Eat Your Heart Out: 10 Most Delicious Spots in Findlay Market


Findlay Market comes alive with it’s eclectic charms and delectable eateries. Whether you’ve stuffed your face at Pho Lang Thang 34.7 times or have never ventured this far north of Liberty, here’s your guide to doing Findlay right.

Indulge a Sugar-High at Taste of Belgium

After starting their reign of waffles in Findlay Market, Taste has been so popular they’ve expanded with full-scale restaurants in OTR and Clifton. Known for their waffles, which are probably the most delicious in the city, these babies are dense, caramelized to perfection and have the sweetest, most doughy core. Seconds anyone? If you want to take it up a notch ask for some nutella and whipped cream.

In addition to waffles, they also offer crepes and pastries. Taste of Belgium is your go-to for breakfast while at the market and you can also buy their desserts to bring home for an after dinner treat. Nothing makes me as happy as gluttonously consuming all the macarons I can afford. You won’t regret it.


Freshly Baked Bread from Blue Oven Bakery

If you’ve ever been to Blue Oven’s Findlay location or their spot at the Hyde Park Farmers Market, you know the line for this place can get crazy. People will wait an hour to get a loaf of this beautiful bread and it’s totally not crazy. If you want to take part in this carb-o-load of goodness you need to get here early (think 7 a.m.).

Blue Oven’s bread is really something special with its perfectly toasted crust and soft, chewy center. Also featuring popular baguettes, country french bread, and english muffins. For visitors with a sweet tooth, my personal favorites are their apricot cranberry walnut or pecan raisin bread! Getting fruit in your bread means it’s healthy, right?


Meet Your New Favorite Grandma, Debbie.

Gramma Debbie’s Kitchen, a small family run business, offers a surprising number of healthy options to take home for dinner. A few standouts are the Asiago Chicken burgers, Cheddar Ranch Turkey burgers, and Vegan Goetta (but don’t worry they have the full fat pin oats and pork goetta as well).

As an added bonus, the staff at Gramma Debbie’s are super friendly and always happy to share their cooking tips. You can avoid failed attempts at whipping it up, and instead be just like Gramma Debbie! I challenge you to prove me wrong…


Fill Your Crisper with Daisy’s Produce

Spring time is coming, which means we demand you eat out a little less and grill out a lot more. With friends and lots of beer.

Here to help you pick the perfect garnish is Daisy Mays, they carry a large selection of fresh fruits and veggies, but also a great selection of sauces and jams. Grab some Yoder’s Amish jams and butters in a variety of funky flavors, including cherry jalapeA�o, apricot, watermelon, and cinnamon apple. Their Waynesville Salsa also has some crazy flavor combos such as spicy sauerkraut, sizzlin’ bacon, and extra hot with ghost peppers.


Tear Inducing Gyros (Yeer-ohs — yeah, you’re welcome)

Aretis Gyros is one of the best authentic Gyro joints in Cincy. When you order, Aretis himself carves off some lean, roasted lamb or chicken onto a soft pita and tops it with fresh lettuce, tomato, onion and a heaping amount of Tzatziki (tat-Zee-key– come on twice now?) sauce.

This gyro tastes like something out of a high-cholesterol fairy tale and it’s AWESOME. The perfect balance of toasty meat and crisp toppings. Additionally if you’re half mad and gyros aren’t your thing then you can also find other Greek favorites here, including moussaka, spanakopita and baklava. Opa! Wait… What?


Perfect Rack of Ribs at Velvet Smoke BBQ.

If you want to really do lunch right, I recommend an impromptu rib eating contest against yourself. Or for the less adventurous, munch down the brisket with a jalapeA�o cornbread muffin on the side. Wash it down by chugging a bottle of their delicious BBQ sauce. Velvet also offers a really cool “Make Your Own Coleslaw” kits to bring home.


Pho Lang Thang’s Perfect Cup of Noodles

Frankly, I don’t understand how there is still not a rehab clinic for addicts of Pho Lang Thang. Their noodles are an extreme upgrade from the skinny noodles you were shoveling down in college. Made fresh and from scratch, I recommend you add in either beef, pork or chicken for a little protein boost.

While you wait for your steamy bowl of heaven to arrive you MUST enjoy a Vietnamese coffee, I was skeptical at first too, but trust me on this one, ita��s great. Oh and their sandwiches are pretty kick ass too.


Break Your Diet at Dojo Gelato. We won’t tell.

Since gelato is perfect for anytime of day, you have to grab a scoop or two of Dojo’s irresistible flavors! I had the Capna�� Crunch and it tasted just like a frozen version of my favorite childhood cereal. Fancy a classic? Stick with the salted carmel. Looking for something different? Try their olive oil flavor.


Colonel De Spices

Colonel De is the place to go in Cincinnati if you need spices and seasonings. The Colonel has hundreds of spices to choose from, but the one that stands out to me is the Apocalypse. I love spicy, and this stuff will melt your mouth, but the flavor is so incredible that it’s worth the pain!


Mama Lo Hizo

In Findlay Market youa��ll find a bunch of little food stands that are using the freshest ingredients. Mama Lo Hizo has great breakfast bowls, tacos, and burritos. The queso is what really sets this place above the rest. Their recipes are homemade, fresh, and prepared right when you order. This place embodies what authentic Mexican is supposed to taste like. With stellar low prices ($2-3/taco) this is a great lunch spot while shopping through Findlay.


Findlay is the perfect place to take a Sunday morning (or any other morning for that matter) stroll. Pick up some groceries, people watch, eat everything, and just enjoy what Cincinnati has to offer. Take your time, this market is an Ohio treasure and has plenty to explore. Plus, I have a feeling you may just discover your own list of Findlay Market “best spots.”