Cincinnati Has A BYOB Pinball Parlor You Need To Check Out


Brian Porter has gone through a lot of adversity in his life, but that hasn’t stopped him from having a passion for life. A few years back, Porter suffered a stroke, which left parts of his body unable to function correctly, including one of his arms. This would have stopped many people from keeping on in life, but he persevered, opening a tiny Pinball Parlor right in the heart of Main St. in OTR.


Needing to keep his mind sharp, he wanted to still be able to play pinball, but noticed that there were so few pinball machines that had both bumpers on the same side. So he set out on a mission to acquire and collect all of those special pinball machines that he could. With a collection of right around 15 of them, he’s done one hell of a job of hunting them down.


Did anyone else notice the old woman and the blowup doll in the lower-left corner, or was that just us? Just us? Okay. Anyway, Porter has collected everything from a rare Indiana Jones machine to Playboy, and it’s quite impressive to take in. For less than $1, you can play a game of pinball that gives you 5 balls instead of 3. Not only that, but you also get to bring in all the beer you want, saving you the cost of $5/beer!


The Shadow is porter’s favorite, and it’s certainly entertaining. If you consider yourself a pinball addict, you can even go as far as to buy one of the machines and take it home with you. Ranging everywhere from $1,300-9,500, these would definitely be the perfect addition to any mancave, or just a fun game to have hanging around if you’re bored.


At the end of the day, though, we really need to get out and support this unique business. The story of this place is one that is both inspiring and fun, and the owner is easily one of the nicest guys we’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Even if you’re just stopping in to check the place out, you should play a few games of pinball. Who knows, you just may become addicted yourself.