Get Tipsy at This Ocean Bar Made of Driftwood


Have you had a drink in the middle of the ocean lately? Didn’t think so. The next time you make your way out to Jamaica, (because if haven’t made your way out there yet, it’s about time you do,) take the time to check out Floyd’s Pelican Bar off the coast of Negril.


Floyd’s Pelican Bar is located on a sandbar in the sea off the coast of Parottee Bay. A twenty minute boat ride will get you out to the bar, where drinks, fresh lobster, and fresh fish await you.



The creator and owner of the bar, Floyd Forbes, had a dream about a bar out at sea. Instead of just writing the dream off, he decided to make it a reality and created Floyd’s Pelican Bar in 2001.


Floyd’s Pelican Bar is extremely laid back, so come in your swimsuit and hang out for the day.A�The water is only waist deep, but it sure is nice to have the option to jump in and cool off. Your time there will be unlike any other bar you’ve ever experienced.