7 of The Most Amazing Snow Hikes in Colorado


7. Morraine Park

A lake that’s already beautiful as is actually keeps its appeal even when frozen over. The area around Bear Lake is perfect because it receives snow, but usually doesn’t get enough to completely cover the ground. These leaves more easily accessible areas to hike and doesn’t take away from the natural beauty of the land. It’s especially nice when the local streams freeze over like they do in the picture below. With some pretty flat terrain, this hike is one that’s for everyone. You don’t have to be an expert to view the beauty around here.


6. Argentine Peak

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the hike up to Argentine Peak, which will challenge more experienced hikers in the depth of winter. As you can imagine, the hike to any peak isn’t a walk in the park, and it only becomes truer as the weather gets colder. The good news is that a clear day at the peak provides an incredible view. The best way to access this one in winter is from either Square Top Mountain or the Silver Dollar Lake Trail Head. The Silver Dollar Trail Head is the easier route, but expect some strenuous work regardless.


5. Red Rocks

Red Rocks is easily one of the more popular sites for hiking in Colorado, and that doesn’t end when the winter winds begin to blow. In fact, the red backdrop of the rocks only seem to pop out more when the snow coats the ground, making for an amazing sight to take in. This is another spot on the list where you don’t need to expect anything too strenuous when hiking around, so if you’re looking for some peaceful sightseeing in your hike, this is one for you.


4. Brainard Lake

If frozen streams aren’t your thing, then maybe a trip to Brainard Lake is in order. The forest of trees breaks for the streams that flow through it. Running water provides a calming effect, and the local wildlife stays active even when the trees are blanketed in snow. This winter hike paints one of the most serene pictures you’re likely to ever see. Go ahead, take some time to rest along your hike and relax for a bit. The snow absorbs a lot of sound making it quiet as well.


3. Two Rivers Vista

The view at sunrise and sunset earn this one of the top spots on our list because it really can’t be beat. The shades of yellow and orange tip the snow-capped mountains and make for a breathtaking sight. Sure, you could easily just pull off the side of the road for this view, but taking the hike up to one of the ridges makes it all the more worth it. What’s interesting is the fact that there’s a diversity of peaks from this view. Some are rounded, some are craggy, but all of them are beautiful.


2. Devil’s Thumb Pass

To be fair, there’s pretty much always snow through here. This is one that you can take any time of the year, and you’ll still be able to catch a little bit of the white stuff. While we would say to go ahead and take this hike now, we’re actually more of a fan of it when the snow melts a bit and the green grass begins to peek out from below. It leaves for a bold contrast of colors beneath the blue skies above. It’ll take some time and effort to get through here, but it will be worth the work.


1. Dream Lake

When you imagine the wild, icy wilderness of a Colorado winter, you’ll probably be picturing something exactly like Dream Lake. In fact, when the lake freezes over, it almost looks to incredible to be real. Walk across the lake and stand in awe of the towering peaks above. Don’t be reserved to play around on the ice a little bit, because when winter sets in, this lake has quite the extensive layer of ice. Views like this one remind us just how beautiful winter can be, regardless of how people feel about it.


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