The 9 Most Delicious Desserts In Columbus


1. The Tahiti Blondie – Sugardaddy’s


You know how we know this is amazing? Well, we can start off with the fact that they serve it to guests on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Yeah, kind of crazy that a dessert treat from little ‘ol Columbus is getting some major attention in the world of Hollywood. Well, that’s what we thought before we gave these treats a try. Wow, just wow… that’s all we could think. Sorry, mom, but the ladies at Sugardaddy’s just get us.


Their Tahiti Blondie, topped with coconut and loaded with cashews, white & dark chocolate, and pineapple, is heavenly. The sweet notes of pineapple and coconut floated on top of the decadent dark chocolate in every bite, plus there was a little crunch to it, which added to the overall effect. Not only that, but they don’t use edges in their blondies, which means you don’t have to deal with those annoying edge pieces. Just wait, you’re going to be amazed…

2. The Pecan Pie Sundae – Third & Hollywood


Sometimes you just have to shove a piece of pie into a sundae to make big things happen. Okay, that actually doesn’t happen very often, but that’s definitely the case here. Fresh, creamy vanilla ice cream cascades around a delicious chunk of warm Pecan Pie to make this dream complete. Not only does it sound amazing, but it was an impressive sight in itself. Yes, this is one that you may want to take on with a partner, because one person might not be able to handle all of it!


When you first scoop in, you don’t get but a little bit of a hint that there are pecans in there, but, after two or three more bites, you finally get into the warm, gooey goodness of the Pecan Pie. The mix of sensations between the warm pie and the cold ice cream only adds to the overall effect of this treat. Sure, it’s a lot to take on, but it’s too damn delicious to pass up.

3. All The Macarons! – Pistacia Vera

macaron2 (1)

Ah, macarons… so many flavors and colors to choose from. So, which should you choose? All of them, actually. Every single one of Pistacia Vera’s macarons are hand-crafted and made to perfection. Just how many varieties of their impeccable macarons do they have? 12, actually, and every one of them has a unique profile quite different from the rest. Literally every bite you take from a different macaron evokes a different experience, which is why we recommend sharing these with someone else if you want to try them all at once.


Sure, they’re a little rich when you first bite down on them, and the flavor is certainly sweet, but it never gets to the point of being over-powering. Our personal favorites were the Pistacio, Coconut Creme, Vanilla Bean, and the Lemon, but that probably comes down to personal preference more than anything, because we can guarantee that the Chocolate Chambord is any chocolate-lover’s fantasy. Just be sure to grab one of their Iced Chais while you’re at it. It definitely completes the experience.

4. The Raspberry Bar – Caffe Apropros


Ah, Red Wine and desserts… is there anything better when you need to relax after a long day at work? Nope. You’ll find plenty of both at Caffe Apropros, where they have over 700 wines in stock and a ton of homemade desserts. The pairing that we found to be most appeasing was the combo of Ruta 22 Wine and a deliciously simple Raspberry Bar. Well, maybe it’s not so simple, because it’s handmade by one woman every day. So, shouts to Inna, and her company Sweets & Treats For All Occasions, for making something so delicious.


What makes this combo so damn extaordinary, though? Well, we think it has to do with how well the grape accents in the wine complement, and pull out, the raspberry flavoring in the Raspberry Bar. It’s definitely a harmonious feeling after you combine the two. The good news is that both the Ruta 22 and the Raspberry Bar won’t break the bank. This is one of the sweetest deals in Columbus.

5. The Marzipan Peach – Mozart’s


Son of a peach, this is so sweet. Okay, we hate ourselves for that last pun, but you really need to try this Marzipan Peach. Yes, yes it is sweet, but never to the point to where you feel like your teeth are going to fall out when you eat it. Wrapped in Almond Marzipan, this Peach Buttercream is filled with a Pastry Shell packed with Raspberry Preserves, and it molds the perfect combo of sugar and fruit.


When you first bite in, the mix of sensations takes you back a bit. We recommend sort of a nibble at first, because that’s the best way to enjoy all of the flavors without having too much of any individual section. The crunchy outer shell combined with the gooey preserves tastes a little tropical in a way. We will admit that it’s hard not to chomp down after the first nibble, but you’ll want to enjoy this one slowly to truly appreciate it. It’s such an impressive dessert.


6. Anything Chocolate! – Chocolate Cafe


Chocolate! Chocolate everywhere! So, pretty much, chocolate lovers can get a chance to rejoice in this little slice of paradise dedicated to all things chocolate. We’re not kidding. They have Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Chocolate Cocktails, Chocolate Covered Chocolate… yeah, chocolate on chocolate. It’s pretty ridiculous, but absolutely beautiful at the same time.


So, with so many choices, where do you get started? Well, we recommend going with their delicious Chocolate Covered Strawberries coupled with a Kaffee Wien (Hot Chocolate + Coffee). But, if that’s not you’re thing, you could always just go with the fondue option. On Friday nights, they even do an all-you-can-eat fondue special after 5:00 P.M.. Yeah, you’re going to want to get in there for that.

7. Key Lime Pie – Katzinger’s


We know what you’re thinking, but no, this is not just another Key Lime Pie. In fact, this is the best Key Lime Pie we’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. Everything, right down to the little slice of lime on top, was super fresh, and we could tell that they were high demand, because everyone seemed to be ordering it. Maybe it was the fact that we knew it was fresh, maybe it was the fact that it was the talk of the town, but we had a feeling it was about to be amazing.


The good news is that we were right. Each scoop of pie just got better and better as we went along. The blending of tart, tangy, and sweet is very impressive. Sometimes when you chomp down into a Key Lime Pie you have to cringe because of the levels of sugar and tartness, but that was far from the case here. This is an essential treat for a hot, humid day, so you’d better grab it before it starts getting cold again. Not that Key Lime Pie is ever a bad idea…

8. All The Desserts! – Resch’s Bakery


Ever just go into a place and know that every single thing in the place is made with love? Well, that’s definitely the case at Resch’s. As soon as you walk in, all you see is a long line of people, waiting to get their fill of the sweet, loving deliciousness that only Resch’s can provide. Not only is the amount of people standing in line impressive, but it’s also pretty epic to behold the overall volume of desserts that this place holds. Everything from doughnuts to cakes wait behind case after case of goodies.


While we could point you in the direction of a curler or a glazed doughnut, we’ll refrain. There’s something about knowing that these delicious desserts are hand-made that makes them special to us. It’s unusual to see an old school bakery doing so well in an age where most people settle for over-processed nonsense than something that’s crafted right in our back yards. We’ll always have a special place in our hearts for Resch’s, and it’s time you check them out to do the same.

9. Salted Caramel Ice Cream – Jeni’s

jeni (1)


What, did you think we’d forget Columbus’ favorite? C’mon. We’ll just let this one speak for itself.

Did we miss your favorite dessert? Don’t be afraid to tell us about your favorite delectable treat in the comments below. We love sugary goodness…