Win Her Over: Your Guide to Louisville’s 16 Best Date Spots


Blowing it on a first date can be a real bummer, so we’ve lined up your guide to the most ideal date spots in the city. Our money says this list has most certainly been battle tested by the local Tinder community. So whether you’re using an app to find true love or the girl of your dreams spilled coffee all over your favorite denim, we’ve got you covered.

An Intimate Meal at the Village Anchor

This charming restaurant in the heart of Anchorage is intimate, cozy and classy. Pricey enough to be able to impress your date but not so expensive that youa��ll be curled up in the fetal position crying over your empty wallet at the end of the night. Ita��s like upscale Southern cuisine. The menu features veal a�� sounds fancy, am I right?

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Beer Flights at Holy Grale

If your date happens to be a beer connoisseur, Holy Grale is sure to please. The menu, beer and food alike, changes seasonally. Youa��ll find some of the most unusual and exciting beers in Louisville within these walls a�� 26 of them are on tap in addition to the bottles the Grale has to offer. A�Many of the items on the menu are provided by local farms, if youa��re into that. Again, a featured item on the menu is a�?confit fingerling potato salad.a�? Ia��m not even sure what that means, but it sure sounds fancy. Holy Grale is located in the Highlands so youa��ll be in the right place to explore the area on foot and check out the night life after youa��ve eaten and drank your fill.

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Eclectic Art at 21c Museum/Proof on Main

The location on Main Street means that this is a great place to kick off a night on the town a�� you could stop by before a performance at Actora��s Theatre, the Center for the Arts or a walk down by the riverside. Proof on Main is notoriously swanky. Ita��s located in the 21c hotel – this is good news for you because the hotel features a museum (with free admission!) with all kinds of avant-garde exhibitions. Impress your date by demonstrating your appreciation of art and culture.

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Share Small Plates at Mojito Tapas Restaurant

If youa��re in the mood for a leisurely meal and plenty of time for conversation, Mojito Tapas is a great choice. The restaurant features tapas-style dining a�� meaning that the best way to do it is to order a pitcher of sangria and many small dishes to share. The cuisine is inspired by Spanish and Latin American tradition so ita��s exotic without being a�?tooa�? exotic, if youa��re following me.

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A Play & Dinner at Actors Theatre

Movies are for high school kids, take your date to the theatre.A� The play lineup features national and local plays and changesA�seasonally – chances are, youa��ll find something you and your date can both enjoy. MilkWood, a restaurant featuring comfort food infused with an Asian flair, is located in Actors Theatre itself. However, there are many other date-worthy restaurants in the area, even within walking distance.

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Get Your Barney Stinson on at Lazer Blaze

If you and your date actuallyA�areA�in high school (or enjoy acting like you are) a game of Lazer Tag may be one of the best ways to break the ice. Nothing brings two people together like teaming up on a bunch of eleven-year-olds and crushing the opposition. Finally, all of those hours spent playing Call of Duty will help you impress a girl.

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A Latin Meal at Seviche

Seviche is a white-tablecloth kind of joint in the Highlands. The menu is Latin-inspired and changes seasonally. This is a great place for a candlelight-yet-still-somewhat-casual dinner. The location is ideal for taking a walk to check out the Highlands nightlife after dinner.

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Improv Comedy at The Bard’s Town

The Bard’s Town offers a variety of entertainment – live music, improv comedy, original plays, stand-up comedy and more. Check the events calendar to see if anything playing this week suits you – otherwise, the unique and original menu is enough to make an impression on its own. Show your date how Louisville does a Pub Theatre.

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Eat Around the World at Ramsi’s Cafe on the World

Is your date a picky eater? Are you a picky eater? Trying to dazzle a vegan or vegetarian, maybe? Ramsi’s has something for everyone – burgers, Chinese food, Indian food, Mediterranean food, vegan and vegetarian options and much more. You may feel skeptical, but rest assured that Ramsi’s does not compromise quality for diversity. The restaurant’s ambiance is as charming and exotic as its menu and outdoor seating is available. It’s been a Louisville and Highlands favorite for years for good reason.

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Try Local Wines at Huber’s Orchard, Winery, and Vineyard

The scenic route is the only route on the way out to Huber’s Winery. Just a short drive across the river to Southern Indiana, Huber’s has long been a Louisville tradition. Take your date on a wine tour (which are held daily) to see what happens behind-the-scenes and enjoy the wine-tasting that follows. What says “romance” better than a trip out to the country?

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Enjoy a Hike & Picnic at Bernheim Forest

If you’d like to get out and enjoy the beauty of nature, a drive out to Bernheim Forest is the best way to do it. Hike or bike over 35 miles of trails in this beautiful glimpse of Kentucky’s vast forestland. Trails are varying lengths and levels of difficulty, so whether you and your date are athletic or just looking for a nice place for a picnic there will be something suitable for you.

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Animal Extravaganza at Henry’s Ark

Girls love cute baby animals. You love cute baby animals. Go pet cute baby animals – for free! Henry’s Ark has been a favorite destination for Louisvillians for decades. Zebras, camels, goats, peacocks… cute animals await.

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Go Canoeing at Beckley Creek Park

Exercise some team work as you paddle and float your way down Floyds Fork Creek. There are access points at Beckley Creek Park and miles of waterways to chart with the foxy guy or gal you’re sweet on.

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Take Your Dogs to the Dog Park

If your dogs get along, you’re already halfway there. Let your pups frolic leash-free in the sunshine as you chat up their human.


Show Off Your Skills at RockSport

Demonstrate your surly manliness (or fierce womanliness) by climbing up the walls. Rock climbing is exciting, interactive and maybe something neither of you have done before. If you stay on the ground to spot your date – we wont tell anyone you were checking out dat ass.

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Learn to Blow Glass

Express your creative side and learn a new talent together at one of the workshops at the mark Payton Glass Center inside of Louisville Glassworks. Make jewelry, bowls, glass figurines, marbles, ornaments or a number of other projects. You’ll get to bring home what you create, so your beau will have a souvenir to keep them thinking about you. While you’re there, take a tour of Glassworks to see what the studios do behind-the-scenes.

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