4 Things You Have To Try At Downtown’s Hottest New Restaurant

The storefront for Huit may have just opened, but this restaurant has been making appearances at Cincinnati festivals for about a year now. The flavor combinations that are happening at Huit have never happened anywhere else, and they take pride in the fact that they’re a Cincinnati original. The food takes inspiration from places all over the world, including Indonesia, Paris, Brazil, and Dublin, just to name a few.


The founders of Huit, Tobias Harris, Jennifer Eng, and Trang Vo, know a thing or two about creating restaurants. The three of them designed restaurants all over the world before coming together to create Huit. The restaurant itself has a familiar, comfortable feeling, with a modern, fun vibe. Essentially, Huit kicks ass.


Huit is the French word for “eight,” and they chose the name because they use eight main spices to get a unique flavor. If you’re interested in trying something new and delicious, here’s what you need to order at Huit.

1. Beer Braised Beef Brisket

As Tobias Harris put it, “Anything with beer is good.” We couldn’t agree more. On a sandwich, the pulled brisket is paired with caramelized onion au jus, green radish, red cabbage slaw and watercress. It’s served on two Challah buns from Sixteen Bricks Artisan Bread, because Huit’s also all about supporting other small, local businesses.


2. BBQ Tofu

You’ve probably never had barbecue tofu before, but you need to taste how Huit does it. Tobias Harris learned how to cook tofu from his mother and grandmother, and that’s how the tofu gets such an awesome flavor. On a sandwich, the BBQ Tofu comes with arugula, house made jicama slaw, green radish, and Huit’s signature BBQ sauce. It’s got so much flavor, you’ll forget you’re even eating tofu.


Credit: Huit

3. Craft Salad

This salad is vegetarian and gluten free, made with kale, quinoa, creamy tahini dressing, dried apricots and toasted sesame seeds. It’s basically summer in a bowl, and absolutely delicious. Seriously, we’ve never tasted anything with this flavor combination before. If you’re looking for something on the lighter side, you’ll definitely want to order the Craft Salad.


4. Eight Spice Pork

The eight spice flavor is Huit’s signature, unlike anything else you’ve ever tasted. That’s why you absolutely must try the Eight Spice Pork. Whether you get it as ribs or on a sandwich, you need to taste this stuff. Two different house made rubs are used to create the unique, eight spice flavor. The pork is served with apple slices, arugula, house made jicama slaw and Huit’s signature BBQ sauce. The combination is incredible.


Credit: Huit

Huit is currently open for lunch Monday through Friday, 11:00 AM-2:30 PM. They’ll start opening earlier sometime soon to serve Carabello Coffee in the mornings, and are looking into the possibility of serving brunch. “Something beyond eggs,” Tobias Harris said. We’re sure whatever the team at Huit comes up with will be delicious.