The 12 Essential Wicker Park Restaurants

1. Piece Brewery and Pizzeria

Is there a more glorious combination than pizza and beer? Obviously not. That’s why Piece Brewery and Pizzeria is one of our favorite places to eat in Wicker Park. This place is a constant party, and will even hold tables for parties of 20 or more. Not only do they make amazing pizzas, with toppings like mashed potatoes, goat cheese and clams, but they also brew their own small batches of craft beer. Excuse our drool.

Piece Pizza

Credit: Pete

2. Mindy’s HotChocolate

That Mindy chick knows what she’s doing. Her hot chocolate is served with absolutely insane house-made marshmallows, and other desserts include the Peppermint Patty, Blueberry Pie, and Banana Royale. But it doesn’t stop there. You can always come to Mindy’s for an amazing dinner, like Flap Steak or Sockeye Salmon. Mindy, we love you.

Mindy's Hot Chocolate

Credit: _e.t.

3. The Bongo Room

We are brunch people, and we hope you are too, because The Bongo Room serves amazing brunch every day of the week. From French toast stuffed with maple marscapone to flapjacks made with Oreos, this place knows what’s up. The Bongo Room itself is bright and fun, making it the perfect place to wake up.

The Bongo Room French Toast

Credit: Premshree Pillai

4. Irazu

We’re definitely glad that Chicago’s first and only Costa Rican restaurant decided to take up residence in Wicker Park. This place is colorful, fun, and the perfect place to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather while you can. If you want the true Costa Rican experience, order the Casado. You should also definitely try their Avena, or oatmeal, Milkshake. Just make sure A�to bring cash and your own beer.


Credit: Eric Allix Rogers

5. Birchwood Kitchen

When you want good food in a relaxed atmosphere, you’ve got to head over to Birchwood Kitchen. The menu changes seasonally, because they care about delivering fresh foods without additives. We think that’s just a good excuse to go back as often as you possibly can.

Birchwood Kitchen

Credit: maureen_sill

6. MANA Food Bar

Though MANA Food Bar is a meat free restaurant, vegetarians and meat eaters alike love it. The MANA Sliders are definitely a crowd favorite, but MANA doesn’t rely on making too many imitation meat dishes. Instead, they fill their menu with amazing veggie friendly meals, like their Curry, which has cauliflower and spicy tamarind tomato sauce. The restaurant itself is classy and simple, and will definitely be one of your favorites if it isn’t already.

MANA Food Bar

Credit: MANA food bar


7. Big Star

Tacos, tequila, whiskey and beer. What more do you need? You can get it all at Big Star, and you definitely want to check out their house whiskeys and bourbons that are hand selected in Kentucky. The lights on the patio make this the perfect place to eat outside at night. Get in touch with your southern side.

Big Star

Credit: Ed Fisher aka gleam

8. Podhalanka

If you want delicious, authentic Polish food and also want to feel like you’re having a meal in your grandmother’s kitchen, go to Podhalanka. This charming restaurant is upbeat and familiar feeling at the same time. If you’re open to trying something new, the staff will have no problem suggesting something for you to eat, just keep an open mind and let them take care of you.


Credit: wicker park bucktown

9. Smoke Daddy

Amazing barbeque. Period. They smoke their own meat and vegetables every day in the “Lil Red Smoker,” and it’s obvious that they put a lot of time and effort into their food. Not only will you go crazy over their Baby Back Ribs and Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwiches, but you’ll also enjoy the live music they have every night of the week. You should also try the Dickels Dream Soda or Not Your Father’s Rootbeer.

Smoke Daddy

10. En Hakkore

Korean and fusion foods are all served here at this fun and quirky restaurant. The restaurant is colorful and comfortable. You can sit at the communal table to meet new people and maybe share some food with your friends. You can’t go wrong with En Hakkore’sA�Bibimbap Bowl, which has 16 different kinds of vegetables, but you might also want to try something completely different, like their spin on a Grilled Cheese.

En Hakkore

Credit: En Hakkore

11. Antico

For amazing food and a classy dining experience, head over to Antico. It’s best to go is on a nice night and get a seat on the patio. Antico has plenty of options when it comes to a meal, but you should try to go for the four course meal. You won’t regret spending a little extra cash for all the amazing food you get to eat.


Credit: Chicago Mag

12. Jerry’s

Two pieces of bread with something in the middle. Sounds simple, but Jerry’s has taken the simple idea of a sandwich and taken it to the next level. And by next level, we mean that they’ve created hundreds of sandwiches. So while you’re looking over the menu, trying to decide what you want to eat, sip on one of their 75 American whiskeys, or perhaps pick something off their extensive list of North American beers. Go ahead, take you’re time.


Credit: Jerry’s – Wicker Park

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