Cincinnati’s 11 Best Food Carts & Trucks


Sometimes you just get a craving to have some food that comes to you, ya know? The good news is that Cincinnati is catching on to the trend that both food trucks and carts are setting throughout the rest of the country. We were a little unsure that we would have enough to make a solid list, but we were definitely shocked to find out how vibrant the food truck scene is in Cincinnati. Featuring everything from brick-oven pizzas to po’ boys,A�we were left completely satisfied with everything we tried. Food + Wheels? Now this is one relationship we can get behind.

1. Street Poppin’ Goodness

Streetpops wanted to break the mold of the boring popsicles you’ll get from the typical ice cream truck, and damn, it’s a beautiful, all-natural surprise. Ever wish some off your favorite fruits were crushed up and mixed into a frozen mash without artificial ingredients? Well, you’re in luck. Featuring everything from the oddities of Mango Habanero to the salty deliciousness of Chocolate Sea Salt, there’s a little something for everyone whether they’re looking for a classic to something a bit more adventurous.

Our personal favorite is the Pina Colada Banana. Plus they offer a ton of other fruit and ice cream-based flavors like Pineapple Strawberry Swirl and Pomegranate Tangerine. Mmmm.


2. Ca��est Cheese

If youa��re in the mood for something filling, Ca��est Cheese has a treat for you. This trucka��s rotating menu offers a wide variety of delicious hot sandwiches, soup and pickles. If youa��re feeling adventurous, go for The Bad Girl. No, not the attractive girl standing next to the cart with a full-sleeve tattoo, the actual menu item. Featuring Double Cream Brie, honey and Raspberry Sauce on Tuscan Pane… yeah, it’s unreal.

If you’re looking for something a little less complex, go for The Eli. This Tuscan Pane and American Cheese concoction is sure to please every time. Make sure to follow them on Facebook to find out where they’ll be bringing their cheesy goodness next.


3. A�Catch-A-Fire

No portable food exposA� would be complete without mention of a pizza truck. Catch-A-Fire Pizza offers 10-inch personal pizzas, appetizers, salads, drinks and desserts. Basically, everything you’ve ever wanted from a sit-down pizza spot can now be brought to you. You’re welcome.A�

This is what our ultimate combo from Catch-A-Fire looks like: The Mr. Brown (Mushroom) Pizza, Irie Boboli (Cheese-Stuffed Bread), and Embers (Wood-Fired Donuts). We never knew it was possible to feel this satisfied from a single meal. Let alone a food truck.


4. Eat! Eat! Eat!

Eat! is a popular Cincinnati-based food truck with an impressively eclectic menu. It even has a few healthy options for the diet conscious among us! Attempting to create a reputation for excellent food, they’ve gone out of their way to make sure that they can get as much of their menu as locally-sourced as possible. It seems to be a hit, as their calendar is always full; filled with people who can’t wait to get a chance to try their carefully-crafted foods.

While there are plenty of healthy options, we were immediately drawn to their Shrimp and Bacon Sandwich. This sexy sandwich combined two of our favorite things, and we were amazed at the fact that it tasted so fresh coming off of a food truck. Eat! is one of those places that only confirms why food trucks are growing in popularity; proving that high-quality food doesn’t have to come from a sit-down restaurant.


5. Handwiches For All!

Tired of the fact that those terrible god-knows-what hot dogs have to be thrown on the grill before you can (safely) eat them when you have the drunchies? Good news! Mr. Hanton’s now brings their “Handwiches” around late at night. Oh, and they actually have some substance to them and don’t have questionable meats packed inside.

One of the more popular handwiches, the Disco Inferno, was just what we were hoping for when we first heard its name. This dangerous dog featured an Xtra Hot Mett, jalepenos, and Spicy Mustard. It was just spicy enough to have us scampering for another water after the we downed the first one in no time. One things for sure, these are definitely not your average hot dogs.


6. New Orleans Hits The Road

If youa��re looking to get your Cajun on the run, New Orleans On The Go is stoked to be bringing all the creole kick you’ve been looking for. There’s no way around the fact that we could use more cajun in the city, but who’d have thought it would be coming right to our front doors? Serving up food at everywhere from grocery store parking lots to pairings with local bars, they’re sure to be coming to a spot near you.

Our personal favorite? Definitely the Andouille Etoufee with rice, hands down. We thought the type of zing from within this truck could only be found in New Orleans, but we were wrong. The New Orleans to Go truck goes all over, but you can follow them on Twitter, @NewOrleanstoGo, to find out where they’ll be next.



7. Wiggy Wiggy What?

You thought a classic ice cream truck wouldn’t appear in this post. You have been misled. Wiggy Dip is just that, and they travel throughout the Greater Cincinnati area, serving up delicious, hand-dipped Tofta��s ice cream. So, unlike the generic stuff you’d expect from so many others, Wiggy Dip takes pride in being home-grown.

Though they offer classics like Cookie Dough and Vanilla, unique flavors like Tons of Turtles and Sea Salt Slam are also available for your tasting pleasure. You definitely don’t want to miss out on your chance to try their Buckeye Bites, too. Fresh ice cream on a hot summer day? Oh yeah. Thanks for cooling us off, Wiggy Dip.


8. Oh, Snap.

Sugarsnap! is taking the world of desserts to a whole new level in a truck. Dishing out everything from cupcakes to ice cream floats, you’re guaranteed to find something that’s going to satisfy your sweet tooth. Oh, and they have one of the friendliest staffs in the Cincinnati area. Sugary treats with a smile makes everyone’s day.

By far the most interesting, and tastiest, items on their menu were their cheesecakes on a stick. The Oreo variety was easily one of the most amazing desserts we’ve ever tasted. The fact that it comes right off of a food truck makes it even more impressive. Don’t believe us? Well, try it for yourself. You’ll be more than happy that we told you so.


9. Urban Grill Cincy

Speaking of interesting things that go on a stick… Urban Grill came up with the genius idea of putting bacon on a stick? Yeah, really. Paying homage to all things pork, as our history has done since earning the name “Porkopolis,” they try their best to make us proud. Oh, and they do. While you’re in line, play “I Spy” with the local landmarks pictured on the side of the trucka��whoever loses, pays for lunch!

If you thought your regular old mac & cheese was good, wait until you get a load of Urban Grill’s Buffalo Mac. Buffalo Chicken, Grilled Mac, and Gorgonzola come together on a Brioche Bun to delight you in ways you thought food could never do. Dreams sometimes come on wheels.


10. Dojo Gelato

Riding around with the motto “not your grand parent’s gelato,” Dojo is on a mission to prove that gelato can still be hip. They have everything from the classics to their own unique twists on the classics, but there’s more than that to explain how Dojo has created a reputation of being one of the best in the business. The truth is this: they appeal to all types of people by offering their own, vegan and vegetarian-friendly ingredients.

One of the items on their menu, the Brown Cow, caught our attention in particular. Adding a twist on the typical Root Beer Float, Dojo decided to switch things up by replacing typical vanilla ice cream with Dutch Chocolate. IBC Root Beer and Chocolate sounds funny, but it was nothing short of amazing. Who knew?


11. Red Sesame

Someone please explain to us why there aren’t more Korean BBQ spots in Cincinnati? Luckily, this little food truck came to the rescue offering up everything from Kimichi Hot Dogs to their own take on a classic quesadilla. Really, though, if there were an award for the best sauce in Cincinnati, their Tangy Asian Sauce would take the prize without a doubt.

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that leave the best impressions, and, although they seem simple, the Korean Beef Tacos were out of this world. Literally, that’s all you need to order to see what this food truck is all about. Yes, we’re impressed.


Whether youa��re into grilled cheese or gourmet popsicles, ita��s easy to see that Cincinnati has something for every food truckie (is that a thing yet) out there. And now that we’re in the heat off summer, you’d better believe more trucks will be around every day. We cana��t wait.