Cincinnati’s 9 Best BBQ Joints: Porkopolis Does BBQ


Cincinnati has a rich history in the pork industry, and we all know what goes well with pork…

1. Montgomery Inn

Does this even need to be explained to anyone from Cincinnati? Montgomery Inn’s BBQ is as much of a staple in this city as the Reds or Skyline Chili. That sweet & tangy BBQ goes well on everything. You can never go wrong with that perfect Pulled Pork Sandwich or a huge slab of their ribs if you’re in the mood to gorge yourself.

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2. Walt’s Hitching Post

Walt’s has had a long tradition of smoking their ribs over the same fire for decades, and their experience shows in every rack of ribs they serve. They’re sure to impress you with their expertise, but make sure you have some stacks, because it can get kind of pricey. We can guarantee that those lip smackin’, mouth waterin’ BBQ ribs are going to change your lives.

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3. Eli’s BBQ

Perched right near the Ohio River, Eli’s sweet, smokey BBQ is too perfect for words. Featuring one of the most inviting restaurant atmospheres in the city, complemented with some BYOB action, this cash-only BBQ joint is excellent for large gatherings. We love their Hickory Smoked Turkey smothered in BBQ.

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4. Walt’s BBQ

That spicy BBQ on their brisket though… and nothing goes better with it than the sweet potato casserole! The fine mix of the sweet desserts, spicy BBQ, and the “roadhouse” atmosphere reminds us of some good ol’ fashioned, down-home southern cookin’.

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5. smoQ

This is one of Cincinnati’s best kept secrets when it comes to BBQ. Their Carolina BBQ is sweeter than a sweet tea in a sugar factory, and the Memphis BBQ is smokier than a bonfire in a drought. Putting the “southern-isms” aside, this is some solid southern BBQ! Our personal favorite is the BBQ Chicken drenched in the Memphis sauce.

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6. Big Art’s BBQ Grill

Who knew that BBQ could go so well with shrimp? Obviously someone at Big Art’s got the memo, because their BBQ Bacon Shrimp is one of the most beautiful things we’ve ever tasted. Thanks to Art’s, we can now affirm that BBQ goes well with pretty much anything.

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7. Jim Dandy’s Famous BBQ

Well, this BBQ is just dandy… Jim Dandy’s to be precise. Refusing to freeze their meat or use charcoal, this place likes to stick to its roots. They take a long time slow roasting their ribs, but it’s well worth the wait, as the meat seems to fall right off the bone. You definitely don’t want to miss out on their St. Louis ribs.

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8. Alabama Que

It’s all about those turkey tips here. Oh, and that savory, homemade BBQ is some of the sweetest in the city. The atmosphere here leaves you feeling like you’re at a backyard BBQ, complete with Styrofoam plates and Southern style sweet tea, but the quality is far superior to anything you’ll find at an average shindig.

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9. Pit To Plate BBQ

What better way to enjoy BBQ than on some Baby Back Ribs? Pit to Plate also has a full bar so you can have an ice cold beer with your ribs. Cheap, moist baby back ribs make this one of the best values in the city. Sometimes it’s the simple things…

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