The 9 Best Donuts in Chicago


Donuts are perfect. There is just something so amazing about fried dough shaped like an “O” that makes us go crazy in the best possible way. So we were absolutely delighted to find the best donuts in Chicago. Now you need to go eat them too.

1. The Doughnut Vault

You will never be the same after you’ve tried a hot, delicious donut from The Doughnut Vault. They make their donuts fresh every day, start selling in the morning, and stay open until they run out of donuts. They open at 8:00 AM Monday through Friday, and 9:30 AM on Saturdays and Sundays. They’ve got a different special donut every day, so basically that’s just an excuse to go every day. With options like Birthday Cake, Lemon Poppyseed, and Pistachio Old Fashioned, we aren’t complaining. Follow The Doughnut Vault on Twitter so you always know what the daily special is, and when they run out of donuts.

The Doughnut Vault

Credit: The Doughnut Vault

2. Glazed and Infused

They call themselves the Riveters. One of Chicago’s favorite donut shops since 2012, Glazed and Infused is a great place to grab a donut while you’re on the go, or go and hang out for a while. They use whole and natural ingredients, make their donuts by hand every day, and use local ingredients as often as they can. Because of this, their donuts rotate and reflect the season. They’re also big on supporting other local businesses, which makes us want to support them even more. With five location throughout the city, you really don’t have an excuse to not try this place.

Glazed and Infused

Credit: Glazed and Infused Doughnuts

3. Enoch’s Doughnuts at Endgrain

Enoch Simpson started his business by catering and selling donuts at events around the city. Now, you can get his amazing donuts at Endgrain on a regular basis, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Endgrain serves brunch Friday through Sunday, and dinner Tuesday through Saturday, but you can get Enoch’s Doughnuts every day of the week from 7:00 AM-2:00 PM. At only $3 a piece, you can get every flavor you want, like Bourbon Vanilla and Nutella Milkstout.

Enoch's Doughnuts

Credit: Enoch’s Doughnuts

4. Firecakes Donuts

The donuts at Firecakes have an amazing texture unlike many others, and it has a lot to do with the recipe. Co-founder Jonathan Fox uses a variation of his wife’s great-grandfather to make these light, fluffy donuts. The flavor combinations are crazy, like Maple Glazed Pineapple & Bacon, and Malted Milk Ball. In the summer time you absolutely have to try one of their ice cream sandwiches; a glazed donut cut down the middle, with gelato between the two halves, held together with chocolate sauce. We can’t make this stuff up.


Credit: Firecakes Donuts

5. Do-Rite Donuts

The name pretty much says it all. Do-Rite Donuts make small batches of donuts, 36 or less at a time, to make sure that they serve the freshest donuts to their customers. You have to try the Michigan Apple Fritter, Carrot Cake, and Vanilla Bean Glazed Cinnamon Crunch. They’ve also got some pretty stellar gluten free and vegan donuts, so everyone gets a chance to taste one of these amazing creations.

Do-Rite Donuts

Credit: Do-Rite Donuts & Coffee

6. Dinkel’s Bakery

Of course one of oldest bakeries in Chicago serves some of the best donuts! Dinkel’s was opened by Joseph K. Dinkel in 1922, and his family has been running this amazing shop ever since. They have a wide selection of baked goods, but we’re here to talk about the donuts. They’ve got great classics, like Old Fashioned and Sourcream, and amazing filled donuts. The dough is perfectly crisp on each of their creations. This definitely needs to be on your list of go-to donut shops.


Credit: Dinkel’s Bakery

7. Mindy’s Hot Chocolate -A�Brioche Doughnuts

Everyone knows that Mindy is capable of serving much more than amazing hot chocolate, and one of those items is her Brioche Doughnuts. These sweet mini-donuts come with an amazing milk chocolate caramel sauce, but they also taste delicious dipped in one of the amazing hot chocolates served here. You can get them at brunch, lunch, or dinner, and they make an amazing dessert. Yeah, there’s only one donut option at Mindy’s Hot Chocolate, but once you’ve tasted them, you’ll realized you don’t need any other options.

Mindy's Hot Chocolate Doughnuts

Credit: Hot Chocolate Chicago

8. Beaver’s Donuts

A food truck serving fried-to-order mini donuts, with gourmet toppings. Our hearts are pounding. When you order, you get to choose from toppings like Smores, Turtle, and Strawberry Bella. You can follow Beaver’s Donuts on TwitterA�to track down the food truck, and you can now visit them at their permanent location in The French Market. Biking to chase down a donut truck counts as exercise, right?

Beaver's Donuts

Credit: Beaver’s Donuts

9. Stan’s Donuts

Stan’s Donuts has been a classic spot to get donuts in Los Angeles since 1963. Lucky for us, Stan Berman andA�Rich Labriola joined forces to bring these California style donuts to Chicago. In addition to their amazing donuts, Stan’s Donuts also has gelato and gourmet coffee. The Peanut Butter Pocket will ruin your life in the best possible way.

Stan's Donuts

Credit: Stan’s Donuts