Yazoo Brewing Co. to create Yazoo Sue with Rosemary Bar Nuts. Made with Yazoo’s Porter, it was sheer bliss.



9. That’s A Lot Of Buttercup Pumpkins…

When you’re making a lot of ice cream, you’re going to need a lot of ingredients. Just this year, 7,866 pounds of Buttercup Pumpkins for their Buttercup Pumpkin with Amaretti Cookies. Yeah, that’s a lot of pumpkins.


10. Summertime Jeni’s

In the peak of summer, Jeni’s cranks out right around 38,000 pints every week! There’s no better way to beat the summer heat!

11. You Can Find It Anywhere!

With over 1,500 stores carrying Jeni’s products, you’re sure to be able to find a location within a reasonable distance to grab a pint. Not that we wouldn’t go to the edge of the earth for its creamy deliciousness…


12. 20 And Counting…

At 20 stores (21 if you count the pop-up at West Gotham in NYC), Jeni’s has grown incredibly since its humble beginnings. It’s latest shop just opened in Decatur, Georgia, (near Atlanta), and the locals are pumped up. Who can blame ’em?

13. Jeni Has A Sister!

Well, a sister company. Eat Well Distribution works with built-from-the-ground-up businesses to help them to develop and distribute their products.

eat well

14. They Love The Community

Just last year, Jeni’s donated over 30% of its net profits to local charities. Giving support to everything from the United Way to Green Columbus, it’s obvious that their love for Columbus runs deep, and yo have to respect it.


15. Jeni’s Favorite?

Although it’s probably like picking a favorite child, Jeni’s favorite is and will always be Lemon Frozen Yogurt.

Cone & Trio images from the FLAVORS section of the website.