Chicago’s 11 Most Underrated Hot Dog Stands


1. U.B. Dogs

Some think hot dogs are just hot dogs, but those people obviously haven’t had the pleasure of stopping by U.B. Dogs, where everything is a work of art. Instead of settling for freezing their delectable dogs, U.B. stays true to their values by never freezing any of them, which means the hot dogs are that much fresher. Plus, each one of them resembles a work of art.


Seriously, they’re each like a little masterpiece on a bun. You have to try the Joey Dog. Topped with fries, garlic-wasabi aioli, and tabasco, this is one dog you won’t soon forget. Oh, and don’t forget to get a side of their chili cheese fries. They’re perfection.

2. Morrie O’Malley’s Hot Dogs

If you’re looking for a “Chicago Style” Hot Dog that’s made in the most traditional way possible, Morrie O’Malley’s has just what the doctor ordered. This Polish Dog is topped with mustard, green relish, chopped onions, sport peppers, celery salt… well, you get the idea: there’s a whole lot of stuff on this dog, and you can literally taste every bit of it. Not only that, but this stand serves up some amazing ice cream. Definitely stop in before it gets too cold and enjoy the Brownie Sundae.

3. Hot Diggity Dogs

Damn, can a brotha get a hot dog late at night? Well, yes actually. Hot Diggity Dogs stays open until 3:00 A.M. on Fridays and 4:00 A.M. on Saturdays so that you can cure your late night drunchies with amazing dogs.


While many will suggest you to go with the classic Polish Dog, we’re gonna go ahead and tell you to double down with the Double Dog at this spot, where you’ll probably need to absorb as much of the alcohol as possible that late at night. Oh, and sweet mamma, those Phat Fries. Prepare for food coma after this meal, but it’s always worth it.

4. Jacky’s Hot Dogs

If you want to eat at the same place that your parents enjoyed their dogs back in the day, then Jacky’s is your place. Not only have they been around since your parents were in high school, but they still offer pretty much the same prices that they did back then. You can still get two Chicago Style Dogs and a side of fries for under $4! Just make sure to bring cash if you don’t plan on paying more than $5. Plus they always prefer cash. Hey, it’ll take you back to a simpler time, but these dogs still have plenty of kick left in them.

5. Byron’s Hot Dog Haus

Hey, if the president decided that he wanted Byron’s to be served at the White House, you know these dogs have to be pretty fantastic. Yeah, bet you didn’t know that. It’s hard for a hot dog stand to stick out among so many in Chicago, but somehow Byron’s caught the attention of the people on top.


Obviously it must have been the tremendous size of Dogzilla. Yeah, you heard that correctly. The Dogzilla is the king of all the mighty Chicago Dogs, and you definitely have to come try the spectacle. We would recommend you try another thing on the menu, but you’ll be more than satisfied after this dog…

6. Kim & Carlo’s Chicago Style Hot Dogs

Sure, you may have to fight off hordes of tourists or sports fans to get to the stand sometimes, but it’s always worth it. The stand may be tiny, but the dogs they provide are full of big tastes. Instead of getting risky with their Chicago Style dogs, they stick to the basics, and it’s wonderful. Just make sure you bring cash with you because they don’t take credit at all. After one of these addicting dogs you’ll be throwing money at them for more anyway.


7. Devil Dawgs

It doesn’t matter how much credit this place gets, it will still be underrated. A favorite among the Depaul crowd, Devil Dawgs pays homage to the school that it serves. Well, that, and they also provide hordes of hungry college students with some of the best damn dogs that this city has ever seen.


Sure, you could go with what you can get everywhere else, but this is one of those places where you should go bold. If you’re looking for something that’s simply beautiful, go with Bacon Cheddar Dawg, because, ya know, bacon makes everything better. If you’re looking for a real rarity, though, you have to go with the Blue Demon Dawg. So spicy, so good.

8. Flub A Dub Chub

Come again? Yeah, the name of the stand is a little out there, but hey, we’re down for a place whose motto is “come in hungry, leave with a chubby.” After trying these dogs, we will neither confirm nor deny that motto, but ooooh weeee were they good. Not only were they solid, but they were also delivered. So holla for being lazy and still being able to have the dogs brought to us. What we ordered: The Chubby Dog (a 1/4 pound dog loaded with all the goodies). What we felt: Is there such thing as hot dog heaven?

9. Fat Johnnies Red Hots

Yeah, yeah, yeah… it’s getting towards the south side of town, but who gives a sh*t. These dogs are well worth the drive into a semi-sketchy neighborhood to give a try. In fact, everyone who has ventured a little out of their way has found these to be some of the best dogs they’ve ever had.


Credit: Bucketlist Backpacker

They’ve been in business for a little over forty-two years in the same spot, and it’s no wonder that they’ve lasted so long. You could go with the classic Red Hot or with the massiveness of the Super Fat One. Either way, you’re going to be enjoying a classic at a classic location. Seriously, don’t be afraid to go out of the way a bit.

10. Snappy Dog

Sometimes the smaller, wimpier dogs just won’t cut your cravings, and Snappy Dog gets that. That’s probably why their dogs are both longer and thicker on average than all of the other places we ventured to. Not only were the dogs amazing but they also have these things called Snappy Stix that are the bomb. They’re pretty much like mozarella sticks, except they’re wrapped in this egg roll casing sort of thing. They’re unbelievable.

11. Duff’s Dogs

Duffman would be stoked about this place. If Duffman were a real person, that is. The good thing is that Duff’s Dogs are the real deal. They don’t have all the bells, whistles, and extensive options that other places do, but they do have one thing that makes up for all of it: The Duff Dog.


Well, that and their pretty hilarious “Duff’s Decisions,” which grants you free cheese and two onion rings with every order. Try a Pumpkin Pie Milkshake, too. With fall coming up, it’ll pair perfectly with your Duff Dog.

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