8 Ohio Winter Adventures You Have To Go On

1. Skiing/Snowboarding At Snow Trails (Mansfield)

A lot of people look at skiing and snowboarding and think that it’s too fast-paced or dangerous for them, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. While there are a lot of extreme ways to enjoy both sports, there are plenty of other mellow ways to enjoy yourself on the slopes. With plenty of lessons offered to get you up to par, and easier trails for anyone just trying to find a peaceful winter escape, Snow Trails is your best bet for having wintertime fun in Ohio.


Featuring close to twenty individual trails and glade areas, a tubing park, and plenty of terrain parks to enjoy, there’s a little bit of everything for people to enjoy at Snow Trails. Just make sure to wear something that’s water-resistant. No one wants to having freeing pants on with nothing underneath. No one.

2. Take In The Sights Of Wild Lights At The Columbus Zoo And Aquarium (Columbus)

These lights are wild. Well, they’re surrounded by a bunch of wild, exotic animals, at least. The brightest, most spectacular display of holiday lights can be found nowhere other than at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Each year, the staff goes above an beyond to hang millions of twinkling holiday lights. The results are not only spectacular, but they’ve become a mainstay because everyone who comes in makes it a holiday tradition for years to come after their first visit.

Columbus Zoo - Wild Lights

What makes their light display stand out among others is the simple fact that they get wildly creative with the various scenes that are set throughout the zoo. Whether it’s the tunnel of lights or the vibrant trails entangled with strand after strand, they really just understand how to set the scene to make your holiday season all the more bright. To be fair, they do have a whole ton of lights. Oh, and make sure you grab a cup of hot chocolate while you’re there. C’mon, it’s almost Christmas, after all!

3. Take A Sleigh Ride At Ma and Pa’s (Burton)

Ah, what better way to get in the spirit for the holidays than taking a sleigh ride throw the snowy woods? Located right in the heart of Ohio’s Snow Belt, Burton always has plenty of snow to go around for anyone looking for a little taste of winter. Whether you want to bring the family along, or you want a romantic ride at night with that special someone, they have options for everyone at Ma and Pa’s. The best part? It’s all actually very affordable.


You have to make reservations, but their service runs from the beginning of December through what usually ends up being the middle of March. Couples rides start at $50 per couple for daytime, and go to $65 for special night rides. They also have group rates that can be seen here. At the end of the ride, you get to warm up by a fire and sip on hot chocolate while eating baked goods. They even have a place where you can pick out your own fresh Christmas Tree! So, pretty much, you need to get there.

4. Cincinnati Zoo’s Festival of Lights (Cincinnati)

Lights on lights on lights. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Cincinnati Zoo’s Festival of Lights. Well, that and a whole lot of everything else that makes the holiday season amazing. Not only are there millions of lights placed all over the zoo, but you can still go through all of the exhibits and see the animals within while you visit. Who doesn’t want to see a bunch of penguins waddling around? No one!


The experience definitely wouldn’t be complete without taking a ride around the lake in the train, either. With all of the lights synchronized to music, it’s truly something special to see all of the lights reflecting off of the lights in the water. With snow coming earlier this year, it will may for an even better experience than usual.


5. Snow Tubing At Mad River Mountain (Zanesfield)

Who needs sledding when you can go flying down a slope in an intertube? The lanes at Mad River Mountain are perfect to bring a group of friends with to race down with over and over again.


For only $25 for 3 hours, you can get in all the runs you can handle. You don’t even have to worry about walking back up the hill. What a time to be alive! Afterwards, you can return to the lodge to warm up with some hot chocolate. This is definitely one of those places to bring a big group of friends.

6. Cut Down Your Own Christmas Tree At Fulton Farms (Troy)

We know you all want to go and cut down your own tree after seeing National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Okay, so maybe that didn’t exactly make you want to get out and cut down a tree, but it’s still one of the most fun things you can do to get ready for the holidays. Whether you’re looking for something a little larger or the perfect little tree, Fulton Farms will have a tree ready that’s just the right size.


The best part is that it’s cheaper than you’d think to go out and haul in your own tree. Fulton raises row after row of trees every year, just waiting to bring joy to families around the state. With the number of trees they grow, they can afford to let them go for lower prices. Don’t worry, we can almost guarantee a squirrel won’t come flying out of the tree on Christmas Eve. Although, it would make for a good story…

7. Visit The 19th Century at Dickens of a Christmas (Columbus)

Right before completing his famous work, A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens payed a visit to tour through Ohio. Today, Ohio Village in Columbus takes time to pay homage to him every year around Christmas. To do this, the Victorian village has carolers, actors, and other volunteers to come in and re-imagine the village as it would have appeared in the 19th Century. This is definitely a must-do for anyone who appreciates the arts or history buffs who want to recapture the past. 


While there, you’ll get to enjoy the original play, along with learn about the original traditions of Christmas and learn how to make some of the traditional treats that most relate with the holidays. Afterwards you can listen to carolers sing and stock up on unique gifts at the shops. This one only runs for a few weekends in December at specific times. You can check those out here.

8. Take Sledding To A Whole New Level At Chalet Toboggan Chutes (Strongsville)

Think sledding is just for kids? Think again. Sure, you’ll see plenty of kids out on these chutes, but you get some pretty good speed when you fly down them. It’s all the fun of sledding without having to worry about flipping over a hidden tree somewhere. Yes, that’s happened to all of us at least once. Sure, you’ll still probably wipe out once or twice, but it makes it all the better. Besides, what’s the point of enjoying the snow if you’re not going to play in it a bit?


Speeds have been known to reach up to 50 M.P.H. for riders, and it’s a lot faster than you’d imagine, considering there are no restraints. The best news is that it’s only $12 for an all-day pass. They’re even open until 10:30 P.M. on the weekends!

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