The 10 Best Places To Eat And Drink In Northside

A lot of neighborhoods in Cincinnati are on the rise, and Northside is one of them. Unfortunately, a lot of people in Cincinnati never venture over to this awesome part of town. If you aren’t familiar with the neighborhood, it’s time you get acquainted. Cincinnatians, here is your guide to Northside.

1. Northside Tavern

At some point, there is going to be a local band you want to see, and they’re probably going to be playing a show at Northside Tavern. This bar is a great venue where tons of hometown bands play, but there are plenty of reasons to visit this bar. Local beers on tap, an awesome patio, and nights devoted to live band karaoke. They’re open until 2:30 every night, and have happy hours Monday-Saturday 5:00-8:00. A staple of Northside, this is a bar you’ll want to get familiar with.

Northside Tavern

Credit: Scott Beseler/Northside Tavern

2. Tacocracy

Tacos are a big deal in Cincinnati right now, so it’s only natural that Northside would be home to one of best places to grab a taco in the city. But you aren’t going to find your traditional tacos here at Tacocracy. Expect crazier flavor combinations, like beer braised pork with bourbon and grain reduction mustard sauce. Plus, they have a new Taco o’ the Moment every few weeks, so you’ll want to come back regularly to see what they come up with. Plus, they have amazing margaritas, like the Blackarita.




3. Sidewinder Coffee

This is Northside’s favorite coffee-house. All the coffee from Sidewinder is locally roasted, fair trade, and organic, so you can feel good about what you’re drinking. You’ll find the classics here, like lattes and mochas, but you’ll also find unique things like lavender flavored syrup and the an impressive cocktail list with drinks like the Drunken Monkey King. Plus, they’ve usually got local art work hanging on the walls. Grab a coffee here next time you’re looking for a caffeine fix.

Sidewinder Coffee Shot

Credit: Sidewinder Coffee

4. The Littlefield

Whisky cocktails and bourbon-themed desserts? We’re in. The Littlefield opened fairly recently, and we think Northside was the perfect place for them to settle down. The building has been renovated, and has a rustic-cool vibe inside, but the back patio is where it’s at. If you like a strong southern drink, or local craft beer, you’ll definitely want to make a trip to this bar. Just make sure you get there before 10:00 Monday-Thursday or 11:00 Friday & Saturday if you want to get something to eat.

Littlefield 2

Credit: The Littlefield

5. Happy Chicks Bakery

The founders of Happy Chicks Bakery are both committed vegans, so they don’t use any eggs, milk, or artificial dye, AND their stuff actually tastes good. Seriously, a lot of healthier options for baked goods taste terrible, but these Chicks did not skimp out on flavor. They use a lot of local ingredients, and their menu always reflects the season, so you’re going to need to stop in on the regular. They’re open Tuesday-Saturday, so you’ll definitely want to stop in and try some of their treats. Think about getting one of their amazing croissants.

Happy Chicks Bakery 1

Credit: Happy Chicks Bakery


6. Northside Second Saturdays

On the second Saturday of every month, tons of local businesses and individuals come to Northside to show off their best work.A�One of the best places to see new art work, shop locally, and eat delicious foods. It starts at 6:00 PM and goes until 10:00. If you want to get the Northside experience in the span of four hours, this is the place to go.

Northside Second Sundays

Credit: Northside Second Saturdays

7. Melt Eclectic Cafe

This cafe definitely has the full spirit of Northside. The restaurant is cozy, and makes you feel totally at home. The menu has tons of options, including vegan and gluten free, and everything tastes amazing. They don’t have a regular soda fountain, but instead have a huge selection of glass bottle sodas, which is way better. We highly recommend the Artichoke Melt.

Melt French Toast

Credit: Melt Eclectic Cafe

8. Django Western Tacos

Another great taco spot in Northside, Django is the perfect place to go with friends when you want to hang out, eat tacos, and have delicious margaritas. The back patio is rad, and the tacos here are classic and amazing. Their Shrimp Taco is a crowd favorite, and their take on the Al Pastor is also something you’ll definitely want to try.




9. Northside Farmer’s Market

If you want to get into the culture of Northside, you’ll definitely want to go to the Northside Farmer’s Market. It takes place every Wednesday from 4:00-7:00, and more than thirty local vendors gather to sell fresh produce, local crafts, grass-fed beef, fresh ground flours and grains… you get the idea. Support the local people who work hard to give us the best stuff possible.

Northside Farmer's Market

Credit: Northside Farmer’s Market

10. Mayday

Mayday has it all: local music, great beer, and an awesome menu. If you’re looking for a place to hear some up-and-coming artists, then you’ll want to be at Mayday. They’ve got a draft beer menu that rotates weekly, and their Pig in a Blanket is amazing. Plus, they’ve got a bitchin’ Sunday Brunch that changes every week. Mayday has the awesome Northside vibe, so make sure you stop here for food and drink on your Northside excursion.

Mayday Northside

Credit: Mayday Northside