OTR, Meet Your New Neighbors, Simple Space


It’s no secret that great things are happening in Over The Rhine. Bars, restaurants, and small businesses have been popping up for years now, making this neighborhood one of the best spots to hang out in Cincinnati. Now, you have one more reason to love OTR: Simple Space.

SS Bethunes & Emily

You can thank Levi Bethune, his family, and their friend Emily Clark for the great, yet simple idea behind this new space. Once Simple Space is launched, anyone will be able to rent the space for 1 day, 6 weeks, or anything in between. Want to have a party, but don’t have enough space at your place? Have a small business, and want to know what it would be like to have a storefront? Simple Space is for you. The possibilities are endless. Levi Bethune says that he wants to provide a safe place for business’s to try out a storefront with minimal risk. Really, he just wants to engage the community of OTR.


The Bethune Family will be moving into the building’s top space, and they describe Simple Space as an extension of their living room. “Essentially, we’re inviting you into our home,” says Levi.


Simple Space

In order for Simple Space to open with a bang by the beginning of 2015, they have launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the final renovations that need to happen. That’s where you come in. You can make a contribution to this endeavor before October 18th and forever know that you’ve made a difference to this awesome neighborhood.


The success of Simple Space isn’t really a question. There are businesses already lining up to use the space, like The Parative Project, Zip Zoo Apparel, and Haven Magazine. There’s also talks of an art show popping up around Halloween. Oh, and not to mention that the “Make It Your For A Weekend” perk sold out the first day of the Indiegogo campaign. People want to be a part of this.

Simple Space 1

If you’re worried about Simple Space possibly competing with City Flea, Second Sunday, or Final Fridays, let us put your worries to rest. If anything, Simple Space wants to aid those events in any way that they can.



Levi Bethune said he’s not concerned about Simple Space making money. Him and his family are way more interested in creating something that’s useful in Over The Rhine. “It’s not business, it’s personal,” he says.

Simple Space 2

If you care about OTR, and you think Simple Space sounds like it’s going to be awesome (it will be,) then take the plunge and contribute. Who knows, maybe someday you’ll use Simple Space for your own awesome endeavor.