7 Cincinnati Bloody Marys That Will Blow Your Mind


Ahh, the Bloody Mary. The eye-opening, tomato-y drink that’s the perfect pick me up with any breakfast. The drink might be more versatile than you realize. In fact, there are people in Cincinnati who are doing some amazing things with the drink. You’ve got to go try these.

1. Terry’s Turf Club

Terry’s Turf Club is known for their quirky neon lights and delicious burgers, but if you haven’t tried one of their Bloody Marys, you’re missing out. The mix is made three days in advance, so all the ingredients, like real wasabi, get a good chance to marinate before they ever end up in front of you. The kick in this drink is phenomenal, and you’ll be feeling good after just a few sips of this delicious drink. If you get the pleasure to talk to Terry himself, don’t pass it up for anything.

Terry's Turf Club Bloody Mary


2. City View Tavern

We’d honestly be surprised if you haven’t heard about City View Tavern’s amazing Bloody Mary. These are straight forward, New Orleans style, made to order Bloody Marys. This Bloody Mary tastes extremely fresh, which is probably why they keep the ingredient list a secret. You have to get one of Silas’s pickled green beans with it. And obviously, you need to get a good look at Cincinnati while you’re here.

City View Tavern Bloody Mary

3. Incline Public House

You could order the Bloody Mary at Incline Public House, and that could be your entire brunch. Seriously, this thing is garnished with shrimp, bacon, lime, celery, an olive, and a cherry tomato. The drink itself has a strong kick, since the mix includes horse radish, wasabi powder, and red pepper flakes. Oh, and did we mention that the bacon is made in house? It is, and it’s amazing. Once again, you’re going to get a great view of the city while you’re at this awesome restaurant.

Incline Public House Bloody Mary

4. Keystone Bar & Grill

Individual love for the Bloody Marys at Keystone Bar & Grill might be an understatement. The staff spends an hour getting ready for brunch Saturdays and Sundays, hand stuffing olives, cutting vegetables, and making the mixes for all six Bloody Marys in the Keystone Kitchen. Some mixes are made with more horseradish, and others with pureed jalapenos. Even the Tito’s Vodka they use is handmade. Each Bloody Mary is made to order, so you can voice your preferences. These things are insane.

Keystone Bloody Mary


5. Teller’s Of Hyde Park

Bloody Mary bar. We repeat, Bloody Mary bar. Yes, it exists, and it’s at Teller’s Of Hyde Park every weekend. Get your drink, then garnish it yourself with celery, pickles, asparagus, red and yellow bell peppers, cucumbers, lemon, lime, horseradish, 12 hot sauces and hand stuffed, in-house blue cheese olives. It’s really time you express your creativity, right?

Tellers Bloody Mary


6. MOTR Pub

At this point you’re probably thinking, “What more could I want in a Bloody Mary?” The answer is beer, local craft beer. The Bloody MOTR Mary has just that, and then some. Though they won’t say exactly what local beer they’re using, the good people at MOTR did tell us that this breakfast drink also has homemade pepper chutney, and is vegan friendly. The flavor is totally unique, and easy to drink.

MOTR Bloody Mary

7. The Crazy Fox Saloon

For only $4, The Crazy Fox Saloon serves up some pretty amazing Bloody Marys. The real highlight lately has been “Sunday, Bloody Sunday,” a running event on Sundays hosted by bartender Brandon Moore, who comes up with a new, insane Bloody Mary every Sunday during his dayshift. Some of his crazier ones have been garnished with sushi and sliders. You need to try these things.

Crazy Fox Bloody Mary

Credit: Crazy Fox Saloon