Louisville’s 7 Most Underrated Pizza Spots


Does anybody else get really excited when they hear the word “pizza?” Surely, we aren’t the only ones. We get downright giddy. Can you blame us? We get even more excited when we discover a pizza that’s been there all along, but hasn’t got the attention it deserves. Hopefully you’ll feel the same about these underrated Louisville pizzas.

1. Rosie’s Pizza

Ah, Rosie’s. The pizza here is great, and the crust is the perfect consistency. We’re big fans of The Whole Lotta Rosie, with pepperoni, Italian sausage, beef, ham, bacon, and a whole mess of veggies. You also have to make sure you try the Hot Knots, which are absolutely amazing, garlic goodness.

Rosie's Pizza

2. Za’s Pizza Pub

Awesome pizza, and a great beer selection. What more could you ask for? Za’s Pizza Pub is a chill place to order a pie and a couple rounds of beer with a group of people. The Six Cheese Za takes cheese pizza to the next level, and barbecue sauce is the perfect touch for the Aloha Za. As far as beer goes, try not to get overwhelmed by their extensive list. The friendly staff will help you if you’re not quite sure what to order.

Za's Pizza

3. Danny Mac’s Pizza

There’s a lot of reasons to love Germantown, and Danny Mac’s is definitely one of them. The location, inside of Amvet’s Post #9, is anything but typical, but then again, so is their pizza. Try DM’s BBQ Chicken Pizza, which features barbecue sauce, chicken breast and bacon. Yes, you will probably want the entire pizza to yourself.

Danny Mac's Pizza

4. Clifton’s Pizza Co.

If you’re looking for a neighborhood-joint feeling with great pizza, look no further than Clifton’s Pizza Co. This pizza joint serves up pizzas loaded with gooey cheese on top of a cracker-like crust. You won’t be disappointed in the Clifton’s Special, with pepperoni, mushroom, sausage, onions and green peppers. If you want to step outside of the box a bit, try the Chicken Alfredo pizza.

Clifton's Pizza Co


5. Pizza Donisi

Craving pizza at 1:00 in the morning? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Luckily, Pizza Donisi is there for you. Pizza by the slice is available for when you pop in here solo, but of course you could always get a pie and take home leftovers. Or eat the whole thing yourself. We don’t judge. The Meatball pizza is always available, and amazing, but you might want to consider ordering whatever the weekly special is. Aka, you should come here every week.

Pizza Donisi

6. Papalinos

Papalinos knows what’s up when it comes to huge, New York style pizza. And we mean HUGE. Pizza by the slice, or by the pie, with all fresh, local ingredients that are rotated regularly. You will never get bored of pizzas like The Forager, withA�Cariole Farms Goat Cheese, Sheltowee Farms Mushrooms, Caramelized Onions, and Fresh Thyme. Seriously, Papalinos will leave you beyond satisfied.


7. Coals Artisan Pizza

The first coal fired pizza in Kentucky, Coals is definitely a must when it comes to Louisville pizza. Toppings like jalapenos, applewood smoked bacon, and fig jam are far from typical, but exactly why you need to try Coals. Stop by this cozy joint with a group of friends, and be ready to branch out from the regular pepperoni option.

Coals Artisan Pizza

Featured Image Credit: Matt Harris