Get Buzzed Quick: The 7 Strongest Cocktails You Can Order


Sometimes you just have to be thrifty with what you’re drinking. If you’re wondering which drinks are going to give you the most bang towards your drunk, these are definitely ones to keep in mind. While there are always variations and bartender’s preference, these are the most consistently loaded cocktails out there. We realize that there are also local cocktails that are stronger (trashcans, jungle juice, etc.), but this is a list for the drinks you can find pretty much anywhere.

1. The Zombie

So, the other name for this is the “skull puncher…” If that doesn’t sell you, maybe the fact that it has four different rums mixed together, including 151, will. Plus, it still has a pretty fruity taste. You won’t find anything available on most menus that’s stronger than this.

Pro Tip: Ask for it lit up if you really want to look like a badass.


2. The Long Island

What a classic. If your bartender knows what’s up, and isn’t trying to skimp you, this cocktail will light you up. It has five different types of alcohol when made correctly, and always goes down easy. Made the classic way, this should be equivalent to 2-3 drinks.


3. The Bone Dry Martini

Yeah, it’s pretty much straight alcohol, but James Bond would be proud. It’s just the vodka and olives if you decide to have it made “bone dry.” Don’t worry, though, the olives still do something for it.


4. The Black Russian

Just a White Russian, minus the creme. The subtraction of the creme leads to less dilution of the vodka, and more punch. The coffee liquor still takes away some of the bite, though. This is a great substitute to a Bloody Mary, if you want to liven up your day drinking.

Pro Tip: To liven your day drinking up even more, add two shots of espresso to make this a Black Widow. It’ll definitely get you going.


5. The Caribou Lou

Tech N9ne was credited with the increase in popularity of this delicious drink. It may not be the strongest on the list, but it’s definitely the best tasting. Who knew that two rums mixed together with a little pineapple juice could be so good?


6. The Aunt RobertaA�

The story goes that this drink was blamed for the death of a lot of people back in the day. After trying it, we can say that this is one definitely enjoyed in moderation. The absinthe definitely adds something unique. We have no idea who Roberta was, but we wish she was our aunt.


7. The Sazerac

If you’re like us, you love large quantities of bourbon in your diet. In most cases, you won’t find a bourbon cocktail as strong as a Sazerac. You should be able to order it most places, and it’s definitely sweet enough to complement your bourbon.

Pro Tip: Go with Four Roses Bourbon if they have it. It goes down so well with this cocktail.