Ditch the Fast Food: Cincinnati’s Best Drive-Thru Alternatives


Ditch Taco Bell, seriously. Instead opt for these phenomenal taco joints:

1. Gomez Salsa

Their walk up window guarantees you a kick ass meal. $3. Any taco. Take your pick. Add a side of chips with some Gomez or pineapple salsa. You can’t go wrong.


2. Bakersfield

Short rib tacos so good they should have novels written about them. Their guac is a national treasure. Go witness the beauty yourself.


3. Mama Lo Hizo At Findlay Market 

Their fish tacos should have a national monument dedicated to them. The queso and buzzing atmosphere of the market mean you literally have zero excuse to not go there.


4. Django Western Taco

Features all the authentic foods you want. Carnivores have the Al Pastor, which combines pork and pineapple, while vegheads will find a new best friend in the sauteed veggies, mushrooms, and avocado crema that make up the Veggie Taco of their dreams.


5. Tacocracy

The queen of unconventional combinations that work. Their potato taco honors the rightful place that mashed potatoes hold over us. And they serve a cheese coney taco with Skyline Chili. Yeah, this really exists. Be proud of your city.


You’re better than the grease in a box that shows up at your door whenever you’re craving pizza. From delivery to pizza by the slice, these places are necessary to satisfy all your pizza needs:

1. A Tavola

Their Fig and Proscuitto pizza is so good that it should be recognized as Time’s Person of The Year. Yeah, it doesn’t matter that it’s food. It’s that good.


2. Mt Adams Pizza

They have all their bases covered- they’ve got gluten-free options, vegan choices, and delivery. You’re safe going traditional or getting fancy with the King of the Hill or the Diablo Chicken because any way you go about it, this is pizza done right.


3. Lucy Blue Pizza

Your go-to late night restaurant whether you’re drunk or sober. Grab a slice for you or a whole pie for you and your friends. Or just yourself. Trust us, you’re not going to want to share their Greek pizza. It rocks.


4. Catch-A-Fire Pizza

An automatic win because it’s a food truck. They serve natural mystic and pesto paradise wood-fired pizzas among others. You’re gonna wish you had the keys to this truck, so that you could gorge on anything and everything 24/7.


Burgers are always an option. You want something that is actually substantial and has fresh toppings that don’t look like they’ve been sitting in a freezer for 8 years. You’re welcome: 

1. Terry’s Turf Club 

The ultimate funky joint, features eclectic decor, and a burger that never disappoints. Don’t be boring- add some avocado, fried eggs, or shrimp from the toppings selection to change it up.


2. Arthur’s

Burger Madness wins big with customers year-round. Unlimited toppings and six types of cheese promise customers a stained shirt and a happy wallet.


3. Flipdaddy’s

Featuring not only great burgers like the Swiss Bliss here, but they’ve got 63 beers on tap and Wednesday trivia nights. So get your drink on and test out the Jeopardy knowledge you’ve got stocked up.


4. Zip’s

Everyone is covered with their turkey, black bean, and double burger. Plus they’ve got The Train Wreck that’s got shaved ham, grilled Mettwurst, and has three different cheeses. It’s all consistently good food and couldn’t we all use some resemblance of stability in our lives?


5. Quatman Cafe

Offering simple options, but the tastes are anything but. Go Monday, Thursday, and Saturday for a burger, fries, and drink for a cool total of 6.58. These cheap pub eats will turn you into a regular soon enough.


6. City View Tavern

Bloody Mary’s, a Big Ted Deluxe, and a view of the Cincinnati Skyline sounds like a night well spent.


Don’t settle for a pint from the freezer section of the grocery store. It’s all freshly made and there’s generous portions. Going for ice cream or dessert in general is an anytime kind of activity:

1. Graeter’s

Included by default. Obviously. Opt for Black Raspberry Chip or lemon sorbet over drive-through shakes. The extra few dollars are well worth it.


2. Aglamesis Brothers 

Making old school is cool. It’s made “The Sincere Way,” and you can pile on whipped cream, nuts, butterscotch, and basically whatever you want on top. There’s no such thing as too much sugar. Nope, none.


3. Dojo Gelato 

A part of “Findlay After 5” every Friday until September, meaning you now have plans to end the week correctly for the rest of the summer. They’ve got gelato flavors like Olive Oil and Balsamic Black Cherry, which sound strange, but taste insanely good.


4. Hello Honey 

They give you samples, toasted homemade marshmallows, and a renewed outlook on life. They’ve got flavors like Party In Your Mouth and lemon meringue pie. Is convincing you to go really necessary?


5. Streetpops 

Make popsicles fancy and way more appealing than those wrapped in white inside of yellow boxes. Visit their OTR location or find their food truck frequenting the summer markets and festivals. Get the Holtman’s Coffee and Doughnuts pop, you won’t regret it.