9 Shows in Louisville to Get You Through the Winter


Sure, it’s cold out, but that shouldn’t stop you from going out and seeing a good show. Drinking and dancing will warm you up!

9. Lucero, Discount Guns, and Quiet Hollers

When:A�January 15th | January 16th

Where:A�Headliners Music Hall

Lucero is coming up to Louisville all the way from Memphis, Tennessee for a two-night performance with Louisville’s own Discount Guns on Thursday andA�Quiet Hollers, also a Louisville-original,A�on Friday. The sound of Lucero evokes visions of drinking around a campfire in pickup truck beds under the stars shining in a Southern sky. Their sound has been described as “aA�synthesis of soul, rock, and country that is distinctly Memphisian.”


They’ve been called punk-country, and in addition to the standard four-piece band composition, Lucero also features a trumpet, saxophone, accordion, organ, and piano. If that’s not enough to intrigue you, then, alright. Their rabid fanbase wont miss you as they’re screaming the words to every song.

Credit: luceromusic

8. Bahamas

When:A�January 16th



Afie Jurvanen isn’t from the Bahamas – he’s a Finnish-Canadian from Barrie, a working class town in rural Ontario. However, the ambient, mellow, slow-burning rock & roll sound of Bahamas punctuated with lyrics about sunsets and love affairs makes his moniker seem fitting. “Bahamas is Afie” was named Q’s Album of the Year in 2014. Come out to Zbar to get carried away from the cold winter winds to Bahamas.


Credit: BahamasVEVO

7. Stereo Empire and Talk of Spring

When:A�January 24th

Where:A�The Vernon Club

Stereo Empire

Louisville’s own Stereo Empire is hosting an EP Release Party at the Vernon Club and the whole city is invited! ByA�using the infectiously catchy sounds of electronic pop with the grandiose swagger of arena rock, the band has set their sights on the top and shows no signs of stopping.A�If you’ve never been to The Vernon Club, now is the time. It’s the only bowling alley featured on the Urban Bourbon Trail, and probably has the best bourbon selection of any bowling alley in the world (or at least Kentucky).

Credit: Stereo Empire

6. Cold War Kids

When:A�February 3rd

Where:A�Mercury Ballroom


Cold War Kids got their start in a storage room atop a restaurant in Fullerton, California. Their first couple of practices didn’t include instruments – it was just them, stomping, clapping and chanting. They describe themselves better than most could describe Cold War Kids: “Cold War Kids strive to make honest songs about human experience in orchards and hotel rooms, laundromats and churches, sea ports and school halls. We love the songs of Dylan, Nina Simone, and the Velvet Underground and make our own, which we like to think, are pretty original.”


Credit: DowntownRec

5. Against Me!

When:A�February 10th

Where:A�Mercury Ballroom


This quartet that’s a little bit punk rock, a little bit folk rock, and all rock & roll is a band that laughs at danger and breaks all the rules. Against Me! began as an anarchist solo act in Gainesville, Florida and has evolved quite a bit since 1997. “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” was released in early 2014, and is the first album to feature frontwoman Laura Jane Grace as, well, a woman. Their sixth studio album isn’t a stylistic departure or concept album, it’s the same shout-along, sweat-drenched, fist-pumping kind of anthems we all know and love.


4. The Lone Bellow

When:A�March 7th

Where:A�Headliners Music Hall

The Lone Bellow 2

It’s difficult to pin down The Lone Bellow’s sound – some call it indie, some call it folk, some call it soul, some call it country, some call it roots. Whatever you call it, it’s good music. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, the Lone Bellow has been on the scene since 2012 and has already made waves withA�a sound that mixes folk sincerity, gospel fervor, even heavy metal thunder, but the heart of the band is harmony: three voices united in a lone bellow.A�The Lone Bellow has a sound that will be warmly received by Louisville music-lovers.


Credit: TheLoneBellowVEVO

3. MojoFlo

When:A�February 13th

Where:A�The New Vintage


MojoFlo’s sound has been described as “neo-funk.” It will certainly be the funkiest show to come to town all winter. Dance away your winter blues and work up a sweat to the frontwoman’s velvety voice backed by a brass section, funky basslines, guitar riffs and drumbeats that will roll on through the night. MojoFlo hails from Columbus, Ohio, but they’re a favorite here in Louisville, too. If you haven’t checked out The New Vintage yet, you’ve been missing out. It’s an intimate venue without being too cramped with an impressive selection of local and regional beers, including Country Boy Brewing.

Credit: Mojoflo Music

2. Dr. Dog

When:A�March 25th

Where:A�Mercury Ballroom


Dr. Dog’s unique, indie-rock sound hearkens to 1960s legends such as The Beatles and The Beach Boys, with their vocal harmonies and dreamlike summery ambiance. Their sound is sometimes sleepy, sometimes pop-like, back when pop was just feel good music and not manufactured and auto-tuned in a studio, and always danceable. They’ve graced the stage at Forecastle, which has helped secure their place as one of Louisville’s favorite acts to welcome. The show will no doubt sell out, so if you’re on the fence about going, get your tickets now!


Credit: antirecords


When:A�April 20th

Where:A�Mercury Ballroom


WALK THE MOON hails from just across the river, Cincinnati, Ohio. Their upbeat, indie-pop, dance-rock flavor has earned them the stage at Bonnaroo. Their live show is full of energy and is a visual as well as audio experience. It’s sure to be a packed house and a great time when they come to Louisville, so head on down to the Mercury Ballroom on 4/20 for an indie-pop dance party.

Credit: WalkTheMoonVevo

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