8 Cincinnati Desserts To Ruin Your Diet

These aren’t your typical, dime a dozen desserts. We searched Cincinnati to find the stickiest, richest, most delicious desserts. Don’t blame us when you start feeling sluggish and your heart rate shoots through the roof. Honestly, it’ll probably be worth it.

1. Putz’s Creamy Whip’s Giant Banana Split


Mindy Leech has been working at Putz’s Creamy Whip for thirteen years, but their history starts long before that, in 1938. It’s easy to see why people have been coming to this place for years. Banana, ice cream, strawberry, pineapple, chocolate, whipped cream, a cherry, and peanuts combine perfectly to make the most amazing banana split you’ll ever taste.


The ice cream for the banana split comes from their machine that was built in 1953, because it’s that damn good. They open the last Monday in March, and usually close sometime in September. Mindy suggests ordering a foot long cheese coney with your sundae. We suggest eating the entire Giant Banana Split yourself.

2. Salazar‘s Tart Cherry And Pistachio Buckle With Vanilla Bean Ice Cream


Experimenting with flavor combinations can result in something beautiful, or something that tastes like shit. The Tart Cherry And Pistachio Buckle is a perfect example of flavor combination genius. We can all thank Brian Newmann, who’s been with Salazar since they opened in mid-December 2013, for this delicious creation.


The Tart Cherry and Pistachio Buckle was on the menu when Salazar first opened, and Brian decided to bring it back for cherry season. The Vanilla Bean Ice Cream melting over the top of the buckle tastes freaking awesome. You can get it with lunch or dinner, since they just extended their hours. Get crazy and order it with a Pear Cider.

3. Sotto‘s Ricotta Doughnuts


The Italians know what’s up when it comes to desserts. Danny Combs, the Chef de Cuisine at Sotto, said their Ricotta Doughnuts are one of their most popular menu items. The recipe for this amazing dessert came from one of Sotto’s original pastry chefs, who got it from her grandmother in Italy.


These doughnuts are served with salted caramel, chocolate, and pistachio sauces, all of which are amazing. Sotto’s always packed, so you can go in any day of the week to get the full dining experience. Bring a big group and be ready to share your food. Danny suggests ordering a glass of Vin Santo with the dessert, and eating until you can’t eat anymore.


4. Maverick Chocolate Co.


Paul Picton is the owner of Maverick Chocolate Co., and he knows way more than you about chocolates. He used to travel all over the world and get chocolate from different countries. About a year ago he decided to bring good, craft chocolate to Cincinnati. He took his business to Findlay Market, and competed with about thirty different vendors to get a store front. Lucky for us, Maverick Chocolate Co. got the spot, so you can go get some of his delicious chocolate whenever you like.


Paul get cacao beans directly from farmers in Belize, the Dominican Republic, Peru, and might be getting some from Costa Rica and Nicaragua in the near future. He told us that the region the cacao bean comes from is the most important thing when considering what flavor chocolate you want. Paul said he doesn’t consider his chocolate bars to be simply desserts, which just means you can eat it whenever you want, for any meal. If you want a chocolate bar that will ruin you for all other chocolates, you need to visit this guy Tuesday-Sunday.


5. Shadeau Breads‘ Monster Cookie


Shadeau Breads has been in business for 21 years, but more people need to know about the magic of the Monster Cookie. There’s nothing like biting into a warm, delicious cookie filled with oatmeal, raisins, M&Ms, peanut butter, and chocolate. Our hearts are pounding just thinking about it.


The manager of Shadeau Breads, David Jones, said the Monster Cookie is their most popular product, but they’re also known for their Tea Rings and Schnecken. Visit this hometown bakery on Main Street in Over The Rhine. Just keep your eyes open, or you might end up walking right past it.

6. Brown Bear Bakery Chocolate Sandwich Cookie


The Chocolate Sandwich Cookie is one of the most amazing things we have ever tasted. Founder of Brown Bear Bakery, Blair Fornshell, studied pastry art at the Midwest Culinary Institute, and has been making delicious baked good for about a year and a half. She likes to elevate classic desserts to a new level, and she did just that with the Chocolate Sandwich Cookie, which takes inspiration from the classic Oreo cookie.


Blair’s sister is pretty strict with her son’s diet, so Blair wanted to create a dessert her nephew could enjoy. She uses jet black cocoa powder for the cookie, and has vanilla, strawberry, and matcha flavored filling. The strawberry one even has a strawberry jam she makes herself in the middle. Everything in this dessert is natural, so you don’t have to feel guilty for trying every flavor. They can even be made gluten free. Blair bakes out of the Northern Kentucky Incubator Kitchen, does private orders, and supplies most of the baked goods for Carabello Coffee. You can grab one of these at Second Sunday on Main, as well as City Flea. Find out where else Blair will be selling these by following her on Twitter, @brownbearbakes.

7. The Presidents Room‘s “Beer and Pretzels”


Pretzel bread pudding, Krombacher dark beer gelato, and chocolate sauce. Oh the sweetness. This dessert is a staple at The President’s Room, and has been on the menu since they opened. Executive Chef Jeremy Luers said the dessert is there take on two classic German foods, beer and pretzels.


The pretzels for this dish come from Sixteen Bricks Artisan Bakery, and they use sweetened condensed milk, vanilla, marshmallows, and few other secret spices to get this perfect flavor. The Presidents Room is open Wednesday-Saturday, so you can come in any of those nights for the full dining experience. Thursday nights are Build Your Own Brat Night, when you can get a brat, beer, and potato salad for only $11. No matter when you go in, don’t pass over the Beer and Pretzels. Order it with a dark beer, and let your taste buds go nuts.


8. Sweet Petit‘s Key Lime Pie Bites


Taren Kinebrew created Sweet Petit Desserts, and came up with the concept of small desserts, because she wanted people to take the time to really enjoy what they’re eating, without eating too much. The Key Lime Pie Bites are one of her best sellers, and you’ll know why when you taste them. She doesn’t want to give all her secrets away, but said the dessert is made with condensed milk, eggs, and sugar, and the crust is made with graham crackers, sugar, and butter. The whole thing is topped with a secret sauce that has real key lime juice. Insanely good.


They started by making desserts by the dozen and catering events, but now there’s a store front where you can buy desserts whenever you want. Sweet Petit Desserts is open Tuesday-Friday 10:00-6:00, and Saturdays 10:00-3:00. There will be Sweet Petit Desserts Pop-Up Dessert Shops at City Flea through the end of the fall season, Markets on Fountain Square starting in September, and at Friday Flow. You can follow Taren Kinebrew on Twitter to find out where else they’ll have their delicious desserts, @sweetpetitcincy.