OTR’s Favorite Dive Bar Is About To Have One Hell Of A Special


What: 50% Off Draughts & Rhino Shots
When: Wednesday August, 20th. 4:00PM – Close.

So, your Wet Wednesdays haven’t been living up to your standards lately, and we feel that. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Rhinehaus to make your Wednesday a hell of a lot more interesting. We’re about to hook you up with some sick drink specials, but we’ll get to that in a little bit. First, let’s just talk about what makes Rhinehaus so amazing.

The Badass Bartenders


The perfect dive bar wouldn’t be complete without the perfect bartenders; all ready to get you absolutely schwasted. Not only do they supply you with copious amounts of alcohol, but they’re not afraid to celebrate with you, too. Their regulars have come to love them for good reason, and a lot of that revels a truth about Rhinehaus in general: People come in as strangers, but leave as regulars, because everyone feels like family.


They Love Their Sports


Rhinehaus set out on a mission to be THE place to come to if you want to catch your favorite sports team, especially if you love soccer more than your own family. Now that the English Premier League is back in action, you can expect a game to be on at all times, even if you don’t want to get your ass out of bed at 7:00 A.M. to watch it. We understand, you’re not always in the mood to scream your head off when Man. United scores a goal, but Rhinehaus definitely is. Oh, and they’re going to be showing the Reds vs. Cardinals game on Wednesday night. So we can (hopefully) cheer on the Reds to victory!

Crafts on CraftsA�


C’mon, this is Cincinnati. We drink our beer with a little more originality. You won’t find the typical domestics on tap at Rhinehaus, but you’ll definitely find more than enough regional Craft Beers to knock back. In fact, they have a constant rotation of beers from right here in the city. Even if it’s new, they’re going to have it. Don’t know your favorite yet? Don’t worry, the bartenders know their shit. Plus, this Wednesday, all of their drafts are going to be half off. So every Craft Beer you order on draft is going to be only $3!

Shots on Shots on Shots


Actually, Rhino Shots, to be precise. Think they sound amazing? Well, you’re damn straight they do, and they taste even better than they sound. Our personal favorite is the Kentucky Rhino. We love our bourbon. If you thought the $3 drafts sounded good, how about the fact that every one of those Rhino Shots is going to be $3, too? Oh yeah, we’re all gonna get pretty crunk, but we’ll get crunk together!

The Bottom Line

Look, what are you really going to be doing with your Hump Day this week? Would you rather spend your night going through the same motions and routines as always, or would you like to come out and have a great time with plenty of your neighbors and friends. $3 Rhino Shots and Craft Beers just can’t be beat, especially considering the quality. It’s about to be a epic night, and we can’t wait to see you there.