9 Ways To Survive The Cold In Cincinnati


The white death is upon us, which means that we won’t be seeing warm weather for at least the next three months. Sure, we may have a few Indian summer days here an there. After all, this is the midwest we’re talking about. But overall, you should be prepared to live in sweaters and boots for the time being.

Understandably, it can be hard to find the desire to voluntarily leave your house in the winter. But you can’t isolate yourself for the whole season. So when you finally get the courage to turn off Netflix and unwrap yourself from your blanket cocoon, there are some pretty great things you can do around Cincinnati in the winter.

1. Grab A Hot Cup Of Tea At Essencha

When the temperatures drop, you need to find a way to keep warm, and drinking tea is one of the best ways to do that. In fact, drinking hot tea regularly during the winter can be extremely beneficial for your health. You should take care of yourself, and visit Essencha Tea House on a cold day this winter.

Essencha Tea House

At Essencha, you can choose from over 100 different kinds of loose-leaf tea, including green, white, oolong, and rooibos. They also serve sandwiches, salads,A�crA?pes, and pastries that pair nicely with their large tea selection. Can you think of a better way to relax and warm up?

2. Sit By The Fire Place At Unwind Wine Bar

When you’re looking for a cozy, yet sleek place to have a drink on a cold day, go to Unwind Wine Bar in Hyde Park. The leather couches, stone and wood interior, and fireplace make this the perfect place to lounge on a winter day.

Unwind Wine Bar Indoor

With a huge selection of wine, beer, and even some small plates to share, Unwind Wine Bar is the perfect place to come on a winter date, or with a small group of friends. Get dressed up, sip some wine, and try to forget about the frigid cold outside.

3. See A Movie At The Omnimax Theater At Union Terminal

If we haven’t made it clear already, we care quite a bit about Cincinnati’s Icons. We loved visiting Union Terminal when we were kids, and we still love it now. We especially love getting lost inside a new world while watching a movie in the Omnimax Theater.

Union Terminal

What better way to forget about the weather outside than going to the Omnimax? Films like Jerusalem, Mummies: Secrets Of The Pharaohs, andA�Blue Planet on the schedule for winter, and will take you to another world. Make sure to check out the latest exhibition, Mummies Of The World, while you’re there, too.


4. Trivia Night At Mayday

Winter can often times mean being stuck inside, and hours and hours of time on the internet wasting your life watching cat videos. Keep your brain healthy by going to trivia night at Mayday in Northside.

Mayday Bar

Trivia nights are great for you and a group of friends, and Mayday knows how to do them right. They’ve also got a great selection of whiskey and craft beer, and some pretty amazing comfort food. Get the Pig In A Blanket, or the Chili-Mac. Guaranteed to keep you warm on a winter night.

5. Challenge Your Friends To Drunk Ping-Pong At Rhinegeist

Getting a little bit of physical activity can make you feel great during the winter, but being outside isn’t always the best option. Luckily, at Rhinegeist, there are plenty of options to be active while staying indoors, like foosball, corn hole, and ping-pong.

Rhinegeist Beer

Rhinegeist warms up quickly on a Friday or Saturday night when they’re packed, but you might have to wait a bit for your turn at the different games. In the mean time, warm up with one of their amazing brews, and get ready to dominate in ping-pong.


6. Have A Spa Day At 21c

Winter can mean dry skin, and the kind of cold feeling that seems to get into your bones and doesn’t leave until spring. You should let some of those feelings go, or rather, have them worked out at The Spa at 21c.

21c Spa

There are plenty of options for treatments at The Spa at 21c. If you’re looking for a massage, you can get a Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, River Hot and Cold Stone, and there’s even a Momma-to-Be option. Give your skin some glow with a facial, and finish up with a body mask or wrap. You’ll feel rejuvenated in no time.

7. Get Winter Cocktails At The Blind Lemon

The very best way to give away how young you are is by ordering a summer cocktail in the winter. Seriously, who wants a Sex on the Beach in the dead of winter? For delicious winter cocktails, head to The Blind Lemon in Mt. Adams.

Blind Lemon

The Blind Lemon is very unlike many of the other bars in Mt. Adams. The cozy atmosphere and central fireplace make for an intimate setting, perfect for the cold weather. Order the Blind Baileys, or the Top Of The Hill Coffee. The drinks are amazing, and their homemade whipped cream makes them even better.


8. Get Grilled Cheese And Tomato Soup At Tom+Chee

Soup and sandwiches are the best meal for cold weather, but don’t settle for canned soup and a wimpy sandwich. Treat yourself, and get the best grilled cheese and tomato soup in the city at Tom+Chee.


Tom+Chee is a Cincinnati favorite, and they always have new and delicious varieties of grilled cheese sandwiches to try. Some of our favorites include Grilled Mac+Cheese, BBQ+Bacon, Hippy+Chee, and Pesto+Turkey. Of course, you need some tomato soup to go with your sandwich. Classic, Chunky Tomato Basil, and Creamy Tomato Basil are all great options, and will definitely keep you satisfied on a cold day.

9. Get Sunday Brunch At Melt

When you wake up and see that everything is covered with snow, there’s a good chance you’ll start craving something hot, sweet, and delicious for breakfast. If that day happens to be a Sunday, you’re in luck, because Melt Eclectic Cafe has the perfect brunch for a winter day.

Melt French Toast

Melt always has amazing specials, but you absolutely can’t go wrong with the Challah French Toast. Everything that goes into the dish is local, and it’s topped with maple syrup, whipped cream, and seasonal fruit. Enjoy the snowfall while you stuff your face with breakfast foods.

Featured Image Credit: Travis Estell