25 Reasons Why You’re So Damn Louisville

1. The Crime Times features most of your graduating class.

crime times

2. Your mom dropped you off at LRS Fest.

3. You learned to drive in the Bigg’s parking lot.

4. You’ve been the highest 15-year-old at a Kodiaks show.

5. At least three of your meals this week have been served from food trucks.

6. Any intruder breaking into your home is getting beat down with an authentic Louisville Slugger bat.

7. You spent much of your youth riding the Trolley around Bardstown Road ’til you got kicked off.

8. You have a fleur-de-lis tattoo.

9. You’ve had a skating party at Champs.

10. You remember when you could smoke inside Headliners.


11. Danimal was your bro (R.I.P.).

12. You believe the Belle of Louisville is the superior Steamboat in The Great Steamboat Race even though it sinks every other week.

13. Your middle school served Pizza Magia.

14. You’ve had a Wild and Woolly card since before it was cool.

15. You secretly still like Flaw (and have seen them at Bulldog Cafe).

16. You get upset when you see someone went to high school with and they don’t say “hi” to you, even though you could’ve just as easily said “hi” to them.

17. You have little to no reservations about ordering fried chicken from a place with bulletproof glass at the service counter.

18. You remember when The Connection was the only gay bar in town.

19. You have a shrine to Rick Pitino in your home.

20. You’ve participated in a circle pit at an Edgeland show at the Douglass Community Center and then gorged yourself on Krispy Kremes afterward.

21. You not-so-secretly wish your face was painted on the wall at The Back Door (unless it is already).

22. You’re on a first-name basis with The Beef Jerky Guy.

23. You actually went to that Starbucks to see if the Blue Power Ranger was working there.

24. You’ve broken the sound barrier sledding down Dog Hill.

25. You’ve jumped on the #imsolouisville hashtag bandwagon without understanding why or what it means.