The 5 Most Extreme Things You Can Do in Louisville

Kayaking/Canoeing: The Park Lands of Floyds Fork

Burn your late-night-pizza-craving calories and paddle your way through the Fork on one of the canoe and kayak trails. Reserve your kayak or canoe rental from Green Earth Outdoors and begin your adventure around the park. If you aren’t into the whole exercise thing, smuggle some snacks and leisurely float down the waterways. We prefer the latter, but please print a map and don’t get lost.


Ziplining: Louisville Mega Cavern & Mega Ziplining

Caving may freak you out a�� just a tad, but lets be adventurous here. To the Bat Cave! A little touristy, but it’s one of those landmarks that is essential to being a Louisvillian. Strap on your helmet and walk across the rickety bridge above the caves to go ziplining through darkness in what they call, “Hell.” Yes, this may be a little nerve racking at first, making a leap of faith to glide down a trail held only by a wire, but it’s safe and it rocks!


Rock Climb: Rocksport

Learn how to rock climb and prepare for a trip to Mt. Everest a�� a little bit of a stretch, but hey it’s a start. Rocksport has a climbing cave and a wall to prep you for a little more realistic adventure to Mammoth Cave. Gather your gear and go camping at Red River Gorge over the weekend and partake in a little rock climbing. Just be safe and learn the ropes from the pros before you propel down a cliff.A�


Bungee Jumping: Vertigo Bungee Jump off Young’s High Bridge

Live life on the edge and bungee jump off Young’s High Bridge with the team at Vertigo Bungee. About an hour drive away, the Former railroad bridge it is now dedicated to thrill seekers and the result of double-dog dares. The bridge is 240-feet tall and ready for you to free fall down and caught by a bungee. When you’re up top and strapped ready to go a�� don’t give yourself time to think about it. Be adventurous and jump.


Snorkeling/Scuba Diving: Louisville Dive Center

Sign up for a scuba diving course and pretend you’re part of the underworld. Snorkel away and learn the ropes of what it’s like to swim with the fish. If you really want to be adventurous, work your way up to being a pro scuba diver and take a trip down to Pennyroyal in Hopkinsville for a taste of the real thing. The Louisville Dive Center will prepare you for your next trip to Florida and they even plan group trips to the Caribbean.


Tell us what crazy things you’ve done around Louisville a�� we’d love to hear about your adventures.A�Climb to new heights, jump off of them, and paddle to your hearts desire.