Get Lucky at Cincinnati’s 11 Hottest Pickup Bars


We went on a quest to find Cincinnati’s craziest pick up bars. Our requirements involved a complicated alcohol to singles formula, but rest assured, we figured it out…

1. Neon’s Unplugged

Nothing say’s love is in the air like bonfires, drunk hipsters and one really expensive bar tab. Sit on the patio long enough and you’re bound to see many failed (and some successful) pickup attempts. Our favorite? The cute puppy ploy. Drunk chicks swoon over a wiener dog.

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2. The Righteous Room

What’s the most righteous thing about the Righteous Room? The fact that there’s an endless supply of cougars who probably use the word “righteous” in their daily vocabulary. If you haven’t been in here yet, we know for a fact that they love the fresh meat.

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3. Mynt Martini

Full of college kids looking to make bad decisions, if someone hasn’t drunkenly stumbled over to ask you for your number at least once before you leave, you’re probably in the wrong bar. This is your golden opportunity to grab your destiny by the… hips.

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4. Igby’s

You’ll certainly find plenty of young professionals trying to make some moves if you stop by here. The ritzy atmosphere of the place tends to bring out the inner-Kanye in everyone. Scope out your prey from one of the indoor balconies. This makes this a great place to get a top-shelf drink if nothing else.

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5. Fox and Hound

Nothing really sets the mood better than a good ‘ol game of “Cowboys & Indians,” or something like that. Practice your terrible “theme night” jokes, but don’t ask someone if they can be your Pocahontas. It won’t work.

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6. Below Zero Lounge

If you want to dance like to some of the best music in OTR, you’ll be amongst friends at this bar. Popular among the gay community of Cincinnati, you’re sure to make a great connection here, regardless of orientation. Just be ready to dance before you come in. These people know how to rage.

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7. Tin Roof

Oh, you love sports too? There’s a good chance you’ll hit a home run after watching the Reds smack a few out of the park on game day at Tin Roof. Just do yourself a favor and don’t bother trying to pick anyone up in here if you’re a Cardinals fan. No, really.

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8. Grandview Tavern

This bar is one that’s frequented by many lawyers and high-end types, and most definitely a place to pick up an experienced 40-something.

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9. Jeff Ruby’s

Look around here and you’ll find more than one of the best steaks in town: you’ll find a great deal of “baby boomers” trying to reclaim their youth through a questionable decision or two.

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10. Back Porch Saloon

Don’t let the name mislead you: this isn’t a place filled with white trash or the rough and rowdy type. Instead, you’ll find this place teaming with recent college grads that are out to bring back the glory days from school. With the warm, summer nights coming up, expect plenty of scantily-clad patrons to be out in the back; looking for their own Toby Keith.

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