The 8 Most Underrated Bands In Louisville

Louisville has a great music scene, but some bands get more coverage than others. We pulled together a list of some of the lesser known bands in Louisville that you should be listening to. You’re welcome.

1. Silver TonguesA�Silver Tongues

Credit: Silver Tongues

On their Facebook page, Silver Tongues lists their genre as “Hmmm.” We don’t think we can put them in a category either! Silver Tongues has a haunting sound that keeps your attention. Their album Black KiteA�has a unique sound that’s laid back at some points and full of tension at others. The songs on the album don’t all sound alike, yet still come together to make one rad piece of work. The song “Highways,” uses percussion, voice layering, and soulful vibes to create something unique and awesome. Check them out here.


2. Whistle Peak

Whistle Peak

Credit: Whistle Peak

This Elecrofolk/Pop band plays with synthesizers and electric beats to create a sound that’s childlike paired with more mature lyrics. It makes sense, consider Whistle Peak describes themselves as “children’s stories told by grown men.”A�The first song on their albumA�Put to Flight, A�”Human Division,” sounds a bit like a child discovering their own hidden musical talent. Let the hypnotic sound of Whistle Peak relax your mind.

3.A�The Deloreans

The Deloreans

Credit: The Deloreans

This alt-pop band takes influence from The Kinks, Nat King Cole, and The Beatles. The result is something interesting and charged with emotion. Their latest song, “As Long As It’s You,” has a bit of a retro feel, but that doesn’t seem to be the band’s ultimate goal. They’re just creating good music, matching old with new, and kicking ass, all at the same time.

4. Seluah


Credit: Seluah

Seluah feels a bit like something you’d listen to on a cool, fall day, with a darker sound and fresh vocals. They first released music in 2002, took a hiatus, then came back together in 2010. The band has worked withA�Kevin Ratterman on their albums, who has done a lot of work with another Louisville favorite, My Morning Jacket. Seluah takes a lot of inspiration from film scores, which helps them create big stories on their albums. They recently got funding for another album through Kickstarter, and we can’t wait to see what they come out with.


5. Phourist & The Photons


Credit: Phourist

Nick Phourist Hill has been composing on his own for a while now, but he recently united with The Photons to create a sound is both haunting and up-beat. Their single “The Wave and the Powers That Be” has an ambient sound, and the music video perfectly illustrates it. Nick put the stop motion video together himself, in only two weeks. This guy is obviously talented in more ways than one.

6. Lady Pyramid

Lady Pyramid

Credit: Lady Pyramid

This all girl, four piece folk rock band refers to themselves as “experimental yet accessible,” and “friend rock.” They’ve got a 1970s sound that feels perfectly dreamy. You can catch them playing local shows around Louisville, and they were even part of the “Poorcastle” lineup in July 2014.

7. Tall Squares

Tall Squares

Credit: Tall Squares

Childhood friends Adam Crowhorn and Ryan Bohr grew up playing music together, but it wasn’t until 2012 that they started Tall Squares. The band has since added Nick Hill andA�Steve Brutscher to the mix, and the result has been awesome. Tall Squares is currently working on a full-length album, but have played some of their music on the YouTube channel, This Man Is Not My Father. We’re looking forward to hearing more of this 1990s inspired indie rock.

8. The Fervor

The Fervor

Credit: The Fervor/Amber Estes Thieneman

These Louisville natives have a grown up sound that makes us proud. Headed by married couple Natalie and Ben Felker, The Fervor makes music that acknowledges their bluegrass roots, but also creates a unique sound for themselves. Natalie’s voice invites you to listen, and you won’t be able to say no.