Ctrl+Alt+Dance Movie Premiere Will Make the Perfect Valentines Day Date


When it comes to things to be proud of, Cincinnati has no shortage; music, food, history, and theater, just to name a few. Now, the Queen City can add the new movieA�Ctrl+Alt+Dance to that list.

Brian & Gex

Ctrl+Alt+DanceA�is a movie made by two men living in the Cincinnati area, Gex Williams and Brian Crone. The childhood friends spent most of their time growing up playing with pocket knives and building boats from scrap logs. They didn’t suspect that they’d one day make a movie together. As they entered their teens, both Williams and Crone had a growing interest in film, and even made a short film for a film festival in San Antonio, Texas. Though that first film, which was set on Mars and full of green screen shots and kung fu fights, wasn’t accepted by the film festival, (give them a break, they were teens,) they expect to see quite a bit more success with their latest endeavor.


Ctrl+Alt+DanceA�is a movie about a computer tech, Colin, who falls for jazz dancer, Jillian. Colin struggles to learn how to dance, and deals with the threat of a computer hacker revealing a hidden secret. Williams initially wrote the script in 2011, but both he and Crone reworked the script while in Argentina for a month in early 2013.


In March of 2013, they launched an Indiegogo campaign with an overwhelming response. Swing dancers around the world came together to fund the movie, and they met their initial goal in the first week of the campaign. Because of the success of the campaign, Williams and Crone were able to shoot the entire movie with a Red Epic, the same type of camera used to filmA�Iron Man 3,A�The Great Gatsby, andA�The Hobbit.


Dax Hock and Sarah Breck, two of the most talented and well known swing dancers in the world, reached out to be a part of the film. Hock and Breck have been featured onA�Live to Dance andA�Dancing with the Stars, and have won multiple national and international swing dancing titles. They’re also a real life couple, and got married just a few months after filming.


Speaking of filming, all ofA�Ctrl+Alt+Dance was filmed in Cincinnati during June of 2013. Portions of the film were shot at Roebling Bridge, Cincinnati State, Music Hall, and Memorial Hall. You’ll also see Cincinnati native, Anthony Campanello, play the part of the lead antagonist in the film. Additionally, the film employed a number of Cincinnatians, including interns from both University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati State.


At this point, you’re probably wondering when you’ll be able to see this awesome film.A�Ctrl+Alt+Dance will premiere February 13 & 14 at Memorial Hall in Over-the-Rhine, and tickets are now on sale. What better way to spend your Valentines weekend? The premiere will be a formal, red carpet event, and an awesome way to support the talented people of Cincinnati. See you there!