DJ Sab’s Best Day Ever In Cincinnati


Chances are, if you’ve blasted the radio on your way home from work, you’ve jammed out to DJ Sab’s music. On Kiss 107, he plays nights from 4-7PM. You know, that Top 40 song that you shamelessly get addicted to and belt out when you’re alone at home? Yeah, that’s his fault, but Cincinnati loves him for it. He’s been laying down beats all over the city for years now, and has gained a loyal following for knowing exactly what to play to make us feel better after our sh*tty days at work. That’s why we went out of the way to find out how our favorite Cincinnati DJ would live it up on his “Best Day Ever” in Cincinnati.


9:00A.M. – Passed The Fu*k Out

Dude, it shouldn’t even be legal to make people wake up this early. You know I’m still in bed, watching the back of my eyelids.

11:00A.M. – Still Passed Out

Yeah, no shame. I need my beauty sleep to keep everyone entertained.


12:00P.M. – The Light, It Burns!

Alright, so I’m finally up! Let’s be honest, I’m just laying in bed, checking out my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. (Shameless Plug) Follow me at @djsabcincy!

12:30P.M. – Cruisin’

After leaving my Florence home, I jump on 75 North. The weather is perfect, Kiss 107 is blasting (of course), and there’s no traffic yet. Well, until I hit the cut in the hill, but that’s just fine, because I love taking in my favorite view of the city as I slowly drive down.

1:15P.M. – Chili Time

It wouldn’t be the perfect day without dropping in to my favorite Cincinnati Chili spot, Dixie Chili. This may start a war, but no one else even comes close to what they’re doing. You have to try my personal favorite, The Alligator. It’s a coney with the hot dog, mustard, mayo, a dill pickle spear on a bun, and topped with cheese. Yeah, it’s pretty much amazing.


3:00P.M. – Carb Overload

After munching down on my fill of coneys, I just want to take a nap, but duty calls! So I head up to Kenwood to give you all the best music to jam to from the Kiss 107 Studios.

7:30P.M. – Eagle Time

It’s time for some dinner, so I head down to The Eagle in OTR to munch on Fried Chicken and Mac & Cheese. I’m not really an expert on beer, so I just order whatever the dude next to me gets. On the best day ever, I won’t have to wait for a table. Be prepared to wait, though, because it can get pretty packed, but their Chicken Sandwich is the best I’ve ever had, and well worth the wait any day.



9:00P.M. – Blackjack Anyone?

Let’s not kid ourselves here. I can’t stay away from the Horseshoe Casino. First stop when I get inside: The bar in the middle, Rock Bar. It’s the weekend, right? Thomas, one of the best bartenders in the city, already knows to line me up some Jager Bombs and Miller Lite. Even now I’m thinking Blackjack isn’t the best idea, but I throw down $100 on the table to try my luck. This is supposed to be my best night ever, right? I walk away with $5,000. Ok, kidding. I’m happy with just breaking even and having a good time.

11:00P.M. – To Mynt!

Mynt Martini on Fountain Square is always the place to be on a weekend night. There are always beautiful people and some of the best DJ’s are playing all night long. Oh, and more Jager Bombs. Some Fireball. Yes, I like to have a little too much fun.


12:30A.M – Might As Well Keep The Party Going…

Well, because I’m a workaholic, and can’t stay away from work that long, we catch a ride from Uber and head down the road to Pulse Nightclub, where I just happen to be the resident DJ. Dj Johnny B is killin’ it as usual as we head to the VIP balcony. We take in the view of the high-energy, bangin’ nightclub that I love so much. The big-room dance club venues aren’t for everyone. Big sound, big lights, big energy and tons of people from all walks of life, but the VIP has the best of both worlds. You can be away from the party watching, or be right in the action. Oh, hello there, more shots of Jager!

2:00A.M. – Goetta Omelette Time…

I head over to the Anchor Grill in Covington with every intention of eating healthy… wait, a Goetta & Cheese Omelette is healthy, right?


3:00A.M. – Back To Florence!

I get back home to my bed and just stare at the ceiling, feeling both blessed and awful… awful because I probably just consumed about 5,000 calories. I love Cincinnati!

This is just one scenario, though. There are so many scenarios to my best day ever in Cincinnati, but there are too many good spots to include. You just have to get out and explore your options.

A�Editor’s Note: Stay tuned for big news from DJ Sab on Monday!