Cincinnati’s 13 Best Winter Dates


Winter can be one of the most fun times to date. Temperatures might be dropping, but that doesn’t mean your options for dates are diminishing. It just means you need to be more creative with date ideas. Never fear, because we know some ways that you can make sure this winter is your most romantic yet. Here are some Cincinnati winter date ideas.

1. Learn To Cook At The Learning Kitchen

Instead of going out to dinner once again, switch things up a bit and make dinner yourselves. Learning something new can always make for a fun date, so challenge yourselves by learning to cook something you’ve never made before at The Learning Kitchen.

The Learning Kitchen

At The Learning Kitchen, the chefs are interested in not only helping you create a delicious meal, but also learning new cooking skills. Check out their calendar here, and be prepared to learn something new. Humility is strongly recommended.

2. Go To A Cincinnati Cyclones Game

If you haven’t already gone to see a Cincinnati Cyclones game, now is the perfect time to start. Hockey isn’t the kind of thing you can passively watch, so grab your date, and head to US Bank Arena for an exciting night of hockey, hotdogs, and beer.

Cincinnati Cyclones

You can check out the hockey schedule here, and see what special events are happening soon. $1 beer nights, Ugly Sweater Night, and Throwback Night are just a few of the fun reasons you should go to a game. Other than hockey, that is.

3. Go To The Festival Of Lights At Cincinnati Zoo

You’re not too old to visit the zoo, and you’re definitely not too old to go during The Festival of Lights. The colder temperatures might mean that the animals will be less willing to show off, but the light display still makes this a winter date worth going on.

Festival Of Lights

Bundle up, and try to arrive to the zoo early so you can see everything you want to. Some new things to look forward to this year include a new light show on Swan Lake, and a S’mores-N-More location.


4. Have An Indoor Picnic

Cold weather means that outdoor activities can become slightly more limited, especially ones that don’t require a lot of physical activity. Sitting on a blanket while trying to enjoy a sandwich might not be as enjoyable in December as it is in June. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take that basic idea indoors.

Indoor Picnic

Have an indoor picnic with your loved one. Make something delicious at home, or grab food from one of your favorite carry-out joints. Grab a bottle of wine from Liberty’s Bar & Bottle. Don’t forget to have something sweet at the end. We recommend Brown Bear Bakery.

5. Go Swing Dancing At Step-N-Out

Dancing will give you the extra boost you need during the cold months. Physical activity makes you feel more energized, which is something we could all use during the winter. So try something different, and plan a dancing date.

Step-n-Out Dance

If you aren’t already a skilled dancer, have no fear. At Step-N-Out, on Thursday nights, you can take a swing dancing class for $5. Grab your date, and step outside of your comfort zone! You’ll be glad you did.

6. Get Fancy And Go To Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

One way to show someone you really care about them is by planning a fancy date, and getting dressed up and enjoying an evening of fine arts is definitely qualifies. In Cincinnati, one of the best places to do that is at the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.


CSO was founded in 1895, and performances are held in the beautiful Cincinnati Music Hall. You can check out their list of performances here. Go the extra mile and take them to a nice restaurant before. Just make sure you give your date a heads up, so they can be prepared, AKA dress nicely.

7. Try A Bunch Of Winter Brews

Beer. Cincinnati is into that kind of thing. Hopefully you are too, because winter brews are coming. Pretty soon, every bar you go to will have a new draft list with fifteen different beers to choose from, all inspired by the cold weather.

Winter Beer

Instead of getting overwhelmed by new beer selections, make it a mission to try as many winter brews as possible, and go on some dates in the process (or just one, if you’re super ambitious.) You can find a great list of craft beers at The Comet, HalfCut, and Hang Over Easy, just to name a few. Of course, you can always check out one of the amazing breweries in the area as well.


8. Go Ice Skating At Fountain Square

What winter season would be complete without an ice skating excursion? You could, of course, visit and indoor ice rink year round, but there is something entirely different about ice skating at Fountain Square.

Ice Skating

Even if you aren’t the best skater in town, you will definitely win points for this date. It’s more about bundling up and holding hands, anyways. Afterwards, warm up by grabbing some hot chocolate at a local coffee shop. You can check out Fountain Square’s ice skating schedule here.

9. Have A Winter Movie Marathon

Sometimes one of the best winter dates is when you totally avoid going outside at all costs. Having a movie marathon at your place is definitely a great option for this. Extra points if you build a blanket fort to watch movies under.

Movie Marathon

You can definitely go with some classic holiday movies, likeA�Love Actually and It’s A Wonderful Life. But if you aren’t into holiday movies, pick out movies that take place in winter instead.A�The Shining,A�Fargo, andA�The Day After Tomorrow are just a few less expected choices.

10. Go Tubing At Perfect North

The slopes at Perfect North are now open for the season, and if you and your date are the kind of people who like to be outside, you should visit! Let’s be honest though: not all of us are cut out for skiing and snowboarding. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some fun snow tubing!

Perfect North Tubing

Bundle up, get your passes, and get ready to tube for hours. If you can manage do go on a weekday, $25 will give you unlimited tubing all day. If not, $25 will get you two hours on a Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Who knows, maybe you’ll work up the courage to hit the ski slopes for the first time.

11. Have A DIY S’mores Bar

S’mores don’t have to be restricted to camping, or even summertime bonfires. Bring the fun and delicious treat indoors, and make a s’mores bar in your house for an awesome winter date.

Indoor S'mores

There’s a few ways you can do indoor s’mores. You can use a skillet and create a s’mores-like dessert dish, the good old-fashioned way in your fireplace, or even just over the stove. Get different treats to make your s’mores with, like Reese’s Cups, and Biscoff cookies. Make them adult s’mores by dipping your marshmallows in Bailey’s before toasting them.

12. Have A Coffee Date At Highland Coffee House

Winter is the perfect time for cozy coffee shop dates. Instead of hitting up the basic Starbucks, go to Highland Coffee House in Corryville, order drinks, and grab the couch, or a tiny table for two. Bonus: at Highlands, they serve both coffee drinks and alcohol. Score.

Highland Coffee House

The other major perk of Highland Coffee House is that it’s open until 2:30 AM. This is definitely a great coffee shop to hit up after festivities from earlier in the evening, or when you just need a late night date spot.



13. Cut Down A Christmas Tree

If you’re the kind of person who loves to decorate for the season, consider going to a Christmas tree farm with your date and cutting down your own tree. There can be something very romantic about picking out a tree together.

Christmas Tree Shopping

After you pick out a tree, you can spend the rest of the evening decorating the tree together. Even if you get a tiny, Charlie Brown tree, it can still be a fun experience. Spend the rest of the night enjoying your masterpiece and drinking hot cider.

Featured Image Credit: Searching For The Light Blog