27 Ways You Know You Grew Up in Louisville


1. The first question you ask someone you just met is “Where did you go to High School?”

And then immediately began to judge then based on the answer.

2. You’ve been to a birthday party at Kentucky Kingdom.

You got lucky if your first kiss was on the Ferris Wheel…


3. You drank a lot of Heaven Hill as a teenager.

Complete with the Mountain Dew or Coca Cola chaser.

4. Cliff diving at Taylorsville Lake was a summer pastime.

Unless you lost your bathing suit and it became a nightmare.

5. You don’t believe there’s any better basketball team than U of L or UK.

You must pick one. Seriously. One.

6. Ear-X-Tacy was your meeting grounds.



7. You had a fake ID confiscated by that asshole doorman at Molly Malones.

Yeah dude, you know who you are.

8. You have dreams about Spinelli’s fried Oreo’s.

And you want to die eating these.

9. Traveling to Southern Indiana made you immediately miss home.

Hey, I’m not hating, just saying that you immediately feel like you’ve travelled far away.

10. You’ve hooked up at Big Rock.

If you haven’t, just go do it.


11. You got tired of running into the same person at church picnics.

How is it that they always show up to the same place as you? Are they stalking you?

12. You hated cliques, but were probably in one.

Louisvillian’s travel in packs. It’s true.

13. Hot Browns were the holiday meals of choice.

14. You have totally had a crush on Ashley Judd.

And she still looks good. Give me a call, Ashley.


15. You either love or hate Rick Pitino.

What was that one thing he did at that one place again? Oh yeah…

16. You hated traffic at St. Matthews mall.

All of those lanes and it still isn’t enough.


17. Speaking of the mall, Spencer’s was your first stop.

Caught you. Red handed.



18. Someone you know has really failed at the Bambi Walk.

Let them forever live on in the Hall of Shame…

19. You’ve seen some girls house in Lake Forest trashed by a party.

Shouldn’t have let all those people in…

20. You knew at least one A�”gang”.

Louisville gangstas are so tuff.

21. Zombie Walk.

Enough said.

22. House parties in St. Matthews always included the cops.

Why were your neighbors so mean?!


23. If you lived in the East End, you know all about the Tinseltown & Sonic combo.

That parking lot will forever hold memories.


24. If you lived in the South End, you know all about the Dixie Dozen & Skyline combo.

No offense, but the Tinsletown & Sonic combo was way better.

25. KFC was a family tradition.

I’m never eating chicken drums again.

26. So was Papa John’s.

Extra garlic butter please.


27. You know at least 4 friends with kids.

Okay, maybe it’s more like 10 or 15. Louisville is fertile.