9 of The Most Breathtaking Views in Colorado


9. Steamboat Springs

While the ski resort is the main attraction of the town, that doesn’t mean that the views surrounding it are limited to the winter. A short hike up one of the local mountains will surely take you to a view that you won’t soon forget. Whether you’re looking down upon the town from the resort in the winter or taking in the mountains from the towns below, Steamboat Springs always delivers. If you get the chance hit the rapids at the Yampa River Festival in the summer. It’s pretty picturesque when you’re floating down the river.


8. Estes Park

Everywhere you look in Estes Park, you’re surrounded by towering snow-capped mountains, which make this a can’t-miss if you’re looking for a nice day out on the lake. A ride out to Bear Lake on a clear day provides for some of the most epic scenery in Colorado. Whether you’re just looking to go for a short trip out on the lake or you’re wanting to hike around it, the reflecting waters of Bear Lake will leave you awestruck with just how beautiful nature can be.


7. Breckenridge

No, actually, we won’t stop talking about how much we’re in love with the city of Breckenridge. Not now. Not ever. Just look at the place! While we must admit we’re more of a fan of the city in winter, there’s no bad time to go. The ski resort is world-class and the town itself almost looks like it’s too beautiful to be real. Check its lights out after the town receives a blanket of snow and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about. Breckenridge, we love you.


6. Mesa Verde National Park

One of the more unique sights you’ll spot in Colorado are the cliff dwellings located within Mesa Verde National Park. Take them in up close and look throughout the structures, but don’t forget to step back a bit and look down upon them from the ridge above. The history aspect combined with the unique color scheme make this one of the most impressive sights you’ll ever see. While some mystery remains with the dwellings, we’re fine with pondering those questions from afar.

Mesa Verde National Park

5. Gateway Canyons Resort

It’s not every day that we give credit to man-made structures that intrude the surrounding scenery, but Gateway Canyons Resort has found a way to avoid being intrusive while providing the views that you want. Waking up to see the beautiful surroundings and countless amenities make this an unforgettable experience. Even after dark the beauty continues as the miniscule amount of light pollution makes for an impressive night sky.


4. Black Canyon

Sure, everyone is always talking about the Grand Canyon out west, but Colorado has quite the impressive canyon itself. The floor of Black Canyon is a long way down, and it makes you kind of dizzy taking a look below. It’s taken a lot of time for the canyon to become as vast as it is today, so you gain a new sense of respect for nature at this location. If you’re feeling adventurous, take a hike to the canyon below. It’s just as impressive from the bottom as it is at the top.


3. Yankee Boy Basin

As you probably could have imagined, spring is just as beautiful as every other season in Colorado, and no place proves that better than Yankee Boy Basin. When the flowers finally bloom in late spring, the entire basin is filled with a carpet of colorful varieties of flowers. The shades of colors combined with the snowy peaks surrounding them make this a must-see in the spring. It’s still amazing every other time of the year, but you have to see it in spring.


2. Shrine Ridge – Vail

Yes, yes, another view on the outskirts of a resort town. There’s obviously a reason why so many people keep coming back to these resorts, though, and a lot of it has to do with views like that from Shrine Ride, which overlooks Vail below. Not only does it overlook Vail, but it has an incredible view on a clear day that will allow you to see mountains off in the distance that make for a perfect backdrop for the town below.


1. Garden of The Gods

Oh, Garden of The Gods, your natural splendor will never cease to amaze. In the evening and at dawn the orange formations of this place stand out among the colors of the sky above. Not only that, but they place is surrounded by various hiking trains and vegetation, which only adds to the overall effect. The best part is that it’s just a little ways out of Colorado Springs, making it easily accessible. It’s easy to get lost in thought at a place as gorgeous as this…


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