20 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Ale-8


Maybe there are people in far-distant states who experience just as much frustration over their lack of access to Ale-8 as we do over ours to Yeungling. Just maybe. Either way, remember that Ale-8 is a Kentucky treasure that is next to impossible to find in any other part of the world other than right here in the Ohio Valley.

We may endure a swamp-like climate, but at least we can enjoy an Ale-8 while our sweat is sweating.

1. The soft drink has fewer calories than the average soda.

2. Ale-8 is the only soft drink invented in Kentucky that is still being bottled today.


3. The name “A Late One” was selected as winner as one of America’s first slogan contests.

Launched by founder and inventor G.L. Wainscott at Kentucky’s Clark County Fair.


4. The Ale-8 bottling plant is located in Winchester, Kentucky, near Lexington.


5. Ale-8-One was launched on July 13, 1926.

6. Roxa-Cola was a predecessor to Ale-8 and competitor to contemporary cola drinks launched in 1906 by Ale-8 founder, Wainscott.

7. Roxa-Cola was put on the backburner  after a court battle.

Ale-8 founder G.L. Wainscott began to search for a unique flavor for his company.

8. Wainscott got his start bottling soda water and flavored drinks at a plant on Main Street in Winchester in 1902.

9. Glass bottles can be returned to the plant for cash reimbursement to this day (sweet!).


10. Ale-8’s ginger-blend formula was inspired by recipes discovered by its founder when travelling through Northern Europe.


11. DIet Ale-8 contains no calories or aspartame (but does contain Splenda).

12. A candy factory in Mt Sterling, Kentucky distributes Ale-8 suckers.

13. Ale-8 is currently distributed in only 61 counties in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.


14. Cincinnati and Louisville are the only metro areas where Ale-8 is distributed in addition to Ashland, Pikeville and Hazard in Eastern Kentucky.

15. Ale-8 One salsa was developed in 2006 in collaboration with the Kentucky Proud program.

16. Tours of the Ale-8 plant are still available today.


17. The company is still family-owned and operated by G.L. Wainscott’s great-great nephew.

18. The original Ale-8 formula is still a closely guarded family secret.

19. Ale-8 can apparently used in cooking and the company’s website provides a list of recipes.

20. Many Kentuckians prefer to enjoy their Ale-8 with Kentucky bourbons.

Such as Maker’s Mark, Buffalo Trace or Wild Turkey. The concoction is known as a “Kentucky Cocktail.”