7 Nostalgia Bands That Still Kick Ass


We recently spent some time reminiscing on all the bands we used to listen to in our teenage years. Upon doing this, we realized that we’ve been terrible fans in not keeping up with their progress as times have changed. While some of them have split or moved on to other things (R.I.P. Underoath), others have kept cranking away. While some of the sounds have changed, there’s no denying that these bands have been able to keep up with the times while still keeping a bit of everything we used to love about them. Just as we have, we recommend the rest of the millinneals out there take a trip down memory lane with us and see what our favorite nostalgia bands are up to these days…

7. The Used


You know just as well that I do that we all blasted “All That I’ve Got” after a long day at school. While that song was prime for our angsty teen years, but, all nostalgia aside, the song is one that we remembered all the words to and sang along as loud as possible. You know you miss this…

The Used is still going strong after nearly fifteen years on the stage. A few members have come and gone, but the core of the group has stayed together. Less than a year ago they released their full-length albumA�Imaginary Enemy.A�The album peaked at #1 on the AP Independent Albums, and the political nature of the album brought even more meaning to songs that were already powerful. We’ve openly embraced their message. One of their songs, “Cry,” caught the most limelight on the album, and the lyrics are deep (Perhaps so deep that it didn’t even bleed and catch me?): “Now your life is broken, revolves around love. / No love of yourself, but the love you have lost. / We said desperation is lonely despair. / You don’t love yourself, you’ve got no love to share.” We dig it. You can check that video out here:

6. Incubus


Incubus fans are very cult-like in the fact that they all love the band, but they’re not afraid to debate upon which album from the past is the best. The old school fans fight in favor ofA�Battlestar Scralatchtica, while others defend the politically chargedA�A Crow Left of the Murder. Our personal favorite isA�Morning View, which is a contrasting mix of melodic, peaceful songs such as “Aqueous Transmission” and hard hitters like “Warning.”

Regardless of your favorite, there’s no denying the fact that few bands have embraced change like Incubus. Their sound seems to change between every album, but it’s something that has allowed them to stand the test of time. Regardless of your outlook on life or where you’re at in the moment, there’s going to be an Incubus album for you to listen to. Their most recent album,A�If Not Now, When?, was well-received by fans and critics alike, and they’re about to release two EPs this year that are sure to please.A�Trust Fall (Side A) will be released in March. Until then, check out their most recent single “Absolution Calling.”

5. Taking Back Sunday


Back in the day, emo kids and rockers alike massed together to check out Taking Back Sunday. Some of the most memorable song quotes from the 2000’s came from their songs. “Cute Without The ‘E’ (Cut From The Team)” was unbelievably popular, and that popularity only continued to rise with the release ofA�Louder Now. Perhaps it was the fact that the implosion of Cinergy Field was in the music video, but the video for “MakeDamnSure” is still one of our all-time favorites from the decade.

Out of all the bands on this list, we have to say that TBS has had the biggest transformation in sound, but times were different then, and there seems to be a much, much more upbeat vibe coming from their camp these days. The recent release of their most recent album,A�Happiness Is, reveals a band with a new direction, and the sound is fitting for the next wave of rock music. “Stood A Chance” is a prime example of this. Shades of black and grey have been replaced with vibrant colors, and people dig the new sound. We can’t help but feel exited to see where they go next.A�Louder NowA�turns 10 next year, and we’re hoping that results in an anniversary tour.

4. Senses Fail


Whether you found them on a classic game of Guitar Hero or you’re one of the longtime faithful, you’ve probably realized that it’s been about 10 years sinceA�Let It Enfold YouA�debuted, and the band knows all too well that this calls for a massive anniversary tour. They’re heading all over the country over the next two months on this tour, where they’ll be playing the album in its entirety. In case you’re a little foggy on which songs were on that album, give this classic a listen:

Members have come and gone from the band, but all the members have always been dedicated to producing solid music, and their next album,A�Pull The Thorns From Your Heart, is sounding promising. They recently released a teaser, and a lot of fans are anticipating what form the new album will take. You can check out one of their most recent releases below. We’ll be checking them out on tour and looking forward to the anniversary tour for Still Searching, too.

3. New Found Glory


Some things never change with New Found Glory, and one of those things is the fact that they have one of the best stage presences in all of music. They know how to turn a show into a party, and it’s been that way from the getgo. At their shows we’ve seen everything from hordes of inflatable aliens being thrown around to nearly naked mosh pits, but it’s all part of the experience.A�CatalystA�was, by far, one of the best pop-punk albums of all time, and every one of us has at least one song of the album in our libraries. “All Downhill From Here” was one of the most popular songs from the time period, and it’s still just as amazing today.

Yep, that video is still as impressive as ever. One thing’s for sure, NFG has been hard at work since dropping that album, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be slowing down any time soon. From remaking popular classics like “Kiss Me” and “The King of Wishful Thinking” in theirA�From The Screen to Your Stereo collections to touring all over the places, their as badass as ever. Their most recent album,A�Resurrection, has been well-received and “Selfless” did well on the charts. We will never cease to be amazed by NFG’s dedication to the music.

2. Silverstein


It’s hard to believe thatA�Discovering The WaterfrontA�debuted 10 years ago. It seems like it was yesterday that everyone was going to check them out at a local concert. “My Heroine” and “Smile in Your Sleep” were instant classics and they left a mark on everyone who listened in to their music. The good news is that they’re currently on tour for the anniversary of their sophomore album. You can check out the remaining tour dates here. We’re definitely going to check them out. Meanwhile, we’ve been getting stoked by listening to the classics.

How about those hairstyles? Ah, those were the days. So, what have they been working on these days? Well, they’re about to drop a new album in May titledA�I Am Alive in Everything I Touch, and people are already getting stoked for it. They’re selling bundles of merch for solid prices, and you can check those out here. After listening to their new single from the album, “A Midwestern State of Emergency,” we have to say that we haven’t been looking forward to an album this much in quite a while. The album has similar traits to some of the earlier albums in their discography, and that’s something the traditionalists will appreciate. Regardless of what the band chooses to do next, they’ll always have a base of loyal followers.

1. Hellogoodbye


Oh, Hellogoodbye, we’ll never be able to forget the year whenA�Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!A�came out. That album united every clique in the school with its pop-filled vibes and lightheartedness. Not only that, but the concerts were always epic. We have no shame in blasting “Here in Your Arms” to this day, and it still comes up from time to time. We never would realize it then, but Hellogoodbye was ahead of its time. We’ll just leave this here (try not to break out in spontaneous dance):

Times may have changed since this release in 2006, but we have to admit that we’d love to see a 10 Year Reunion Tour for the album next year… While we can’t guarantee that will happen, we’d certainly love to see it, and we’ll be some of the first people buying tickets. When we recently went back to check in on their status, we were pleasantly surprised to hear that they still have an incredible sound. Their most recent album,A�Everything is Debatable, has song after song that we’re surprised haven’t hit the radio waves. “Everything is Debatable” is by far the most popular, but we love the more upbeat “Die Young, Die Dumb; Not Soon.” Check it out. We guarantee you’ll be just as impressed as we were.

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