The 13 Best Food Trucks In Columbus


1. Late Night Slice

What the hell is “slut sauce?” We still don’t know exactly what goes in it, but it kind of needs to be put on everything. If you get a chance, you need to try their “Spicy Ass Pepperoni.” Something about getting pizza from a food truck makes it taste so much better…

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2. Taqueria Los Primos

If only they could serve margaritas with that perfect guacamole they have… somebody needs to make this legal ASAP. Good thing the food is good enough to keep us coming back anyway. Our personal favorite? The Nachos Mexicanos fo sho.

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3. Tokyo GoGo

Just when we thought that Chinese food couldn’t get to us any faster, Tokyo GoGo flipped the script on us. They feature unique menu items like green tea infused salt. Yeah, you can get it on the Enoki Fries. They’re what’s up.

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4. Paddy Wagon

Oh, sweet, sweet brisket… you’re too good for us. You won’t find brisket as good as this in any other food truck, and probably not in the rest of Columbus, either. They smoke this stuff for 15 hours to make sure it’s up to their standards. Oh, and don’t forget to add bacon. Bacon makes everything better.

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5. Tatohead’s

Hey, if you like french fries, you’re in luck. Actually, if you like anything to do with taters, Tatohead’s has something for you. They have some of the best sweet potato fries we’ve ever had, and you can never go wrong with tater tots. It’s never a bad time to grab some spuds and let Tatohead’s do the rest.

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6. Mya’s Fried ChickenA�

If you’ve wished for a food truck with some cluckin’ awesome chicken, your prayers have been answered. Chicken and Waffles from Mya’s is some of the best drunk food out there. You definitely have to try their sliders with honey glaze, too.

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7. Ajumama

Ajumama wanted to take restaurant-quality Korean to the streets, so that’s what they did. Mixing American influences in to some classic Korean dishes is their M.O., and they kill it with every item on their menu. The best example of mixing the two cultures? Their Bulgogi Cheesesteak. Hands down.

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8. That Food Truck

Oh, you know, that one… they have that one burger… Just kidding. That’s actually the name of the food truck. If you’re looking for a food truck burger, look no further than their Big Bad Wolf. How did they get this burger to be so damn good? We’re not sure, but we’re definitely howling for more.

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9. Sweet Carrot

We’d never heard of chicken meatballs before trying them here, but damn, they’re fantastic. Get them on the corncake to jazz things up. Who knew meatballs could look so classy?

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10. Street Thyme

First off, let’s just talk about how badass the design of this truck is. Someone knew what they were doing. Secondly, this guy knows how to mix things up when it comes to burgers. Their Apple Bacon Brie is definitely different, but unforgettable. Who knew that putting Granny Smith Apples on a burger could be so great?

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11. Melty Crue

Yeah, pretty much anyone can make a grilled cheese. However, why do that when you can have one made by guys who know the best possible combos to make the most perfect grilled cheese? That CeCeDeville though… yeah, we’re hooked.

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12. Flat Top Pizza

It’s about more than pizza in the Flat Top Food Truck. Sure, their pepperoni pizza is the bomb, but you haven’t immersed yourself in the full experience until you’ve tried one of their hand-crafted sodas and pistachio ice cream. Basically we’re impressed with everything.

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13. Junior’s Tacos

You want a steak taco? They got it. You want a fish taco? They got it. You want some of the best authentic Mexican in Columbus? You’ve come to the right place. Their burritos are packed to the max and are so much better than any of the chains you go to on default. Give ’em a try. You’ll be addicted after the first few bites.

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Even though we only included 13 on this list, there are so many other solid food trucks in Columbus. You can get a chance to try most of them at the Food Truck Festival in August. You don’t want to miss it.