We Found Cincinnati’s 7 Best Chocolate Treats

Schneider’s Sweet Shop: Chocolate Cherry Ice Ball

If you’re ready for something you’ve never had, dive into a cup of chocolate ice cream topped with shaved ice and cherry syrup. You read that right, cherry syrup and chocolate ice cream. Hidden among Bellevue’s up-and-coming neighborhood sits Schneider’s Sweet Shop, where you’ll find this chocolaty confection. Resembling a Tootsie Pop, the Chocolate Cherry Ice Ball is something special to the store’s owner because it reminds him of his youth. There aren’t many places that won’t look at you crazy when you ask them to add ice cream to the center of your ice ball, but you’ll be welcomed with open arms at Schneider’s.



Opera Creamss rival both goetta and chili as one of the staples of Cincinnati. Packed with sweet, sugary cream and coated in milk chocolate; Opera Creams are one of the best things that the rest of the country hasn’t heard of yet. Well, there is the fact that we eat much almost a full metric ton of it every two weeks. It’s grown so much that one building can’t contain their growth, so they’ve annexed another. In other words, Opera Cream candies are about to build an empire in Cincinnati.


Sidewinder: Mexican Latte

Among Sidewinder’s extensive menu is a gorgeous Mexican latte, handcrafted with cinnamon, red cayenne, cocoa and espresso, it’s spicy and just the right amount of sweet. Meghan Snyder, a barista at Sidewinder, made sure we knew that this latte has a way of making every one of those flavors stand out. “[Sidewinder is a] neighborhood spot — a great place to hang out and meet with people,” said Snyder. This mini coffee shop is small, but has a mighty menu full of options for lunch and features rotating local art throughout the month. Oh, and you have to check out their two pet bunnies. Who doesn’t like fuzzy bunnies to accompany their latte?


Happy Chicks Bakery: Chocolate Orange Cupcake

Before you judge a book by its cover, you have to be open-minded to this vegan cupcake. The Chocolate Orange Cupcake may be missing the eggs and dairy, but has plenty of chocolate and orange icing to make up for it. Three and a half years have led to the pinnacle of its perfection. Happy Chicks Bakery also features multiple seasonal flavors including Rhubarb Margarita and Strawberry Shortcake, which are all made with in-season ingredients. The presentation and variety of flavors is what attracts customers for weddings, birthdays, graduations or just a little afternoon treat. They just love helping people to celebrate and the Chocolate Orange Cupcake is the best way to cap them off.




Aglamesis Brothers: Chocolate Ice Cream

Forget your favorite ice cream, unless it’s Aglamesis Brothers, and stop over to Oakley’s pink building for a little old-fashioned experience. Aglamesis serves some of the best chocolates and divine scoops of chocolate ice cream. Served in a pedestaled silver bowl, the ice cream stays chilled as you scarf down every scoop. We weren’t exactly slow when tackling a scoop this good, but we challenge you to try. They’ve been around for over 100 years using pure cocoa powder and cocoa beans in their chocolate ice cream; refusing to use syrup. “This is authentic,” said Randy Young, VP of Operations at Aglamesis. Aglamesis is one of the oldest parlors of its kind in the country, and it’s not hard to see why. Among their most popular flavors are their seasonal peach ice cream, vanilla and, chocolate, of course.


Jenco Brothers: Chocolate Covered Bacon

Jenco Brothers is coming up on their sophomore year in Clifton and it’s certainly not your grandad’s candy store. Dipping bacon in chocolate is just one reason they’re doing everything right. Different chocolates and toppings are key to one of their best-selling items including milk chocolate with sea salt, milk chocolate with peanut butter, and dark chocolate. “People are intrigued and want to try [the chocolate covered bacon],” said co-owner Joey Jenco. “Some people are diehard fans and get them religiously.”



The selection of chocolate and candy rotates often and the Jenco brothers, Joey and Chris, are constantly looking for new things. “We just got 10 new items and are always rotating stuff,” said Jenco. “Stuff that wasn’t popular and rotating in and out and seeing what works.” The candy store keeps other interesting candy in stock regularly; chocolate covered gummy bears and new to the mix — banana flavored gummy bears covered in chocolate. “We keep old-school stuff as much as we can even though [we] are modern,” says Jenco. “There isn’t anywhere else that has this much depth and variety.”


Rivertown: Roebling Chocolate Porter

Rivertown is killing it with their Roebling Chocolate Porter, which combines two feel-good treats into one. The beer has a smooth, chocolatey taste and a hint of espresso, which gives this beer a taste that resembles a mocha latte. You can find it on tap throughout the city, but is always best enjoyed on a chilly autumn evening. The rich tastes are sure to leave a lasting impression for those who want to combine two of the world’s best things. Just be careful with this one, because it’s addicting and has a higher alcohol content than most. Actually, don’t even worry about it. It will live all you chocoholics feeling warm and fuzzy all over.


Shadeau Bakery: Chocolate Croissant

There’s a hidden bakery tucked away in OTR right on Main Street. Supplying local coffee shops and cafes with their flakey croissants and fresh breads, Shadeau is one of those places you’ve been missing out on — their Chocolate Croissants are just waiting for you to fall in love with them. You’re probably going to make a mess as you devour it, leaving the chocolaty flakes all over. You have no choice because the beautiful taste won’t have it any other way. So here’s to leaving no trace behind of a Shadeau croissant. None. Zippo. Zilch.


Many people find themselves addicted to chocolate because it takes us back to when we were kids and something as simple as a chocolate bar would make our day. Although those days are a thing of the past, at least we can expand our chocolaty horizons as we fall in love with all of the treats Cincinnati has to offer over and over again.