Frisky With Whiskey: Nashville’s 11 Best Whiskey Cocktails


1. The Bacon Old Fashioned

We’ve tried bacon sundaes. We’ve tried chocolate covered bacon. But nothing prepared us for the Bacon Old Fashioned from Patterson House. The whiskey was smooth, with the perfect amount of charred wood taste, and the bacon was so subtle, yet perfectly recognizable. They refuse to use anything other than the basics here, but what else would you need aside from bacon and whiskey anyway?

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2. Vanilla Sky

When we say that this sh*t is addicting; we mean it. Bailey’s Irish Creme and Four Roses come together to form an Irishman’s sweetest dream. The vanilla really pulls out the spicy accents of the whiskey as it goes in, but still holds that warmth we’re all accustomed to as it goes down. It doesn’t get much better than this.

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3.Shandy Town

Complexity isn’t always a good thing, but that’s certainly not the case here. Shandy Town at Holland House has everything from maple syrup to a little bit of an IPA in it, but that Dickel 12 is the real standout in this drink. This is one that’s best enjoyed with an open mind, but you won’t find many drinks that will exercise your palate quite like this.

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4. The Lonestar

It may share the nickname for Texas, but this is a true Tennessee classic. Whiskey, peach, honey, and lime together are a Southerner’s wet dream. You came in trying to only have a few drinks, but good luck with that after trying this

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5. Devil Woman

Oh, she’s tempting alright, and knows how to please. She saunters in with Buffalo Trace and spritzes things up with a little bit of maple and lime. Sometimes we fall for the wrong type, but we’ll just let the Devil Woman keep doing her thing.

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6. Immortal SourA�

Corsair was the first distillery to open in Nashville since the end of prohibition, and there’s a reason why they’ve stood the test of time thus far. Their artisan twist on the typical whiskey-sour is one that you can’t mix. Maybe it’s the egg white, maybe it’s the fact that the whiskey is made right here in Nashville. Whatever it is, this is a drink that has earned the title of “immortal.”

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7. Whiskey Cocktail

Nope, that’s not an error: that’s the actual name of the drink. The name is simple for good reason, too. This whiskey-on-whiskey mix is sure to get you feeling buzzed in a hurry. Featuring Dickel 12. and whiskey barrel bitters; it doesn’t get more traditional than this.

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8. Marathon Manhattan

You’ll be feeling like you can run a marathon after a few of these. That’s just the alcohol making you feel invincible. Featuring Nashville’s-own Corsair, 1776, and orange bitters, you’re bound to be feeling light after a few. How about a game of bowling instead? You can do that there, after all.

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9. Blueberry Mint Julep

The Derby may only come around once a year, but there’s never a bad time to have one of these. The addition of simple blueberry will leave you feeling likw you just won the Triple Crown.

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10. Colony CollapseA�

If every colony had this cocktail to enjoy in colonial times, there’s no doubt that they would collapse. They wouldn’t be able to stop drinking. Forester, honey-based liqueur, and spiced cherry bitters form one of the sweetest things we’ve ever tasted.

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11. Apple JackA�

Yukon Jack decided to switch things up by providing us with a whiskey that was infused with apples. Sambuca decided to take it one step further by mixing the cider-like whiskey with grenadine and lime juice to create one of the more interesting drinks you’re likely to find. Oh, and it packs a punch.

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