23 Best Instagrams In Nashville


Explore Nashville through the lens of these Instagram accounts that make our city look beautiful and eclectic in filtered grams. Whether it’s snapshots of city sites or food porn, these Instas are a must see — no filter necessary.

1. @johnbrownphotography 

This is the most interesting Instagram that we’ve come across. @johnbrownphotography takes multiple, separate Instagrams and puts them together in a grid to make one photo.

These are screenshots of his tiled grams. We are amazed!

JohnBrown    photo copy

2. @happilygrey

Follow fashionista Mary Seng, Nashville’s stylish blogger @happilygrey whose Instagram will inspire your wardrobe and trips to Seng’s favorite coffee shops around the city.

Find the gal behind the blog grabbing dinner with friends at Blvd:


3. #eastnashville

Hashtag your adventures in #eastnashville whether you’re walking your dog or grabbing lunch at Yeast Nashville.

Grab lunch at Yeast Nashville and post an Insta with #eastnashville:


4. @josephineon12th

Let’s just say, you’ll instantly become hungry every time you see your Instagram feed when @josephineon12th pops up with their artsy pics of pasta and the restaurant.

Be a foodie and snap pretty pictures of your wine and risotto:


5. @cremacrema

@cremacrema‘s chic and minimalistic pictures will have you craving a cup of joe at all hours of the day — why not?

Live like a blogger and capture the local art on the walls or of your artisan coffees at Crema:


6. @zipporahk

Follow Nashville-based wedding photographer @zipporahk to see her daily adventures, style inspiration, and wedding photos.

If you see Zipporah out to lunch at The Pharmacy, she’ll probably be eating a burger and sweet potato fries and snapping some foodie ‘grams:


7. @jackalopebrew

For all of you @jackalopebrew fanatics, follow the beloved Nashville brewery for some of the crazy shenanigans that happen at the Jackalope taproom.

Drink a beer and snap an artsy pic of your brew at Jackalope: 


8. @baristaparlor

If the sweet treats and to-die-for coffee wasn’t enough to come to @baristaparlor, pictures of motorcycles, Nashville skylines, and bands playing will make it hard to resist.

Grab a homemade Strawberry Pop Tart at Barista Parlor to start off your day with a little sugar:


9. @modanashville

Follow @modanashville for cool, casual style and for the latest fashion updates and must-have clothes that are hitting their shelves.

Add to your wardrobe and stop at Moda for a little summer accessorizing:


10. @instanashville

@instanashville posts interesting pics from all over the city for all times of the year. If you miss an event, you can definitely capture the energy of the place through one of their pictures.

11. @heyrooster

East Nashville’s own little general store shares pics of their artisan foods and pretty flowers sure to inspire your decor ideas. Follow @heyrooster for cool packaging and new snacks to hit the shelves at Hey Rooster.


12. @nashville_photog

Local photographer Tom Frundle travels through the city and snaps ‘grams of his daily adventures. Whether he’s taking photos of the Blue Angels or abstract nature pics, @nashville_photog will impress you with his stellar style.

13. @frothymonkey

Cafe food never looked so good with @frothymonkey‘s pictures of food presentations and their delicious BYOBs (build your own breakfast sandwich).

Build your own sandwiches and slurp the soup of the day at The Frothy Monkey:


14. @oldmadegood

If you’re into thrift shops and vintage shopping, follow @oldmadegood for in-store updates and find inspiration for your vintage outfits

Snag a couch or share your vintage transformation of items you find at Old Made Good: 


15. @retrosno

Nothing is better than a frozen treat in the summertime and @retrosno shares their shaved goodness on their feed.

Catch the Retro Sno truck rolling around the city and take a picture of your Raspberry Wedding Cake snowball:


16. @theturniptruck

For natural food fanatics and green living lovers, @theturniptruck is the Instagram feed for you! If you need inspiration for a little healthy eating, they have you covered.

Bring home a little container of some avocado egg salad at Turnip Truck and share an Instagram of how you prepare it: 


17. @ericcoomer 

Singer and songwriter @ericcoomer snaps, edits, and posts photos all from his iPhone 5. He makes things like a row of mops look pretty and naturally beautiful things look even better.

Take your own nature-inspired ‘grams at Centennial Park:


18. @nashvillefoodie

Check out @nashvillefoodie for ‘grams that will make you salivate. Every time you view your feed you will be inspired to find the best new place to grab some noms.

Take veggie pics of your own at the Nashville Farmer’s Market:


19. @nashvillemusiclife

Use @nashvillemusiclife to check out the latest lineups and announcements of concerts to rock out to. Whether it’s smaller venues or the biggest acts, they post it all.

Rock out to your favorite band at 3rd & Lindsley and be sure to snap some good concert pics:


20. @cheekwood

The art museum and park bring out the artist in all of us. Check out @cheekwood‘s feed for a little Andy Warhol and outdoor events happening at the park.

Stroll and take nature pics of Cheek Woods’ beautiful park: 


21. @legatogelato

Each time photos of blue cups filled beyond the brim with gelato pop up on your Instagram feed, you will be salivating for sweet heaven. @legatogelato posts pictures of their latest creations and the fresh ingredients they use in the process.

Visit Legato Gelato and snap your own charming ‘grams of gelato:


22. @emilerwin

Local company @emilerwin shares ‘grams of leather goods and other Nashville pics.

Make your friends envious of your new, handcrafted bag from Emil Erwin:


23. @rumourseast

Rumours’ Insta feed is full of cocktails that will make you wish you were there sipping away. Follow @rumourseast for food inspo and cocktail mania!

Make your friends jealous with foodie pictures of crafted cocktails at Rumours:


Let us know if there are any other Nashville Instagrams that we missed — we’d love to follow your favorites!

The awesome photo of a Nashville mural comes from Flickr user Brent More