20 Struggles For Twentysomethings In Cincinnati


There are so many great things about this city. But if you’re a twentysomething living in Cincinnati, there are a few problems you face on a daily basis. The struggle.

1. Parents Having High Expectations For Your First Job

With huge corporations like Procter & Gamble, Kroger, and Macy’s headquartered in Cincinnati, your parents think you’ll have a six-figure job by the time you’re 25. Sorry, Mom and Dad. Guess you should have studied engineering…

Procter & Gamble Building

Credit: MegaA�Construcciones

2. Not Being An Engineer

Half of twenty-somethings in Cincinnati studied engineering in college. The other half of us are failures.

Engineering Student

Credit: San Jacinto College

3. Working For A Startup

“It’s a startup company! It’s like, the next Google, and we have a really cool app.” K.

4. Running Into That One Person You Went On A Really Bad Date With

Well, when you repeatedly party in OTR every weekend, you’re probably going to see the same people over and over. What did you expect?

Neons Summer Outdoor

Credit: adventuredrinks


5. Being Asked Where You Went To School

And you know people aren’t asking if you went to UC or Xavier.

Elder vs. Lakota West


6. Never Learning How To Cook Because There’s So Much Good Food

Delicious restaurants are constantly popping up all over the city, which means we never have to use our kitchens. Is there a way we can just start forwarding portions of our paychecks to these places? Speaking of which…

Senate Line Up

Credit: Senate Restuarant

7. Spending All Your Money On Food

If you brunch, you only have to pay for two meals a day, right? RIGHT? At least you can get a coney for less than $2.

Skyline Coneys

Credit: Skyline Chili

8. Trying To Park For Free

You could pay to park in a garage or parking lot. Or you could park on a little side street, walk a few blocks, then take an Uber. Just a few more blocks…

9. Sitting On The Lawn At Riverbend

Whether it’s for a Lil Wayne or Garth Brooks concert, we’ve all been there, and none of us will ever be the same again.

Riverbend Lawn

Credit: P1580847

10. Realizing ThatA�BeyoncA� Might Not Actually Love Over The Rhine

We were all so excited when we sawA�BeyoncA� holding that “I Heart OTR” sticker. Until we realized that it was during her “On The Run” tour. On The Run… OTR… damn.

Beyonce Loves OTR

Credit: s2smagazine


11. Not Liking Beer

If this is you, you should seriously consider acquiring a taste for the liquid gold, since there’s so many good breweries in this city.

12. …And Liking Beer

You like beer? Well have you tried the latest nitro-infused old Rasputin Russian imperial stout? Psh. You’re no beer lover.


13. Going For A Run In Mt. Adams

But the Mt. Adams moms make it look so easy. Just go back to running around Mirror Lake, like, a hundred times instead.

Mt. Adams Hills

Credit: cincy Project

14. Wondering Who Lives In The Apartments Downtown

You look around and think, “Who can possible afford to live here?” Definitely not you. Probably those engineers.

Current At The Banks

Credit: j. miles wolf

15. Driving Downtown After A Reds Or Bengals Game

You know that feeling when you let half the city’s population cross the street in front of your car while driving down 2nd or 3rd street? Crying, it’s called crying.

16. When People Say Where You Party Is Dangerous

Northside? Clifton? OTR? We’ll take our chances, thanks.

OTR Very Danger

Credit: Travis Estell

17. Deciding If You Should Use The Red Bikes Or Not

What will the hardcore bicyclistsA�think of you? Can you really pedal all the way up Gilbert? Probably not.

Red Bike Share

Credit: 5chwa4r7z

18. Going Broke Trying To Go On A Fancy Date

*Looks at the menu at Orchids* “Hmmm, I’ll have a water. That’s it. Nothing else. My wallet’s on a diet.”

19. Trying To Figure Out Where To Party After Graduating College

Is it ok to still party with college kids? Are you becoming the creepy person that’s acting too young? Where do you draw the line?!


Credit:A�Longworth’s Mt. Adams


20. The Fact That WEBN Fireworks Are Now Alcohol Free

*Sobs forever.*

WEBN Fireworks 1

Credit:A�Cincinnati USA

Featured Image Credit:A�Al Jazeera America