The 9 Best Not Deep-Dish Pizzas in Chicago


Hear us out: we’re not saying that there’s anything wrong with deep-dish pizza. In fact, we love it, and think it’s in a league of its own. That’s why we decided to look for the best non deep-dish pizzas in Chicago. Here’s what we found.

1. Avec

There’s only one pizza on the menu, and that’s the only one you need. Avec’s burrata cheese pizza with calabrian chile, garlic and squash blossoms is insane in all the right ways. Originally, Avec was a wine bar, and they still have a great selection, so make sure to order a glass or two with the amazing pizza you’re about to devour.

Avec Pizza

Credit: Serious Eats

2. Pizzeria Serio

Scott Toth knew he wanted to open a thin crust pizza shop in Chicago in 2005. In 2010, he brought that dream alive by opening Pizzeria Serio. He says he took those five years to learn how to make the best pizza possible, and when you take a bite, you’ll know it was worth all five years. For something with a kick, try the Diavolo, which is topped with hot sopressata, pepperoncinis and red onions.

Pizzeria Serio

Credit: Pizzeria Serio

3. Himmel’s

Don’t let the German-sounding name fool you. Himmel’s describes itself as an “Italian restaurant with a German flair.” Whatever they are, Himmel’s is an awesome place to get pizza. They brought the first wood-burning pizza oven to Chicago from Rome fifteen years ago, and have been putting it to good use ever since. Order their Pizza Silvio & Gabriele, which has arugula, prosciutto, sliced tomato & Parmigiano, and tastes amazing.

Himmel's Pizza

Credit: Himmel’s

4. Coalfire Pizza

Just like the name says, all the pizza at this place is cooked in a coal oven. The intense heat makes the pizza cook quickly, giving it a crisp, charred crust that’s still moist and chewy. The restaurant itself is always busy, so don’t be offended if they ask for your table when you’re done eating, their just trying to make sure everyone gets a chance to eat delicious pizza. They’ve always got amazing toppings, so get adventurous and try something like Goat Cheese or Mortadella.

Coalfire Pizza

Credit: Coalfire Pizza

5. Stella Barra

This Los Angeles original has come to Chicago to bless us with their amazing, nontraditional pizza. The restaurant itself is trendy yet cozy, and has an awesome patio that will make you forget you’re in the middle of a busy city. As for pizzas, try the Bloomsdale Spinach or Prosciutto and Farm Egg, and make sure to ask for it Thin Sin.

Stella Barra

Credit: Stella Barra – Chicago


6. Piece Brewery And Pizzeria

Pizza, beer, and parties. Yes, Piece Brewery and Pizzeria is a beautiful place where three of our favorite things unite. The customizable, New Haven style pizza will definitely keep you satisfied with topping options like artichoke hearts, meatballs, and ricotta cheese. You’ll also enjoy their own brewed beers. Come with one person or twenty, either way you’re going to have a great time and awesome meal.

Piece Delicious Pizza

Credit: Piece Pizzeria & Brewery

7. Craft Pizza

Remember Scott Toth, that guy we mentioned earlier who opened Pizzeria Sergio after spending five years to create an awesome pizza? Yeah, well he decided that one amazing pizza place wasn’t enough, and has recently opened Craft Pizza, where he’s taking everything a step further. The dough itself takes 24 hours to make, and all the other ingredients see some extensive care before they end up in front of you. The atmosphere is laid back, and BYOB, so you can spend extra cash on more pizza.

Craft Pizza

Credit: Craft Pizza

8. Spacca Napoli

Jonathan Goldsmith spent quite a bit of time in Naples becoming a “Pizzaiuolo” before he opened Spacca Napoli in 2006. The restaurant has since created authentic pizzas inspired by Naples, which is said to be the birthplace of pizza. Try the Ripieno, which features salami and hand dipped ricotta, or maybe the Salsiccia. These fired pizzas will blow your mind.

Spacca Napoli

Credit: Spacca Napoli Pizzeria

9. Pizzeria Da Nella

Nella is a Naples native who has brought Neapolitan pizza to Chicago in a very real way. She operates the oven, and we’re definitely ok with that because every pizza she puts in that wood-oven stove comes out tasting amazing. They’re not crazy about being trendy, they’re simply all about authentic pizza. We highly recommend the Prosciutto e Rucola with smoke mozzarella and arugula. Amazing.

Pizzeria da Nella

Credit: Pizzeria Da Nella

Featured Image Credit: Alan C.