16 Things You Don’t Know About Dewey’s Pizza


1. That’s Some Fresh Dough

All the dough you see when you peak through the kitchen window at Dewey’s is made fresh daily by their cooks.

Tossing Pizza

2. …And That Cheese

The cheese is fresh too! Dewey’s shreds their own cheese in their own kitchens, and all the mozzarella cheese used on Dewey’s pizza is hormone free.

Pizza Ready

3. Freezers Are Foreign Objects

As a whole company, Dewey’s Pizza doesn’t own a single freezer. If you don’t get it by now, lets make one thing clear: Dewey’s is all about being fresh!

4. Go Half-&-Half!

Many people stick with what they know – red sauce pizza. But Dewey’s offers both traditional red pizza sauce and their own white sauce, which is a olive oil, minced garlic, mozzarella-fontina blend. They encourage their guests to try half-&-half on any pizza!


5. They Like To DewMore

The staff at Dewey’s developed a non-profit organization called DewMore, completely unprompted. This year, DewMore is projected to have 2,200 volunteer hours donated, and $120,000 raised for charitable causes.

Dew More

6. Have You Had The DewBrew?

Dewey’s always has a great draft selection, and they feature local breweries likeA�MadTree, Rhinegeist, A�and 50 West. Mt. Carmel makes Dewey’s their very own beer, the infamous DewBrew.


7. Perhaps You’re More Of A Wine Person

Dewey’s also has their own wine, created by renowned wine maker, Adam Lee. A�$4 from each bottle is donated to the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati, raising $4,000 so far this year.


8. A Place To Call Home

Dewey’s opened their first store in Oakely in 1998. Every time they open a new store, they take pride in the neighborhood they’re joining.

Tomato Pizza


9. A Family Kind Of Place

Dewey’s Pizza is consistently voted one of the most family friendly restaurants in Cincinnati. You’ve probably seen kids mesmerized watching the pizza process through the window!

Deweys Pizza Sign

10. Really Good Music

If you’re a Dewey’s regular, then you may have noticed the awesome music playing in each restaurant. The list constantly changes, but favorites includeA�Grateful Dead, Ramones, The Beatles, Willy Nelson, The Black Keys, Spoon, Wilco, and Foxygen… just to name a few.


11. …And Andrew DeWitt Knows A Thing Or Two About Music

It’s really no surprise that Dewey’s is always playing good music. Founder and CEO of Dewey’s, Andrew DeWitt, is a talented guitar player and played in a few different bands before starting Dewey’s Pizza. He’s also really into blues music, especially New Orleans artists.

Andrew DeWitt

12. Big Goals For Everyone

As a company, Dewey’s focuses on the growth and personal development of their employees. Dewey’s growth is based off their goal for their employees to reach their personal goals.

Ballpark Pizza

13. The Staff Gets Creative

Many of Dewey’s seasonal items were created by staff members.A� Examples include the Dr. Dre Pizza, Ryan’s Inferno and the Blueberry Almond Salad.

Close Up Pizza

14. They’re Perfectionists

Looking at the Dewey’s menu, you may notice that they focus strictly on making pizzas, salads, and calzones. They focus on these things exclusively, and they do their job very well.

Pizza Box

15. The Desserts Are Local

Since they focus specifically on pizza, salads, and calzones, theyA�offer desserts from local confectioners, like Chocolate Opera Creme Torte from The Bonbonnerie.

16. Gourmet Salad Dressing

Dewey’s makes all their own dressings for their gourmet salads in house. No wonder they’re so dang good!